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Today was my last day of high school, I’m going to try online school next year ✨🌸

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Okay don’t ask I don’t know what this is and I’m in such a good mood and can’t stay serious oaksoskid I’m done with my first exaaaaaam 🥳🥳 HOW ARE MY BABIES DOING ?♥️


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Going to delete this but my cousin waxed my armpit’s hair today and I feel clean, I’ve been shaving almost my whole life because I’m the laziest person ever but yeah ☺️ Here we are and umh I feel like a new woman so I needed to share that! 😂💕

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Who remembers ?😳 Should we make more videos together ?♥️

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Be who you want to be. Love always win and is stronger than anything. It’s extremely important for me to say it: happy pride month lovelies! 🏳️‍🌈 As long as you found your partner, don’t care about the rest♥️ #lovewins

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Old pic of bæ and I🍕

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I’ve been doing my hair like this for almost a year now, I know I don’t use the right pair of scissors and probably not having the appropriate technique lmao but here is how I do and I never had any problems with it💕 What do you think of black hair ? Should I go back to a light color next month ? 🌼 TAG 2 FRIENDS to show them my amazing technique haha😂 (@leaelui)


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Careful when you come through my way💕 (posted a video loves!!)

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My mom took these (as always) and she really wanted me to post the last one🥺 Oh and also, #confidentforlea

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Omg omg happy 9.5million babies!!! So proud of you, so proud of us, I can’t believe it🥺✨ Thank you so so much for everything 💋 I tried this little dance hope you’re gonna like it💛 Tag 3 friends 👫

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we’re all bad in someone’s story🥀

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Something different!✨ I made my adorable boyfriend pick an outfit for me😰 How do you think he did ? I think he did pretty good🥰 rate this outfit ♥️