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I don’t know what to say. We just wrapped our 55th episode of the series that changed my whole life. No success happens quickly, and if it does they did so much work you never saw. I want to say thank you so much to every fan who has supported us and our little engine that could show. This was suppose to be one episode and nothing more, when this all started I was coming out of one of the worst times in my life and had no clue how comedy would help save me. Doing this recap has enabled me to be of service and ultimately help people in ways I never ever dreamt possible. So the point is, when @gibblertron asked me to do this in December 2012, I did’t know how to be on camera, I didn’t think I deserved the chance but I’m so happy I took it. Thanks Erin, thanks @gameofthrones , can’t wait to show you all our final guest & the series finale tomorrow! #gayofthrones oh well fuck it’s @celestebarber she was in the video but there’s still another fierce SURPRISE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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Pants off & Postmates Ordered 🏳️‍🌈 It’s okay to self care & stay in. I went through such a long time where my self worth felt wrapped up in my social outings until I couldn’t afford the toll that took on my self care and wellness. It’s okay to stay in, it’s okay to turn down. It’s also okay to turn up and go hard but make those choices because you want to not because you’re trying to fit in.


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Wow wow! This is the time to show that democracy still works! The #equalityact has passed the house which is fantastic but it can not become law without the senate. From LGBTQ equal rights, to protecting our future elections, to protecting our water @mcconnellpress holds the keys. Since he circumvented the constitution and prevented Merrick Garland from even being voted on for the Supreme Court to stonewalling Democratic legislation he doesn’t like we MUST use our voice to call, email, and protest our senators. They work for us! The house is doing their job it’s time the senate does theirs! If they don’t a lot of their elections are next year!! Link in bio to find your senators 🏳️‍🌈 #equalityact

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I had a beautiful day this week driving around in my adore @Getaround airdropping gifts to all the kind Angelinos! Don’t forget, car sharing helps the environment, thanks queens @getaround 🏳️‍🌈 #itsgotime #getaround #carshare #roadtrip #ad

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Omg let’s do an over the shoulder pose!! 📸 Jerod Harris @gettyimages #fyseenetflix

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Off Ice Single Axel ⛸⛸ for the energy @eliothalverson I see my right arm thing we must fix the no hip brushing


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💇‍♀️ with @benjamin_nelson my friend from our first salon jobs in LA 10 years ago 😂 I showed him around his first day, so much has changed but basically the same 💕💕 to the only heterosexual man I would ever let cut my hair @benjamin_nelson 💙

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Abortion is a constitutional right. Abortion is healthcare & we should never be telling people with a uterus how to govern their bodies. Over the years of hosting my podcast I’ve gotten to interview a lot of incredible people but when I interviewed @melindafrenchgates and heard about how contraceptives & access to family planning are essential to lifting people out of poverty it blew my mind. When too many children are born into a family in quick succession people living in poverty can’t clothe, educate, and provide for their families. We also know that family separation is a crisis in this country not only at the border but because of our for profit prison system that targets people of color as well as people living in poverty, and throws away the key separating families and creating a huge price tag both with money but huge human tolls as well. By forcing more people to be born into poverty it increases their chances of not being able to access quality education, healthcare, and stability which all heightens their risk of eventual incarceration later in life. This has always been a long game by sexist & racist policy makers in the American south. We didn’t end up in this mess over night, we as a country have to raise our awareness over all this noise and see that there are bad forces at work here but we are coming together like never before to protect women’s access to healthcare & equality for all. The biggest election of our lives is 1 year and 5 months away. Let’s keep connecting and showing up to get people ready to VOTE.

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Good morning Los Angeles! Today I’m partnering with @Getaround and together we’re in your city AirDropping all sorts of gorgeous treats, and letting people know about how car sharing reduces pollution. Did you know that for every one car shared, ten are taken off the road? WOW, QUEENS! It’s GO TIME! #itsgotime #getaround #carshare #roadtrip #ad

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New #GettingCurious with Dr. Sara Ruane, a herpetologist (snake expert) asks the question should I be scared AF of snakes and what are they going through these days? Listen & Subscribe Queens! Link in bio

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Los Angeles, this Wednesday @Getaround and I are doing a gorgeous partnership where we are giving away free stuff- so keep that airdrop on and we will see you soon, queens! Never selfie and drive guys, the best time to use your phone is when safely parked, or on the set of a photoshoot being fabulous #itsgotime #getaround #carshare #roadtrip #ad