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When a red-letter day appears out of the blue… #LongchampMen

4.2K    26    3 days ago

Stand out from the crowd with a backpack that buzzes just like neon #LongchampMen.


10.2K    131    5 days ago

#SorryNotSorry. I only accept apologies in the form of #LePliageCuir

4.2K    18    8 days ago

#LePliageCuir: The handbag I always want to take for a spin.

9.7K    104    9 days ago

Hey, handsome! Your owner looks a lot like my next boyfriend… #LongchampMen #LongchampTravel #LongchampFW19

9.6K    131    10 days ago

"I told you carrying #LePliageCuir is always a good idea. Sincerely, Your intuition."


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In French, "cocagne" means the land of plenty. Which for me, is my summer escape from the city. #LongchampMen #LongchampTravel #LongchampFW19

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Packing lightly is not my forte, unless I'm taking my #LePliageCuir with me.

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At first, I didn't even believe myself when I said I’ll be ready in 5 minutes. Then I discovered the perfect sneakers. #LongchampFreeminder