@maisonvalentino Creative Director @pppiccioli. Founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti.

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The past and future come together by way of the Go Skull print from #ValentinoMenFW1920, made in collaboration with @undercover_lab. Photographed for @them_magazine’s Valentino special issue by @tomoaki_shimoyama.

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In @them_magazine’s Valentino special issue, the concept of the future gives life to the new 2099 Valentino logo from #ValentinoMenFW1920. Shot by @tomoaki_shimoyama.


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In @them_magazine’s Valentino special issue, photographer @tomoaki_shimoyama captures both the tradition and innovation of the #ValentinoMenFW1920 collection, seen on an outfit featuring the Maison’s name in signature red.

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In “Fine Print,” a story in @britishvogue’s September issue, model @heconghc wore a dress from #ValentinoFW19, made in collaboration with @undercover_lab.

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@emrata wears a grey tulle dress with feather sleeves from #ValentinoFW19 while she plays Italian actress Diana Nico in @thelovemagazine’s new short film, “The Ben Cobb Show.”

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In the September issue of @bazaaruk, @estellaboersma wore a tulle dress from #ValentinoFW19 by @pppiccioli.

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“I guess ‘down to Earth’ wouldn’t be the right expression. Overly self confident? Does that work?” @janetmock comments on Devoray’s (@Dominiquet.a.r.Jackson) audition before she leaves the premises.


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Before her audition for the Valentino Garavani #VSLING bag campaign, Devoray (@dominiquet.a.r.Jackson) insisted on a photoshoot with @lukegilford

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“Keep them guessing,” remarks Devoray (@Dominiquet.a.r.Jackson) after her Valentino Garavani #VSLING audition with @janetmock and @lukegilford.

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“Like a statue but with more vivacity, charm, and sex appeal.” Devoray (@Dominiquet.a.r.Jackson) art directs her own photoshoot in advance of the Valentino Garavani #VSLING auditions with @janetmock by @lukegilford

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You think you have what it takes? Second on the Valentino Garavani #VSLING auditions list is the inimitable Devoray, played by @dominiquet.a.r.jackson

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An intimate, subtle monologue marks the second audition for the Valentino Garavani #VSLING bag campaign, featuring @dominiquet.a.r.Jackson as Devoray.