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@jasperdoest #Photographer giving a voice to nonhuman lives while trying to bridge the gap between the natural world and ourselves.

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Flamingo Bob and Odette @vetdoest enjoys a swim in the Caribbean Sea. Arthritis in his feet is causing him difficulties to walk but he feels very comfortable in the water, which is why Odette takes him out for a swim on a regular basis. Bob is a Caribbean flamingo, from the Dutch island of Curaçao. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a hotel window, leaving him severely concussed. He was cared for by Odette Doest, a local vet who also runs a wildlife rehabilitation centre and conservation charity – the Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben (@fdoccuracao). Existing disabilities meant Bob couldn’t be released, but instead he became ambassador for FDOC, which educates locals about the importance of protecting the island’s wildlife.

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This brown booby arrived @fdoccuracao with eye problems about three years ago. It took a while for it to recover but now things are going much better and Odette @vetdoest might release him back to the wild. Yesterday he escaped the ‘bird room’, walked through the house and perched on Fluffy’s crate cage the rest of the afternoon. Of course we released Fluffy when Odette came home, he had a wonderful day playing around the pool :-)


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Besides being the face of @fdoccuracao, Bob also plays an important role in the rehabilitation process of other injured flamingoes. This is Dora, she was brought in last week, with a fractured wing and Bob has kept her company throughout the process. Because of the stress, Odette @vetdoest decided Dora shouldn’t stay at the veterinary practice. Because of her injury, she couldn’t stay with the other birds either. So...Bob and Dora now hang out in Odette’s bedroom. Meanwhile Bob has taught her how to eat from a bowl and his presence calms her down. Hopefully Dora’s wing will fully recover and she can get back to the wild in a few weeks time.

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Happy to be back in Curaçao, visiting my cousin Odette @vetdoest and our flamingo-friend Bob. When Bob arrived at Odette her wildlife rescue facility, he wasn’t this pink. We actually thought it was a younger bird as flamingoes are born with grey feathers, which gradually turn pink in the wild because of a natural pink dye called canthaxanthin that they obtain from their diet of brine shrimp and blue-green algae. DNA analysis showed Bob is roughly 11 years old and was pale from malnutrition. After his recovery his color came back but unfortunately he couldn’t return back to the wild. Instead he became the bird-ambassador of Odette’s wildlife charity @fdoccuracao, where she educates local children about wildlife conservation.

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Flying home tomorrow after a terrific festival weekend among friend in snowy Norway. It leaves me just enough time to change winter clothes for shorts as I’m flying to Curaçao on Monday. Can’t wait to see my pink flamingo friend Bob :-)

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When Odette Doest @vetdoest was a little girl and visited a bird show with her parents, she wanted to have a Salmon-crested cockatoo. Instead her parents gave her a Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot for her 12th birthday. She named the bird Crockey. Soon after, Odette found out it was an endangered species. Confused about the fact her parents could actually buy one at the local pet store Odette started to look more into it and as a result she wanted to become a veterinarian, specialized birds. Now she’s running her own veterinary practice, runs a wildlife conservation charity and inspires many young girls to follow in her footsteps. And Crockey, he’s still there after all these years. Happy #internationalwomensday Odette! Proud of what you do. See you soon!

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A white stork searches for food on a landfill in Portugal. Reintroduction projects throughout Europe contributed to the current breeding success of the white stork. For five years I followed the species, that traditionally symbolises new life, during which I explored the reason why this species has recovered so well during recent years. It turned out that the storks had found a perfect refuelling station on their annual migration-route from Europe to the African continent; the open landfills on the Iberian peninsula. In order to capture their behaviour, I placed several camera’s on the landfill everyday that I would connect to two laptops through 100meter UTP cable allowing me to have live-view from a blind that I would pitch further down the landfill. This allowed me to trigger the camera while being able to fully balance the quickly changing ambient light with the light coming from my strobes throughout the shoot. It took me several weeks in that blind to get the images I was after. A big thanks to my friends @maartenfotografie, @studioschrikdraad, @jellitoo & @jacintopolicarpo for their help and my wife for dealing with her smelly husband ;-) Photo’s behind the scenes: @maartenfotografie


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White storks (Ciconia ciconia) nesting on a monument outside the Vostell-Malpartida Museum in Malpartida de Cacerés at dusk. White storks seem equally at home on artificial structures as they are in trees, often nesting on rooftops and telegraph poles. This installation, by German artist Wolf Vostell, incorporates a Russian MiG-21 aircraft, two cars, pianos, computer monitors — and now three huge nests, which the storks use each year, migrating from their wintering grounds in Africa.

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It’s that time of year again. Spring is slowly arriving. White storks are returning to the Netherlands from their annual winter migration on the African continent and some of them try to build nests within a transmission tower like this one. As these birds have lost a lot of their natural habitat over the years, they very much depend on man-made constructions like these, which isn't always easy. S.O.S Stork found that one out of every ten storks migrating over Lake Geneva en route to Africa died in the web of electricity pylons. It is a similar story in Spain, where the storks stop off on their way to the African plains. Many of them nest overnight on electricity pylons and are killed in their sleep. In one instance three years ago, 127 dead storks were found under electricity pylons near a Spanish rubbish dump, where the migrating birds had gone in search of food.

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Thank you for the amazing messages I’ve received after being nominated for World Press Photo @worldpressphoto. And while the images show the story of Bob, it’s actually the story of an amazing woman that is giving her life to make a difference. To me this photograph is very symbolic as she would say it’s not about her; she would always put the animals first. And while this can be a challenge for others sometimes, she is surrounded by people who let her do the things she does best. Odette @vetdoest, I know from our conversations that you don’t see yourself as the extraordinary person you are. I can understand that, it’s normal to you as helping animals is in your blood and it’s your daily life. But I hope these images and the recognition we’re receiving with will act like a mirror for you. Thank you for being you!

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The story behind one of the photographs that was recently nominated for @worldpressphoto. This Caribbean Flamingo was transported from @bonairewildbirdrehab in Bonaire to my cousin’s veterinary practice in Curaçao as it needed immediate medical care for its severe foot lesions. @vetdoest treated the bird and made special socks to fit the birds feet to avoid too much stress on the healing wounds. Video: @studioschrikdraad

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Absolutely speechless after receiving two nominations for the 2019 World Press Photo Contest. I’m so happy for my cousin Odette @vetdoest who is doing amazing work with Flamingo Bob and the conservation charity @fdoccuracao. Odette, this recognition is for you and Elly. I couldn’t be more happy. 😘 Congratulations to all other nominees! @worldpressphoto #wpph2019