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Love always ❤️❤️ I’ve honestly always thought love is the answer to every problem, not money, not people, but love! We all have so many reasons to be loving to everyone around us and most importantly, ourselves! Choose to be your biggest cheerleader ❤️❤️❤️


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What would you do if you were locked up in a makeup store? 😱

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This time last year 💚💚

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Easy Lip Contour that doubles your lip size! What tutorials do you guys want?!

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The cutest cafe in the world with the cutest princess @nourgiselle @elan_cafe comment all the pink emojis 💗💕🌸🎀🐷 (there’s not that many!)

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invoking my inner Hillary from fresh prince💗 Name YOUR fav 90’s character/TV show hair by @domseeley


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“Hello Operator, how do I post a selfie on this thing?!” 😂🙏🏽 @akadology Caption this! Most liked caption gets posted and tagged Dress: @balmain Belt: vintage @chanelofficial Shoes: @gianvitorossi Hat: @dior Subglasses: @lespecs

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Minted & Dinero 💚💚 my fav combo in our #hudabeautymeltedshadows comment a boss emoji 💚 thank you guys for all the love 🤗 I love you guys so much 😭😭😭

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“Exercise? I thought you said Extra Fries” @hajar.nore

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The only fries that are allowed on Keto ❤️ how do you guys like your fries?

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My sisters are my besties, we fight, we make up, we drive each other crazy, but always come back to each other 💗💗 I hope Nour gets to experience this one day 🙏🏽 @monakattan @alyakattan