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Just Wynn️™️

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Huge shout out to my guy @waynegallman9 for coming sneaker shopping with me...LINK IN BIO! He bought some crazy stuff👀

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Signing off for a couple days. When I’m back, I have a really dope upload. Love y’all ❤️


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The World is Yours🌎

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Humbled to be included on this amazing list put together by @nasdaq and @yahoofinance at number 3, nonetheless. Here’s the truth behind some things I haven’t discussed in much detail... People may think I “took breaks” from YouTube out of laziness, because of college, or as a result of losing my passion for making videos... but it’s none of that. Over the course of the last 7 months I have attempted to balance a combination of my personal brand (Youtube, Instagram, etc), @bwynnsports and talent management, consulting work, CMO of an app, along with several other massive projects that I can’t yet share👀. Balancing these has been extremely difficult at times, as you can tell with my lack of posting... but that’s over now;) There’s 24 hours in a day, and I plan to use them in a way that allows me to practice business because at the end of the day, that is what makes me happiest. Major shoutout to my right hand guy @kbrprince for all of the long nights and early mornings because without a team, there’s no way any of this would be possible... give him a follow to see the behind the scenes of how we do what we do. I love y’all. Without your support, nothing would be possible. Thank you🙏 If you read all that, you’re a real one. ❤️❤️

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Great to link last night bro @langgalloway10 YouTube Video coming tomorrow 👀🚨

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To all the resellers out there here is a tip... when buying used shoes, clean them up with @reshoevn8r because for the low cost you can clean tons of pairs, and it makes your profit margin 📈📈. 🚨Use the code “Wynn” to save 10% on your order on Reshoevn8r.com🚨

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🌎💤(Double Up⚡️👟by @goat )


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Okkk @pullard I see you with the FIRE but you challenged me to #ShowMySneakers so I had to pull out an older pic (I’m out of town now) so now who wants the challenge? Bring it on @3lau @deangelowilliams @kustoo @blakelinder @mjmelendez7 @lilmade21 @suedebrooks and anyone else who wants in🔥🔥

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Just dropped off some stuff and I didn’t even have to ship it... if you’re in NYC pass by the @stockx pop up🚨

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“NYC” Also winner has been selected for the giveaway with SnkrFlea, and I know there was only one winner but the good news is now that I’m back I’ll be doing tons more!

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#tbt but just know that MY MOVIE is now live on YouTube🔥 LINK IN BIO!! I know I’ve basically been gone for the last couple months, but I’m back and I couldn’t be more excited. Drop a comment on the video🙏🍿