Queen Laverta👑

Queen Laverta👑

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My mentor. My supporter. Just to let y’all know where I get all this wisdom from lol☺️


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#swipe Tonight was awesome! So much love and positivity. #Bbot transforming girls off today into Queens of tomorrow period! Third pic is mood!!! Lol

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Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... Learn from it. #cantstopthisgreatness

165    8    1 month ago

Today was really amazing. Since Thursday I’ve been telling my friends “I can’t wait for Saturday!!” And they like “why?” And I said “I’m going to a homeless shelter!!” Seeing those smiles made my heart feel so happy. Being with my sisters, and also my mentors made me feel awesome. To me, I feel like we’re changing the world. Just by giving back we’re making a difference. I couldn’t help but smile today the energy was just so positive. I forgot to mention that I was even nagging my mom about how excited I was lol. #BBOT

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Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart. Period!❤️


184    17    4 months ago

Today was the most empowering day I ever experienced. I’m part of this organization BBOT( beautiful beauties of tomorrow) and we visited and helped a homeless shelter. This was my first time helping and also giving back to people in need. When I tell you today being involved with the shelter made my heart cry, because I stress about the little things. I complain when I can’t have certain things, but I have to understand that their are so many people who don’t have what I own. So many people who are seeking for a fresh meal to eat. So many woman trying to figure out how are they going to feed their children, And sometimes I take it for granted. Today really opened my eyes about a lot of things because you never know what people are going through deep inside, or behind closed doors. Sometimes the people who seems like they have everything put together, secretly having struggles. What really blessed my heart is when the individuals said to us we were the best volunteers they had so far. Everyone want change, but never do nothing about it. Everyone want their voice to be heard, but never speak up. Don’t wait till tomorrow, don’t wait till next week. Get up and get things done PERIOD!