The Official Barber For NY

The Official Barber For NY

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“I wanted to buy them a home” (Zach Lavine, New York). @ZachLavine8 This past year and a half has been a roller coaster for you. You were a member of one of the youngest high-scoring trios in NBA history. You suffered an ACL injury. You were traded to the @ChicagoBulls , initiating the organization’s rebuild. Although you weren’t at full strength, you returned to play and contribute. During the off-season, the amount of doubters you had were probably an all time high for you; people thought you weren’t worth your worth. You had a few goals. One of them were to prove doubters wrong. I’m proud that you’re accomplishing that goal. You’re ranked fourth in the league in scoring and sixth in your position in rebounding. Another goal was to take care of your parents. In Seattle, a place like no other to you, you bought them a home. When you told me that, it hit home; it’s not something that I hear everyday. Where we’re from, this doesn’t happen. This is a goal that I’m gearing to accomplish in the future. You’re one of the most humble people that I’ve ever met. Although you know you’re worth, your perspective is to be as grateful as you possibly can. “There are people who don’t have what I have. I’m blessed. Whatever it is that I go through, things can always be much worse.“ _______________________

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◽️ @J.N.E.iii , you were a lock with the @Warriors with the 28th pick. You’re a great defender, against three different positions. Golden State knew of your ability to be a marksman, shooting the rock, ranking 5th in @goBearCatsmbb ‘s history. You were destined to be a Warrior. You said, “Golden State used to come to some of my games in college. I could’ve went back to school, but I knew where I could end up.” You have several Hall of Famers and people to learn from. You’ll do well, brother. ________ ◽️ @_Alvo_ , my brother! Your story is one of the most inspirational that I’ve ever heard. You made the NBA, playing 3-on-3 basketball. Your hometown team, Chicago, scouted and brought you in. You played your soul out. That lead to Toronto signing you. There, you were a part of a historical Raptor’s team. You signed with the Warriors as only a training camp invite. The way you played led to Steve Kerr telling you that you’ve earned a roster spot. You’ve also earned a spot in the rotation, shooting over 53% and over 53% from the 3 point line. You motivate and inspire young men and athletes. I’m proud of you, brother. ________ ◽️ @JBell I wish people knew how humble and unselfish you are. You’re very knowledgeable of the game. You have incredible faith in your teammates. You love that Damian Jones is a starter, stating, “He’s earned it. People don’t know how athletic he really is. Sometimes, I just lob the ball up, and he’ll dunk the ball. He’s a freak. Everyone speaks high of DJ. It’s his time.” The aura that you guys share is an unquestioned characteristic of why you guys are champions. On the court, there’s an obvious brotherhood. Off the court, there’s one as well; publicly, it just isn’t seen. Continue to support each other. Thank you guys for having me show up during the weekend. _________________________


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I wanted to go back to teaching in a college setting so bad. I wanted to go back to school just as bad. The problem was that I built a career cutting hair. Another problem was that I loved doing it. You helped me realize that it wasn’t a problem. You predicted that I’d earn more than I would as a professor. You predicted that I’d become a business owner. You predicted that I’d be able to take care of my family. Many people looked down on it, and you said, “Screw that. You’re already bigger than your doubters.” On a larger scale, I’m learning from you everyday to become a better person. When the time comes, I can already tell that I’m going to be a great father by the way you father your children. Man, you don’t even know that you set a bar; coming home from incarceration, and becoming a business owner, speaks incredible volumes. I still plan on teaching in the future. I still plan on building schools, more businesses, more products, and making more investments. I know that I can accomplish those things doing what we’re doing. I appreciate it @Joe.Fant ______________________________ ______________________________ Sometimes I know I’m hard to reach; apologies. At times, I leave the state or city for business purposes. If I’m not available, contact @Joe.Fant for an appointment. 💈... ______________________________ @BB.NY 🤦🏿‍♂️ Thank you bro. 🐐

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@TerrellePryor Look at what you gave the game. Unrealistic traits of a football player. Historic. You stood out and beat incredible competitors throughout your years collegiately. After earning numerous awards and concluding your college career, you were drafted by Oakland. You competed and earned the starting quarterback job. In your first game, you set a Raiders record. BIG SWITCH. From throwing touchdowns to catching them; you became a receiver. History was made again. You became the second player in NFL history to throw over 1000 yards, and receive over 1000 yards. You also became the seventh player in Cleveland Brown’s history to receive over 1000 yards in a season. By the judgement of two games, you’re on pace to do it again. Good luck to my brothers tonight. _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #NewYork _____________________________ #TerrellePryor | #OhioState | #NYJets | # NFL | #ESPN | #FoxSports | #SlamMagazine | #PlayersTribune

