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highly suspect

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Every time we get on stage it feels like a secret victory. Like as if we won some crazy contest that gave us a chance to throw the ball from half court and meet the players.. only we don’t wake up and so now we have to remember we ARE the players on the court. I don’t know. We’re just super lucky to have each-other because I don’t think it would have been the same journey alone or with anyone else. I wish you all could understand just how much we’ve been through together. It’s mind blowing. To be where we are now is truly a fairytale. Love you so much @rich_meyer and @ryan_suspect - J

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In 2019 we will begin our 10th year as a band, and the world is gonna learn what the fuck it is we came here to do. Start saving up for those good headphones bitch. -J


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This is our new drum tech and life wizard Shane. he’s really fucking awesome even tho he’s giving me some bitch ass side eye right here. Give his ass a follow. He’s another Florida boy like Matt. @shaneburtch

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Welcoming in one of the newest members of our crew. @_blacksheepbrandon - LD (lighting director)

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Find Waldo. (Hint, I’m wearing red shoes) ACL ‘18 Thank you @c3concerts @aclfestival #mcid

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Bout to get it back in for a few shows out in DC and Jersey. Stoked.


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Cool times Denver. Tag yourself. Especially if you’re one of the girl’s standing on someone between Matt’s Armpit and J’s hand and Joes symbol stand. Also Kylie couldn’t be in this photo because she was like being a ho at the Merch booth or something but she works really hard so if you like this post you should also follow @kydids because she’s the queen. And a massive shoutout to our tour photographer and great friend @florianapolis