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Jonathan Van Ness

@jvn Figure skating prodigy ⛸ Hair & Skin is my thang @queereye

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💙Finding the light💙 On this gorgeous Saturday, if loneliness, sadness, depression or some other visitor is bringing you negativity I want you to remember it’s not permanent. Joy & sorrow both come and go, trying to find the best angle or your best light is hard sometimes but being patient & compassionate with yourself is worth it. ⛸⛸🌈 📸 @denisebidot

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Thanks for the gorgeous Merry Mixer winter wonderland @Target ! Hope your holiday shopping lists are coming along! ❤ ❤


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First time for everything ⛸⛸ #jvnskates 🎥 @eliothalverson

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Serving myself some @Lipton Detox, because I have been serving myself ALL the holiday parties, ALL the treats, and ALL the things this holiday season. The gorgeous festivities, togetherness, and all around cute times during the holidays have a way of getting us to *go there*, but I’ve been sipping Lipton Detox to hit the reset button on my wellness, and making sure everyone at the table gets some too. It’s all about that easy, everyday wellbeing, y’all! #LiptonPartner

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New Fuckin Skates ⛸⛸ who dis?? ( sestra @eliothalverson I love you soy much my rugby sister skating coach-ess who is shaping my life omg I love laughing w you ery morningggggg) Love all you gorginas too, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation about voter registration today, just because henny it’s Thursday why not!?

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Bullseye along with @Target is helping me get my holiday cheer together, celebrating traditions, and serving joyful realness #ad

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A journey of crashing grace ⛸⛸ 🎥 @eliothalverson & swipe to the end queens it’s worth it and don’t forget a double tap my bruised hip needs your validation (as we speak I’m getting my new skates fit, so tomorrow will be a new glorious day)


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New episode w brain power of a million suns activist @msanastasiakhoo of @conservationorg stopped by to help us figure out how to move the ball forward on climate change in the current political climate 💙💙🌈 Link in bio @earwolf #climatechange #conservationinternational #carbonfootprint

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She is rough but she shines ⛸⛸ 🎥 @eliothalverson #jvnskates

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Serving up a surprise like this gave me all the feels ✨ For @renttherunway ’s #FairyGodmothered Challenge, I got the chance to meet and celebrate Erin — a deserving, powerful queen who has turned her multiple sclerosis diagnosis into a tool for supporting and empowering other women in her community. She is a force of nature, and now a force of fashion! Insta video only gives me 60 secs to show off Erin’s gorgeousity so peep @renttherunway IGTV today for the full video of us having a major supermodel moment. And keep the #FairyGodmothered nominations coming! Entering an inspiring woman for her chance to win a year-long subscription to RTR’s dream closet. Every nomination is also a donation to @dressforsuccess to help women get back in the workforce. #feelsgoodtodogood #renttherunway

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GURL wan you are lolz on this wall @earwolf

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⛸⛸Learning her multifaceted choreography styles #mondaymotivation #falldown7getup8 (Also last hashtag should really be fall down 7 get up 7 bc if you fell 7 times you would get up 7 times not 8 unless you fell again) #adultskater #jvnskates