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Jonathan Van Ness

@jvn Figure skating prodigy ⛸ Hair & Skin is my thang @queereye

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My body is ready 🛳 @keshacruise new comedy, new show, new me. can’t wait 💅🏽🏳️‍🌈

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Wahhhh I’m back in America & found this and I just love this content @purewow look @eliothalverson & @michellewkwan 😭😭😭 #emotionaljetlag #jvnskates


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ありがとうございました thanks for being the most welcoming place Japan. We wrapped shooting @queereye Japan today and I’m just in awe of your people, our crew, and our heroes. I love you and once again ありがとうございました 📸 @tykapryde

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I’m a total homebody and having a relaxing space to come home to is paramount for me to be a balanced, calm queen. This summer while I was away filming in Kansas City, the @allmodern team swooped in and made my “Ms-Honey-from-Matilda’s-cottage / cabin-in-the-city” dreams come true in my new NY apartment, all in under a month! Link in bio to take the tour and shop my entire place.   #mymodernmakeover #ad

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Swooping in to interrupt all the Valentines Day content 💙💅🏽


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Valentine’s Day = Triggered Central. You too? Here’s what I think. We are taught so much to find value in everything outside ourselves. The validation of others or in this case the validation of “the one” that will make you whole. Hunny news flash you’re whole, the ones paired up may or may not be happy & his ass was definitely on some other shit in my experience so here’s the deal. Don’t let yourself feel some kind of way; we all know comparison is that gurl doing the most while doing the least. I was jolted out of a relationship so quickly in the midst of a family tragedy I almost came undone, but guess what? She didn’t. And neither will you, love you, this holiday is stupid. 💙 📸 @mattmonathphoto

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New episode of #gettingcurious on a subject that deserves much attention. There is a immigration situation we’ve been hearing a lot about & America’s complex historical relationship to Central & South America that I don’t understand. This relationship & history gives much needed context so I can better understand what’s going on in Central & South America. We had Shannon O’Neil, Vice President @cfr_org & head of their Latin America Program to help me with some insight as to how we got to this point in America’s history with Central America. I learned a lot & your Trump supporting Aunt Linda should really probably take a listen 💙💙🏳️‍🌈 link in bio

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When does Season 3 of @queereye drop you ask? She is coming up hot and ready March 15th, category is “Love Yourself” See you then 😍

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ありがとうございました 🙏🏻 thanks for letting us explore @teamlab_borderless

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❣️ Issa Mood. Happy Valentines tidings to my Independent Ladies! Don’t let comparison be a little thief and steal your joy on this “holiday” queens, ⛸⛸ #jvnskates 🎥 & choreo by @eliothalverson