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@WhoIs.SmookyMargielaa You’re an incredible talent at a young age. Many people speak highly of your ability. The quality released as well as the strength to do many performances in a limited time span is remarkable. You’re incredibly gifted in your field. What makes you better is the great guidance around you. Continue to fly. Continue to soar. Continue to grow. Always remember where you came from. Never forget where you want to go. ______ “Living Great” is out now. _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #NewYork

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@ArmonandTrey You guys are a team. True brothers. Inseparable. You didn’t think you guys would have a successful tour; look at the outcome. Sellout, after sellout. Congratulations on the success of the #FeverTour. Congratulations on the success of the EP, “LongStoryShort.” Congratulations on how great Forever is doing. Continue to win, bro. @Armon.Warren, always win. Proud of you guys. ____ @SpicyManagement Thank you. @ClarenceNYC 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #NewYork | _____________________________ #LongStoryShort | #YouTube | #ArmonandTrey

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@FunnyMike Hilarious is an understatement. We all have gifts; we just have to figure out what that gift is. Sadness and anger can lead to sicknesses. You have a gift of instilling laughter in people. People watch you to smile, laugh, or get in a better mood. Look at the impact you have on children. Look at what you’re doing with comedy. History’s being being made within accomplishments on @YouTube, different social media platforms, and even @MTVWildnOut. Continue on this path, brother. Continue to inspire everyone around you. __ Thank you to those who tagged, mentioned, and made this happen. I appreciate it. __ _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #NewYork _____________________________ #BatonRouge | #Louisiana | #FunnyMike | #TravisJamesENT | #YouTube


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@_TreyTraylor Traveling the world and selling out performances are dreams that many of us artists’ share. It’s pure motivation, brother. You and your family come from a place where it isn’t easy to become successful; look at your outcome. Look at what you guys have accomplished with YouTube, with music, with branding and marketing. Continue to work hard. Continue to be humble. Continue to provide your fans with they music they love. I appreciate everything. @SpicyManagement Thank you. @ClarenceNYC Thanks, brother. Thank you to everyone who Dm’ed me, tagged me, and made sure I was contacted. _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #NewYork _____________________________ #LongStoryShort | #YouTube

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@1JordanBell Whatever it takes to get the win; being highly efficient, rebounding, assisting, blocking, and defending. That’s why you became an integral part of the Warriors’ success. You were number one in field goal percentages on your team. You would’ve ranked fifth in the league, if a few more games were played to qualify. Everyone knew you were a draft-day-steal. They knew what you’d do. You did exactly that and more. I’m really proud of the person that you are. I cannot say that about everyone. Continue to be as humble; people will always love you for that. Congratulations on being a champion. _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #LasVegas _______________________ #JordanBell | #GoldenState | #Oakland | #GoldenStateWarriors | #NBA | #NBASummerLeague | #Super_Athletes | #ESPN | #FoxSports | #SLAMMagazine

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@Blakeney96 Undrafted. During last year’s NBA Summer League, you proved that you can play in the league. The @ChicagoBulls signed you to a two-way deal, and you became the Rookie of the Year of the @NBAGLeague after averaging 32 points per game. After being called up by the Bulls, you played well during that span, until you had to sit out due to your injury. You instantly became apart of Chicago’s core. You played outstandingly during your second summer league appearance. You’re now a part of a trend; you’re one of the guys who give other players hope when they don’t get drafted. Congratulations on signing your new contract with the Chicago Bulls. _____________________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #LasVegas _______________________ #AntonioBlakeney | #Chicago | #ChicagoBulls | #NBA | #NBASummerLeague | #Super_Athletes | #ESPN | #FoxSports

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@Bam1of1 There’s a few players who have personal issues with the rim; lol you’re one of them. I’m really proud of you, Bam. You were ranked third on your team in rebounds per game, second in free throw percentages for rookie-centers, and second on your team in field goal percentages. In your first year, you accomplished this while playing under 20 minutes per game. Your role will increase next season. I know that you can’t wait for that opportunity; I can’t wait either. Really proud bro. #DunkEverything _______________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #LasVegas _______________________ #BamAdebayo | #Miami | #MiamiHeat | #NBA | #NBASummerLeague | #Super_Athletes | #ESPN | #FoxSports

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@DejounteMurray I know you’re coming back to have an even better season than you did previously. You’ve been in the gym since the season’s end.. lol go rest a little. Already, you’re the youngest player in the history of the NBA to ever make an All NBA Defense Team. Congratulations. Keep working bro. Proud of you. _______________________ #TheGiftedHandsTour 2 | #LasVegas _______________________ #DeJounteMurray | #SanAntonio | #SanAntonioSpurs | #NBA | #ESPN |