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"Currently pregnant with my chemo baby. Coming up on treatment 7 and going on 31 weeks. Diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at 18 weeks." - -Hannah Marie Davis #hopefortwo #pregnantwithcancer #cancer #chemo #chemobaby #chemowarrior #lifeaftercancer #lymphoma #hodgkinslymphoma #warriorwoman

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FRUIT DURING ADOLESCENCE MAY LOWER BREAST CANCER RISK 🍇Women who ate more #fruit in their #adolescent years had a lower risk of #breastcancer later on, according to research. Attempting to prove causal relationships between #food and #cancer has always been difficult, and most studies on the matter have been conflicting. However, this is the first to examine more convincingly that what people ate when they’re younger can affect their #health later in life. Interestingly, it was a greater consumption of apples, bananas, and grapes during adolescence (as well as oranges and kale during early adulthood) that was linked to a lower breast cancer risk. Drinking fruit #juice, meanwhile, didn’t appear to have any association. ' Time and time again the data shows that there’s something to starting out life with a healthy diet,” #TheWombEffect


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A anemia ferropriva geralmente ocorre por deficiência de ferro na ingestão, porém pode ocorrer por perda crônica de sangue ou por defeitos de absorção. Nas mulheres, a principal causa de anemia ferropriva é a menstruação excessiva. Nos homens adultos o tubo digestivo deve ser sempre investigado. Os sintomas incluem cansaço, sonolência, fraqueza, unhas fracas, queda de cabelos, falta de apetite, palidez da pele e das mucosas. E o diagnóstico pode ser obtido por avaliação clínica e exames como o hemograma e perfil de ferro. Para o tratamento podem ser recomendadas dietas alimentares mais ricas em ferro, medicamentos e suplementos de ferro de uso oral ou, nos casos mais graves, aplicação de ferro por via endovenosa. É muito importante fazer o tratamento correto da doença, porque se ela não é controlada pode resultar em problemas no coração causado pela insuficiência de oxigenação no músculo cardíaco. Fonte:http://bvsms.saude.gov.br ⠀ ⠀ #hematologia #centrodehematologiadovale #transplantedemedula #medulaossea #transplantesautólogos #medicina #criopreservacao #cancer #saude #transplantedecelulastronco #tratamentooncologico

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. ✅پایان اولین نمایشگاه خیریه 🎨نقاشی انجمن هامین🌷 ممنون از حضور همگی❤️ . 🔹شما عزیزان می توانید #گزارش_مالی نمایشگاه نقاشی را در کانال تلگرام انجمن مشاهده نمایید. 🌷 #هامین حامی کودکان مبتلا به سرطان و بیماری های سخت درمان خون استان لرستان 🎗 @hamincharity 🎗 #cancer #childcancer #ngo #charity #khorramabad #lorestan #موسسه_هامین #استان_لرستان #لرستان #خرم_آباد #خیریه_هامین #انجمن_هامین #هامین #خیریه #کمک_به_کودکان_مبتلا_به_سرطان_هامین #انجمن_خیریه_هامین #کودکان_مبتلا_به_سرطان #سرطان #کودکان #کودک

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June 24th, 2019 — Nebulous vibes saturate the energetic environment throughout the beginning of the day! Moon trine Mars today creates the perfect environment for forwarding movement and action taking. We can be guided by intuition and instinct very organically. Neptune square Jupiter has been active since April 27th, 2019 and today is extra activated by the Venus square to Neptune at 2:02 am PT— These squares are making it possible for our dreams to come to life! With making the proper adjustments in our faith and belief in our highest vision, we align our internal energy with what it needs to be in order for the external version to manifest. Values are the foundation of which our life is created and built from, it is now that our values can shift and become more spiritually aligned with our life's purpose. The Moon enters into energetic Aries tonight and we are filled with a renewed burst of enthusiasm and initiative. Tomorrow we have a last quarter Moon phase, telling that we are at a halfway point between the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the New Moon Solar Eclipse approaching in Cancer on the 2nd of July! Be ready to shift gears when you feel the instinct to do so. Mercury is in its shadow in Cancer, we are going back and revisiting memories, buried thoughts and emotions for the purpose of allowing greater overall clarity. If memories arise, along with strong emotion, your inner being wants you to deepen your connection to your own unconscious. We hold within us all the emotions we've ever felt, all the experiences we've ever had... This #mercuryretrograde will offer us a renewed emotional state of being. Let the darkness come to light. Let it be, let it flow. 🌊

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I paired this ice sculpture with this wall mural #Villain #CosmicNights #Cancer #cancerseason♋️