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They say it’s “Maycember” our May weather feeling cool like December. I’ll take it over 120 degrees! 👏 Maycember has brought some amazing family sessions to us recently. ✨ This one in particular has a unique incident- a first ever in my career. I’m not sure I can even relay it in words, so let’s just use this emoji to give you a clue 🤮 - and yea it really happened while I was shooting, right as I was about to click the shutter button...😮. 😬 My assistant and I pretty much just froze for a split second, I mean do you “capture that” ?! Would you have captured that? 😬 It definitely would have made for a great outtake, but my momma heart just couldn’t do it. I was more concerned for the little guy than the photo lol. 🤷‍♀️ He was taken care of course, and after a break, we captured these beautiful moments. ✨ Thanks @sunnylands for the gorgeous setting! 👌 . . @ericamendenhallphotography #ericamendenhallphotography #sunnylands #ranchomiragephotographer #palmspringsphotographer


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I had a great weekend Sunday and Monday off!!! #Sunnylands

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Some Monday morning family goodness for the feed. I love this party of 6! 💞

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One of my favorite places in Coachella Valley is Sunnylands or otherwise known as the Annenberg Estate. This the view as you walk into the Education Center...the first stop when you arrive. . . . #California #experience #RanchoMirage #adventure #adventures #palmspringsinsiderguide #Annenberg #Sunnylands #education #exhibits #landscape #history #historic and #socal #visitcalifornia #visitCA #visitgreaterps #coachellavalley #gifts #giftshop


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I know I left my drink here somewhere! Must be my memory! #sunnylands #palmdesert #hummingbirds #hummingbird

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These #cacti take on animal-like shapes at the #Sunnylands Center Gardens. Do you see the #bunny🐰

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I know I shared these in my stories too, but love these two pics of Emme and I. If you haven’t been to @sunnylands , you’re missing out! It is beautiful!!!! The grounds are a great place for a picnic! And you can even book a tour of the inside. So much fun there today. Can’t wait to go back! #desertliving #palmdesert #ranchomirage #sunnylands #palmspringsliving #cactus

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Bunny ears cactus bloom at Sunnylands. That yellow glows!! Love the way they look, but those glochids are terrible if you accidentally touch them! #sunnylands #ranchomirage #southerncalifornia #coachellavalley #cactus #bunnyears #opuntiamicrodasys #bloom

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Video by @timlaman | Did you know that hummingbirds can’t walk at all? Their little legs and feet are used only for perching. But who needs to walk when you can fly and land this precisely? Check out these landing shots of female and male Costa's, and juvenile rufous hummingbirds. How did I know where they would land? It’s all about being a patient observer of nature. Birds are creatures of habit and often come back to the same perch. #hummingbird #birds, #wildlifephotography #sunnylands

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In the grounds of Sunnylands - looking great this time of year - formerly the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage - Quincy Jones designed house. #sunnylands #ranchomirage #annenbergestate #modernism #quincyjones

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In the grounds of Sunnylands - looking great this time of year - formerly the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage - Quincy Jones designed house. #sunnylands #ranchomirage #annenbergestate #modernism #quincyjones #cellophaneland #travelezine #travelblog #travelmagazine

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Egyptian artist Iman Issa's piece for @_desertx was installed in the public garden at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, CA. It was beyond conceptual and was basically a prop and a snippet of a script for a movie that she could see only in her head. The movie isn't real. The prop isn't real. The script isn't real. For many, including myself, it was inscrutable, but it grew on me and became one of my favorite pieces. It was titled "Surrogates, a film about things to be used, in order of appearance, by self or others, for touching upon larger, insidious, or different things." Her work is known to be difficult or impossible to understand, and this was no exception. Some people loved it, others didn't get it. It consisted of a number of components: a succulent and cactus garden, a granite block, a series of twisting pipes, and a plaque bearing a snippet from a movie script, describing the opening scene. She said that growing up she saw the Kuwait oil wells burning on TV all the time during the first Gulf War, which may give a little insight. The plaque doesn't help much, but it is fascinating to read: "Film Set Prop of a Refining Facility. Credits over an aerial shot of a desert scape interspersed with 1991 news footage of burning oil wells, an establishing shot of the refining facility, a low-angle close-up of colorful botanicals that transitions into a tracking shot of the surrounding landscape, a wide-angle shot of the roadside façade of the facility showing a passerby looking at it, a reverse shot of the back view, an extreme close-up of another man's face wearing head gear and glasses and staring into the distance, a tracking shot of the facility, and a long shot of the cloudless sky. Length of sequence is 2 mins, 36 secs, with diagetic sound of strong wind throughout. Other appearances of the facility in the film are partial, or with it in the background of other protagonists." What do you think? #imanissa #sunnylands #surrogates #inscrutable #desertx2019