Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan

@julesjordanx Film Director/Producer/Photographer

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Back at it this week at the AVN show in Las Vegas. Come through! @dangershewrote commanding the crowd!

448    45    3 days ago

Heading to Vegas today like....”Here I go” #sundaysermonwithreverendx


6.3K    76    4 days ago

AJ Applegate doing her best to not get me in trouble with the IG police 😮 @ajsapplegates

536    18    7 days ago

My drone got taken out by another drone at pipeline, of course another drone was there to film it 🙄, always a zoo flying there, glad nobody got hurt. #dronewars

578    15    7 days ago

Gonna miss this view for a bit! #hawaii

1K    63    10 days ago

When people doubt me...”I’m that mothafucka!” #sundaysermonwithreverendx

4.5K    33    11 days ago

Cole world! @thesydneycole doing what she does best....


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Lots of amazing stuff coming from @emilywillisx3 #lingerie

1.7K    30    18 days ago

Storm chasing in Tucson AZ....⚡️⚡️⚡️ #monsoon