Laurens van Leeuwen

Laurens van Leeuwen


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little throwback to our backstage moment @m_stibbe


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when you go shopping w your girl 🤷🏼‍♂️

22.3K    61    21 days ago

unwind and you shall find

93.5K    424    4 months ago

Sweet, smart, down to earth and very hard working. I admire you’re positive attitude. She just won the 2018 @revolve ‘Model Of The Year’ Award! 🥇 You deserve it @romeestrijd grateful to be on your side #team


63.4K    151    4 months ago

Yesterday after the 2018 VSFS, proud of you @romeestrijd 🖤

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Thank you for having us @hotelbarriere_lefouquets always a pleasure 🇫🇷

34.9K    107    8 months ago

Another little miracle named Milo Laurens van Leeuwen. I am a proud uncle once again! ❤️