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And When I Say I’m So Proud Of My Assistant, I Mean That Shit ! He Not Flexing My Bag But He Goin Big With His Own. This Not White Privilege because I Literally Witnessed Him Get It Out The Mud While With Me The Whole Time. I Can Take Pride In Being A Boss because I Ain’t Feed None Of My Kids But Instead Taught Them To Be Self-Sufficient. I’m Just Geeking Cus This Is Literally An Assistant Who Got More Money Than These Cap Ass Rappers On The Free Band Tip and Bank Account. No Finsta Cap, Nor A Flex But Everyone On My Side Do What They To The Best.


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Can’t Wait For This Perc To Kick In !

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5:05 a.m. - But Life Goes On...

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All Bullshit Aside, I Miss You.

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I Got New Pants And Ah New Purse Today !


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Online Store Open. Thank You and Enjöy.

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Rare Raf When I Wear Raf.

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‏وعندما يموت إيان هذا هو الوقت الذي سوف تعلن فيه الأعظم

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Happy Birthday Gunner 📸