IFBB PRO Adam Thomas 🤴🏾'91

IFBB PRO Adam Thomas 🤴🏾'91

@lil_diesel91 God☝🏾 🌐IFBB PRO MENS PHYSIQUE Co-Owner | Designer @ProphetAthletica🔺 Owner/Prep Coach @DieselSportCo ⚡️ 🍲@mealdealers : DIESEL 🎥YouTuber 👕 Prophet👇🏾

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Can’t expect anything more than what you give. Work for it! - Outfit by : @prophetathletica 🔺 - #TakeTheLead #YogenSha #activewear #ProphetAthletica @dieselsportco @prophetathletica

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Sometimes the best activation comes from the most traditional movements. Master the basics, then add complexity⚡️ - Outfit by @prophetathletica - #BigBack #Detail #HungryForMore #TeamDZL @dieselsportco @prophetathletica

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Trust the Process ⚡️ - New Launch Coming soon! The “Yogen-sha Collection” Joggers in Angel Grey by @prophetathletica dropping soon! - #TakeTheLead #prophetathletica #activewear @dieselsportco @prophetathletica

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⚡️TEMPO IS KEY ⚡️ - When it comes to seeing muscle density and definition, it is highly important to play with different tempos. The pace for each lift helps create fuller muscle fibers which creates more noticeable definition in your muscles. Not only is tempo a key to helping with aesthetics but it can help with producing proper form, allowing you to engage the proper muscles your trying to work. This also minimizes the possibilities of any unfortunate injuries. - For more info on fitness/health coaching advice, prep program, 1-on-1 personal training, or online training, reach us through DM or email or follow @dieselsportco ⚡️ - #LegDay #Tempo #Hypertrophy #Aesthetics #TeamDZL @dieselsportco @prophetathletica


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#tbt to my photoshoot last year! New vibes coming this year⚡️ - Photo credit📸: @jasonellisphoto - #stayhungry #takethelead @prophetathletica @dieselsportco

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You can’t be controlled by other people negative thoughts or opinions! Build leverage! Keep working, keep grinding, keep succeeding, and they’ll keep hating. We all chose our destiny! What’s yours? - Build a better you! Surround yourself around like minded people and athletes! Join @dieselsportco and let’s get this 💰! - #ValueYou #BigFACTS #LegDAY #MotivationMonday @dieselsportco @prophetathletica

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Wake up early, eat some breakfast, count your blessings 🙏🏾⚡️ - @dieselsportco @prophetathletica #MotivationMonday

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Yogen-sha Collection now available ⚪️⚫️!! - The Yogen-sha collection features Men’s Muscle Tank made for high level activity and leisure environments. It also includes Men’s Fitted Joggers made for athletic movements and comfort. Get yours before they’re gone🔥! - Shop by clicking link in my bio!! - #TakeTheLead #YogenShaCollection #activewear #ProphetAthletica