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Sınırları zorlamayı sevenlerin koleksiyonu #ProjectRock en yeni ürünleriyle tüm mağazalarda ve online'da! 💪 #bendtheboundaries


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Reposted from @therock - On 3/21 my NEW #ProjectRock @underarmour training gear #BendBoundariesCollection is coming in hot🔥 “Dwayne Johnson Training” is @underarmour’s 1 SELLER because it’s rooted in a philosophy that’s not about wins or loses — it’s about life and the consistent hard work we have to put in daily to make our lives as great as they can possibly be. Life and living greatly. Oh and don’t skip leg day — chicken legs🦵🏾🐓😉ain’t sexy. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #DwayneJohnsonTraining #BendBoundariesCollection Drops MARCH 21st. 📸 @perbernalphoto - #regrann

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Who else smiles while doing chin ups. Me apparently. Need to catch up to @theebaan_g One arm chin up hahaha. . FYI the new Project Rock #BendBoundariesCollection with @underarmourmy just dropped today at stores or online!! Thank you @nadia.riar for the video and @shadesouza for the encouragement off cam. 😘 . #ProjectRock #BuildTheBelief #ChinUps #HardestWorker #UnderArmourMy #TeamUA #KoafitnessMY #LilowFitness

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Train harder, shatter expectations, and push past your limits in @therock x @underarmour's new @ProjectRock collection. It's time to #BendBoundaries. Link in bio 👊🏼 #ProjectRock


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Summon all of your mental and physical strength. @therock is taking us to a place we've never been before. We're going beyond yesterday's goals and forging tomorrow's vision of success. Push your body and mind to achieve more in the #ProjectRock #BendBoundaries Collection. Now available in all Brand House stores. #WEWILL

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Beschwöre alle deine mentalen und physischen Kräfte. @therock bringt uns an einen Ort, an dem wir noch nie zuvor waren. Wir wachsen über die Ziele von gestern hinaus und entwickeln die Erfolgsvision von morgen neu. Treibe deinen Körper und Geist an, um in der #ProjectRock #BendBoundaries Kollektion mehr zu erreichen. Jetzt shoppen via Link in Bio! #WEWILL

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4weeks2shred.. DAY 18.. LEGS.. This week, and throughout the next 4 weeks, I will be doing DTPxtreme dropsets and rest/pause sets. Today with each exercise, you do 1 set of 10 repetitions for the first set. For the second set, you do 1 set of 10 repetitions, rest for 10 seconds, drop the weight, and immediately do 10 more reps. For the third and final set, do 1 set of 10 reps, rest for 10 seconds, drop the weight and do 20 more reps, then rest for 20 seconds and do 10 more reps with the same weight. (Rest/pause) ***Up first, Leg extensions..10, 10/10, 10/20/10 reps. Then High Leg press (feet are placed higher to target hamstrings more, will be considerably lighter than conventional leg press), reps are the same here. Third are Lying leg curls, reps again are 10, 10/10, 10/20/10. Finish with Leg press (conventional, lower and wider foot placement) reps go 10, 10/10, 10/20/10. SHATTERED. #4weeks2shred #krisgethin #kagedmuscle #innergyfitness #MBT2 #MBT #musclebuildingtrainer2 #projectrock #TeamBringIt #4W2S #MaximumEffort #chasegreatness #kagedmusclesupps #bloodsweatrespect #8weekhardcoretrainer #hardcoretrainer2 #hctreboot #legday #transformation #primetransformations #fitness #neverfull #personaltrainer #fit #gym #gymlife #Weights #WeightTraining @krisgethin @kagedmusclesupps @therock @innergyfit @projectfocusofficial @projectrock_fans @projectrockua @underarmour

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I've been drooling over @therock & @lindseyvonn new @underarmour like just released. Going to be a bit before I can get this shirt, but it's on my wish list for sure! #therock #projectrock #lindseyvonn #rentsdue #motivation #tanktop #underarmour #myfavoritecolor #awwyess #wishlist

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Back pull up💪🏼✊🏻

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#Repost @therock (@get_repost) ・・・ This THURSDAY! DO NOT GO GENTLE with Bulls & Bars. The hype is real for my new #ProjectRock @underarmour #BendBoundariesCollection drop. The solid ➖ represents the spirit of one of my favorite poems, DO NOT GO GENTLE, from Dylan Thomas. It’s my DNA and what binds us all together - we get knocked down, get back up, get our ass kicked or we’re handing out the ass kicking. Either way - we do not go gentle, into that good night. Have a productive week and enjoy the new training gear. #BendBoundariesCollection DROPS THIS THURSDAY

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Es el momento de hacer una repetición más, de aumentar la carga y avanzar sin mirar atrás. La nueva colección #ProjectRock está aquí y @TheRock lo trae para ti #BendBoundaries

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Today is a bbbbbbbig day!!! The NEW COLLECTION OF PROJECT ROCK HAVE ALREADY DROPPED. Big day, big action. #underarmour #projectrock FOREVER ROCK @therock @underarmour