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March 18 “[Your mind] It’s dangerous. It can crush you. But dealing with adversity and surviving times of depression will build you. - [People] Caring about what they think of you can be destructive. But you still need those who look down on you. You don’t want them to believe in you. You want that doubt because it will only bring more fuel for your success. - [You] Only you know what you’ve been through. Only you know what you can truly achieve. So only you can decide where your life goes. Happy 22nd, King”


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أنا فكرة بتكبر بالعافية من طوبة لحيطة لقصر


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An unforgettable game at playoffs ❤️⚽️⚽️

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Shout out to the Birs, Jotty and everyone else who always believes in me on the pitch. Love you guys ⚽️🏆❤️

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I’ll see you soon akhoya ❤️

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Thankful for a successful year ⚽️ الحمد لله