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We almost lost the black-footed ferret – this endangered species nearly went extinct in the late 1980s due to disease and habitat loss. Existing populations are the success of captive breeding programs and massive efforts to reintroduce this species back to its native habitat. Our world is such a colourful place: let's keep it that way! #SaveTogether #PhotoArk #steiff #knopfimohr @natgeodeutschland @insidenatgeo

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You may not be able to tell from this photo, but the white sturgeon is North America's largest fish. To date, the largest on record was caught in 1898 and weighed approximately 1,500 pounds! Vintage photographs reveal fish so large that, once caught, horses were needed to pull them from the water. In the late 1800s, commercial fisheries began to target this species to meet the demand for caviar (sturgeon eggs) and smoked sturgeon. These fisheries grew so rapidly that they collapsed towards the end of the 1800s due to over-fishing. The population began to rebound in the early 1900s when California banned commercial and sport fishing of white sturgeon. In recent years management of fisheries has also improved – environmentally safe farms now raise white sturgeon for fillets and caviar, helping to ensure populations in the wild remain. Photo taken at the University of California, Davis. #sturgeon #fish #california #fisheries #whitesturgeon #photoark #savetogether

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#내셔널지오그래픽전 #photoark #경향아트힐 동생이랑 오전시간 이용해 다녀온 전시회. 단지 동물들 사진에 불과한데 나도 모르게 사진 속 그들과 눈을 마주치고 한참 서있었다. #한번쯤봐도좋을전시회


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Today I visited a Photography exibition in Mexico City, called Photo Ark. It is the life work of Joel Sartore, a national geographic photographer who dedicates himself to taking pictures of endangered species around the world. Being there brought me back a few years when I was a student of biology and nature conservation and all I wanted was protect those animals. I left to travel, to see the forests, to swim in the coral reefs instead of just reading about them and I learned that as long as there is money in the game, science will never be able to make a change. But how can WE make the change? I am convinced that every single one of us needs to take action. But seeing theses pictures of animals who inhabit areas so far away from our homes we all ask ourselves what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to do anything? Joel’s message is very clear - we all need to protect theses animals together. I believe that our daily actions are what matters. We need to learn to stop and consider the choices we make. Let us have a closer look at the products we buy, avoid consuming ressources from the other side of the world, consume less in general, support local small businesses, instead of huge cooperations. Let us take our cotton bags to the market, let us buy what has less plastic wrapped around it and simply stop buying things that end up as garbage after a short moment of endulgence. Let us be mindful, where we invest our money and spend less in general! Let us stop being consumers and put our energy towards what really matters. Let us be conscious about what we eat, let us be vegetarian. Let us try to connect with this earth, with the gifts she gives us and protect our home and theirs by learning to be mindful and attentive on our everyday choices. We need to learn to pause and reflect before acting and to learn to be mindful. A magical way to learn this is through Yoga. Regular practice helps us to be flexible in our mind, to evolve our mind. It teaches us to change perspectives, to observe ourselves and be alert and attentive. Let us develop our state of mind to be good citizens of this world. #salvarjuntos #photoark #natgeo #mindfulness #evolution #yoga

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@joelsartore with @get_repost ・・・ Scarab beetles, like this emerald beetle from Kenya, play an important role as decomposers in many natural communities. Both the colorful, hard-coated adult beetles and their larvae feed on and break down plant matter. This action helps to create soil which contains all of the nutrients plants need to grow! To encourage beetles to visit your yard, try keeping a log or pile of dead wood present in your garden. Photo taken @cincinnatizoo. #beetle #emeraldbeetle #decomposer #colorful #jewel #photoark #savetogether

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"A diversidade da vida na Terra não é apenas maravilhosa. É essencial à nossa sobrevivência", alerta Joel Sartore, fotógrafo da National Geographic. Quando salvamos espécies, quando cuidamos dos nossos habitats, estamos na realidade a salvar-nos a nós próprios. Nem que seja por este pensamento egocêntrico e egoísta é preciso acordar para o que passa à nossa volta #nationalgeographic #photoark #joelsartore #savetogether #salvarjuntos #wildlife

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Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker 1849). Least concern based IUCN. Also called 'Silver barb or Javan barb'. In my research site, this fish named 'Putihan' by locals. Translated 'White' from javanese. As before, locals are distinguished species in Genus Barbonymus based on color. For this species, white and silverish color are easy to distinguished. And for any students on fisheries major in Southeast asia, if you never meet this fish... You are not worthy. #fish #fisheries #perikanan #kkp #biodiversity #pesca #fishing #ikan #mancing #diversity #biology #conservation #iucn #ichthyology #taxonomy #photoark

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A project for my #adobeillustrator class based on an image from the #photoark I fell in love with this little ocelot! . . . . . . . . #illustrator #learning #communitycollegeofaurora @joelsartore

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Couple years ago now on this day stumbled upon @natgeo photographer @joelsartore celebrating his work with the #photoark in #timessquare Amazing work Sir! Certainly a @starship_joe_productions dream endeavor someday! 😍📸🎥🐅🦍🐘🦛🦏🦒🦋🦅🦈