Jesse Hart-McNeal

Jesse Hart-McNeal

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109    0    22 days ago

I’m stuck in between the shadows of my yesterdays


113    4    23 days ago

Golden hour in a coastal superbloom

115    3    24 days ago

I just get more tired if I sleep

124    4    28 days ago

Lines layers and light

101    1    29 days ago

Huddled from the howling wind as the abyss collapsed around us

111    0    1 month ago

Columns of ascension


125    3    1 month ago

Warm memories, cold sleeping arrangements

111    0    1 month ago

Having not initially gone down to the beach, deterred by barbed wire and threats of prosecution, we drove another five minutes in silence, mentally transfixed by the deliberation of risk vs reward. We turned back and the smile tells all.

114    0    1 month ago

Happy Mother’s Day, I got you a concussion

137    1    1 month ago

Not sure why waterbeds phased out

122    2    2 months ago

Evening summer walks to watch the stars from the mountaintops