Fard Ali

Fard Ali

@highervoltage_ Professional Boxer🥊🦋🐝🦋🐝 South side Chicago🏴‍☠️ BornNRaised🔱 VOLT⚡️ Drug&Alcohol Free Athlete🚭 Warrior🇯🇲🇳🇪 Great Thinker🤴🏾 Live in St.Pete,FLA🏝🏊🏿‍♂️

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“Dese Niggaz is Snitchin and still livin” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤬

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“ SWIM WITHOUT GETTIN WET “ 🏊🏿‍♂️ @godbodyboxingacademy1979 #WeBackWorking💯


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My beautiful fiancé ⭐️⭐️doing her thing! Playing the background is a easy role! I know the pressure of being in the spotlight! Shine Queen @daniahrucker #PhotoShoot ⭐️⭐️

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Eyes don’t lie. Just watch me get it in #inshallah #12AM 💰💯 #TeamVolt⚡️

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Give me a load pistol and a box of bullets! Ima take over the world 🌎 😍⚡️ #GANGGANG


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@godbodyboxingacademy1979 Aye coach, It always seems impossible until it’s done #FardVoltAli #TeamVolt⚡️

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Outside the boxing ring I’m humble and harmless😇. Inside that bitch I’m coming for a murder #GrownManSport

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From sitting Ring Side watching me fight in tough fights, to watching me get beat up by more experienced pros. To watching me beat the dawg shit out mfs. To the late nights taking care of me when I’m in pain. To the V.I.P nights in the clubs. To the 5 star dinners to the Roman noodles and PBJ. To the tough break ups because I’m being selfish My Queen been here. I don’t even deserve you. You a boss you got your own money 💰 you blow money how I blow money. You don’t need a man for shit. To be real Allah got favor on me to even have you. You train just as hard as me! Fresh like me boss up like me. #inshallah I’m shining and ima shine with a real one @daniahrucker ily, we got 80 more years to Go !

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Two Ex drug dealers , Today Two Professional Boxers 🥊⚡️ #NegtiveToPositive @concrete727 a Veteran Pro #7MileRun 🏝🏖