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Valentine’s ALL DAY, EVERY DAY since I found you. ❤️

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#TBT to Thanksgiving last year... @memgrizz were on a West Coast road trip. I asked my two great friends @marcgasol and @mac11 to come over if they didn't have plans for the holiday. We hosted lots of friends and family so, naturally we had lots of kids... and a bouncy house. Of course, it just happened to rain that day. We couldn't figure out how to get the water off the bouncy house before it caved in... SO... Send in the pros!!!! Definition of REAL ONES! #ParentsKnow Lol! Marc, you are a great friend and one hell of an athlete. The city of Memphis is lucky to have had you as a leader in our community and an All-Star to stunt with... an irreplaceable force. It's with a heavy heart that I say BEST OF LUCK in TORONTO and to let you know that you are welcome at my table always, brother!


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Alright... Polar Vortex. I see you. Edmonton, y'all better bring the 🔥 tonight! We need it!

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Last night. Thank you guys 🙏

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Got a special jacket from @othelo_gervacio for my BIRTHDAY show at @thegarden tonight 🙌

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Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight...


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FIRST TAKE. One year ago today.

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💧too nice not to post... @virgilabloh strikes again. San Antonio tonight. Let's go.

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There’s no place like home

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Wearing Memphis blue tonight

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@TROUBLEMAN31! EPIC! 🔥Your city loves you. Thank you 🙌🙌