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6 years since my first competition in the faculty. Yet, time flies so fast. Happiness, anger, and sadness have become one. Thank you for giving magnificent journey. Goodluck for the next year, I'm signing out #onelastdance #dekancupfkub2019


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Happy Easter everyone I hope you all have an amazing Easter sorry I haven’t been posting have be mostly busy. • • • • • Sorry I haven’t been posting guys I will be posting a lot from now on love u all!! 💘💘 #spacejam #dwaynewade #onelastdance #spacejam2 #nba #easter #nbaeaster #happyeaster

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Whats your's NBA final matchup? My Prediction for this year ❗❗ ROCKETS VS BUCKS in NBA Finals!!💯 Go and follow for more interesting NBA STUFF❗❗ @nbalocal

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| Your team becomes your family , the ball becomes your best friend , the court becomes your home , and the game becomes your life | #onelastdance ❤️


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💥 🏀mangui si SaMa bOp🔥💪🏼 #onelastdance

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[🎁 JEU CONCOURS 🎁] ◽ On ne pouvait pas laisser @dwyanewade partir sans lui rendre un dernier hommage... Alors on a lancer un D-WADE CHALLENGE avec l'équipe ; 🅱️ℹ️🅾️ ! 🔥 ◽ Et pour l'occasion les maestro @scuse_mycustom nous ont contocté une paire de l'espace ! ◾ Si toi aussi tu veux ta paire avec la personnalisation de ton choix c'est très simple ; ◽ 🔹 Follow @brisco_s3 & @scuse_mycustom 🔸 Mentionne 3 potes dans les commentaires 〰️ 🤞🏽 Bonne chance a tous ! #onelastdance #dwyanewade #miamiheat #miami #miamivice #miamibeach #miami🌴 #miamivicecity #vicecity #sneakers #sneakersaddict #airforce1 #customshoes #basketball #basket #basketballlovers #baller #ballislife #d-wade #dwade #flash #basketballneverstops #🏀

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Probably... For the one last time!!!!!.... We hope for many more to come.... I love you all.. Best people in the best town. #onelastdance

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Thank you for all the memories @dwyanewade it's been a hell of a ride these past 16 years man. Following you to Marquette and turning me into a heat fan for life. Sucks that it's time to say goodbye, there will never be another Flash ⚡⚡ #wadecounty #onelastdance #favoriteplayer #nba #basketball

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#dwyanewade retired stickers🔱 (2) for $3 free shipping! DM Me if you’re interested! 👍🏽

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Dwyane Wade retired on the same day Dirk Nowitzki did so in honour of Dwyane retiring, I made an edit of some of my favorite plays over his 16 year career! He has been one of my favorite players because he was creative, competitive but also he was one of those guys where he gets along with anyone and not create any drama on and off the court! He is an absolute legend in Miami and good luck in retirement!! DT: @dwyanewade @nba @miamiheat @chicagobulls @clevelandcavaliers @marquette.basketball #onelastdance #miami #heat #miamiheat #onelastdance🏀🔥 #🐐 #goat #dwyane #wade #dwyanewade #dwyanewadeedits #dwyanewadefans #dwyanewade3 #dwyanewadenation #nba #3 #marquette #marquetteuniversity #creative #oneofmyfavoritenbastars #labrinth #earthquake #labrinthearthquake

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典偉再見😭😭😭 Height / Weight [身高/體重]:181/㊙️ Player [球員]:dwade Team [球隊]: Miami Heat Brand [廠牌]:Nike Level / Size [等級/尺寸]:SW 48 Other[其他配件]: #onelastdance

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One week later, after the curtains of your illustrious 16-year career finally closed. After the last song of the One Last Dance playlist. A farewell message for one of my greatest heroes, @dwyanewade 137-137. WEST ball. 19 seconds left, when you stole the ball off Deron Williams. This is the oldest memory I have of you playing basketball, and it was at this moment that I started idolizing you. I was at 6th grade during this time, about to go to school for my afternoon class when I saw that sequence unfold, and watch you lift the All Star Game MVP trophy over your head minutes later. Right there is the start of a love that would span my whole lifetime. I wanted to copy you but I was never blessed with the same explosive athleticism from which your game heavily relied on, so all I could do was take bits off your style and try to make it my own, specially the "euro step". It was the first year of the Big 3 era when the simple admiration turned into full-on fandom. That first year was full of thrilling, frustrating, bittersweet memories. Finding out you lost that Finals left me in a dazed state, just staring off into space, losing appetite. Just broke my heart. But the bliss of the next two years overshadowed that first year. I followed you when you decided to play for the Windy City, and when you rejoined Lebron in Cleveland, and of course I followed you back to South Beach for the last 1 and half season of your career. Thank you for the 9 years worth of entertainment, frustration, happiness, anger. Thank you for the inspiration, the influence, it's because of you that I'll euro step everything, walls, cars, doors, and everybody, guys, girls, strangers, old people, dogs, I'll euro step a baby I don't care. Thank you for turning this once basketball hater, to a casual fan, and finally to a avid supporter. You'll end your career the same year I'm about to finish school, we'll both close a big chapter of our life and start a new one, is that destiny? I think so. I'll end this the same way Eric Reid sent you off one last time because he said it best "'Thank you' doesn't seem strong enough, how 'bout we love you and we'll never forget you". #OneLastDance #L3GACY