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Julie Long


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Boo loves his St. Patrick’s Day!! Erin Go Boo!!!

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Guinness Carmel Brownies n Irish Cream Fudge were delish!!


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Snapping turtle is warm again

2    0    18 days ago

5 stages of Boo being a Snapping Turtle after a freezin walk


1    1    18 days ago

Boo comin in from freezing cold plays Snapping Turtle, I don’t burst his bubble, I play along

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Boo goin out in style in My Scarf

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I would Love to have the opportunity to participate in this, #NoPhoneForAYear #contestvitamibwater.com. I am up for the challenge, pick me I’ll give ya a go for the money!!!

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Boo n I exploring our first snow, he enjoyed this in Va earlier this year for his 1st snow