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“We had so many dreams together. Their hearts were so kind. We had plans to publish magazines for Muslim women,” 27-year-old Miriam described two of her most trusted female friends. They were well-off and intelligent advocates of women empowerment according to her. . Both of her friends helped Maute-ISIS in the Marawi Siege of 2017. One never came back. She has since distanced herself from the one who is still alive. . The second part of my series Seeds of Insurgency is now published on @rappler. The piece follows Filipino Muslims and details the thought process, and motivations why some youth in Southern Philippines take the path of insurgency. Link on bio. #everydayphilippines #everydayeverywhere #worldpressphoto #everydayasia #nativephoto #reportagespotlight #islam #insurgency #onassignment #everydayasia #sonya7iii #sonyalpha @sonyphinc #isis #islamicstate


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Raided the back issues shelf at the @austtraveller and @internationaltraveller offices today to gather my work clippings... I stand by every word! Love my #scrubbawashbag. #astw #lmbdw #traveltips

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Young children from a remote village in Chitral at a Basic Education Community School, an informal education center in District Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Photo by @saiynabashirphoto #documentaryphotography #onassignment #education #basiceducation #chitral #children #pakistan #unicef #foreverychild #villagelife


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Brazilian marine biologist student Isabela Cardoso, 21, swims like a mermaid at Rio de Janeiro Aquarium (AquaRio) to call attention to the dangers of ocean pollution in marine life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on January 14, 2019. Texto e fotos (Mauro PIMENTEL / AFP) Crianças e adultos com celulares posicionados. Cliques e gritos acompanham cada mergulho da estudante de biologia marinha Isabela Cardoso, 21 anos, no tanque principal do Aquário do Rio de Janeiro (AquaRio), na zona portuária da cidade. Em todas as vinte quatro vezes que Isabela mergulha com sua cauda rosa e azul, todos os olhares e a atenção do público se voltam para a mensagem trazida pela sereia carioca: o lixo é o grande vilão dos mares. A brincadeira de criança de se manter o máximo possível de tempo debaixo d’água virou profissão desde 2017 nos tanques do Aquário do Rio de Janeiro. Mas essa sereia está sempre chamando atenção do público para as ameaças à vida marinha. O lixo, especialmente o plástico, é lembrado em cartazes que a sereia carrega consigo nas duas sessões diárias de mergulhos realizados na época de maior público para conscientizar crianças e adultos sobre como o lixo afeta os mares. "A vida veio do mar então porque não tratar e cuidar dos oceanos? Uso a imagem da sereia para chamar atenção de como a poluição mata e se não fizermos nada, toda essa vasta diversidade marinha acabará", explica Isabela. A ideia de utilizar a figura da sereia foi escolhida com precaução pela equipe do AquaRio. "Não queríamos que fosse um show com mergulhadoras vestidas de sereia mandando beijos e nenhuma informação fosse passada ao público", conta Paulo Salomão, 35 anos, Biólogo Educador do AquaRio. "Apesar do vasto litoral, o problema que o lixo causa nos mares é pouco conhecido", explica Salomão. "Somos uma ferramenta da educação e pesquisa e com essa posição precisamos sensibilizar e conscientizar os visitantes sobre os maiores problemas que os mares enfrentam. O lixo é o maior dos problemas. Queremos mostrar que o problema existe e que precisamos ajudar", acrescenta. @afpphoto #agencefrancepresse #photojournalism #storytelling #mermaid #sereia #aquario #onassignment

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Great modern architecture in an old building in the Biblioteca Hertziana in Rome. #nationalgeographic #styleguide #rome #onassignment

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The Conservation Center at the Grand Egyptian Museum, where more than 38,000 pieces of artifacts have undergrone restoration and conservation. A little late to share. My images in the @financialtimes with @hebamks on Egypt’s efforts to bolster tourism with the Grand Egyptian Museum. Link in profile #photojournalism #onassignment #cairo #egypt #museum

