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73    5    4 months ago

2018 has been crazy; and quite frankly, I almost didn't make it this far. Thank you everybody. Happy new year!

36    0    4 months ago

Merry Christmas y'all


70    13    4 months ago

I'm not bored. I swear 😂 📸 @mykzangelique

22    0    6 months ago

Sunrise Show my weary heart That a new day will soon arrive

36    11    6 months ago

Sobrang miss ko na maglaro

33    0    8 months ago

We've got a long way to go, but we'll get there. #TFTI


30    1    8 months ago

There was an idea to put together a group of remarkable people... #TFTI Okay sana ung team pic kaso humarang yun daliri ng nagpicture HAHAHA

28    2    9 months ago

Even though I'm plunging in the depths of your love, I'm just scratching the surface of who You are.

36    0    9 months ago

How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got? One of my favorite photos. 📸: Tito Raul

16    0    9 months ago

Phases... Seasons. Dark seasons don't last forever. Better days will come, and it's going to be beautiful.