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(4/4) In early December, I travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas in India to meet with a group of women whose lives changed as a result of a knitting circle - upending patriarchal norms. The Ranikhet knitting circle has led to multigenerational change. At the session, with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, the knitters discuss the gender of babies. In India, a central factor in femicide is the cost burden associated with daughters when it comes to dowries and marriage. "There is little difference between sons and daughters today, with both contributing equally in everything, including earning money," said knitter Deepa Bhatt. Tongue in cheek, Neeru Srivastava added: "I have a son, but sometimes I feel it would have been better had I had a daughter." A day later, Pandey reflected on her abusive and confusing upbringing. Through tears, she said: "I am now able to talk with my daughter openly about everything, which mothers were not able to in my generation." #india #himalayas #asia #women #knitting #feminism #onassignment

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(3/4) In early December, I travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas in India to meet with a group of women whose lives changed as a result of a knitting circle - upending patriarchal norms. In Ranikhet, though, female leadership is challenging patriarchy. Gudiya Khan became a widow and single mother after her husband died from a brain haemorrhage resulting from alcohol abuse. Twenty kilometres away, in a region where alcoholism is common among men, a used rum bottle sits on the bedside table of knitter Mamta Pandey, inside it, a clipping from a green-leafed plant struggles to grow. Gudiya Khan and Pandey are two knitting circle members who became breadwinners for their families and are financially independent. The group is independent of any organisation or NGO and sales are largely by word-of-mouth. "Knitting has completely changed my life, said Gudiya Khan as she works on an oatmeal-coloured cushion cover. "Research shows that women spend 90 percent of what they earn on the health and education of her children and within her family. So thereby, they not only contribute to the betterment of their families but in turn contribute to the development of communities and society at large and generations to come," said Suhela Khan of the UN programme. #india #asia #himalayas #knitting #feminism #women #onassignment

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(2/4) In early December, I travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas in India to meet with a group of women whose lives changed as a result of a knitting circle - upending patriarchal norms. As knitting needles flash between fingers, the women waste no time talking up a frenzy, interrupting each other and occasionally drowning out the chatter with laughter. When the language changes from Hindi to local Garhwali, the topic becomes more serious. Conversations address taboo subjects, from birth control and alcoholism to sex and domestic violence. “I have talked about things with these women that I have never told anyone before," said knitter Gudiya Khan. "We wait the whole week for Wednesday to come so that we can meet everyone and share our experiences, our ups and downs in life." At home, she sits with old family photos strewn across her bed. One shows her wedding day. Her grandmother's hand rests on her blue veil before turmeric was applied to her forehead in a traditional ritual. Married at 16 to a cousin twice her age, her life changed forever within months. As her alcoholic husband became increasingly abusive, his addiction pushed them deeper into poverty. Within a year, she gave birth to a baby boy in a nearby village home, underage and therefore unable to go to a government hospital. Her health, her pain and her fears were forfeited to protect her husband. The Uttarakhand State Commission for Women reports that one in two women are victims of domestic violence. #india #asia #feminism #journalism #women #knitting #onassignment

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(1/4) In early December, I travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas in India to meet with a group of women whose lives changed as a result of a knitting circle - upending patriarchal norms. In Ranikhet, a northern mountain village, women knit in a group, talk taboos and strive towards financial independence. Since forming five years ago, 14 women now meet every Wednesday morning in Srikanth's home and knit perfectly - a feat achieved through months of training. For the founder, Mala Srikanth, it is not enough to knit an item that will be sold with pity by an NGO, if at all - you knit to the highest standards, standards that she believes every woman should hold themselves to in their daily life as well. #india #himalayas #knitting #feminism #society #culture #women #asia #journalism #onassignment

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A man cycles on a Village Road in Odisha. . . On assignment in Odisha covering the fight to eradicate Malaria. #malarianomore #odisha #onassignment #ngo #documentary #bicycle #indiavillage #villagelife