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Practically anyone who knows me has heard the words "snow," "penguins" and LinkedIn from me at one point or another. Therefore, I often get asked about LinkedIn matketing, which leads to really fun conversations, because after all, it's a great topic. So I decided to film a video about it. Specifically, I wanted to talk about your profile and how to get better results with it. Hint: It's about understanding both your goals and the ideal reader of your profile. Check out the link in my bio (or search "Ayelet Weisz LinkedIn Profile" on YouTube) to learn practical ways to do that - and what to do if you have more than one ideal audience - so you can get your profile to actually drives business and career results. Bonus: You will see part of my favorite glacier in the world, #PeritoMoreno from Argentina, behind me :):) . . . . . . . . . #linkedinprofile #linkedinmarketing #linkedin #b2bmarketing #b2bmarketers #b2bwriter #audiencefirst #customercentric #femalebusinessowner #personalbrand #careergrowth #createyourdreamlife #dreamitliveit

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🌟 Huge congratulations and major respect to @therock on this incredible cover and being named one of @Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019! 🌟@Gal_Gadot captured his essence perfectly in her article. And she’s right, "There is no one in Hollywood quite like the rock." In fact, there is no one quite like him in the world 🌎 nor will there ever be again. ⚡️⚡️ Everything you read, see and inherently know about him being an incredible, kind and authentic person is wholeheartedly true, and then some. 💥 He opens up to the world and shares his soul & mana with every person he meets and every one of his fans that he entertains. Dwayne is a rare jewel of extraordinary talent, crafted by his own hard work, combined with an authentic spirit.💫 He has had a tough path in life, yet he has accomplished everything with a huge, megawatt smile and a large dose of humility. (And hey, maybe a few sips of tequila along the way.) 😉🥃 Thank you DJ for your infectious positivity and warmth; and, for so generously inspiring others to fight endlessly for their dreams. 🙌🏻 Hats off to you for this awesome achievement brother DJ. FPC proudly raises a glass to you! 🥂 #Time100 #AudienceFirst #AsDJAlwaysSays #ItsNiceToBeImportantButItsImportantToBeNice #WhatABrilliantTeam @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @bslater9


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From 1955 to 1995 Dieter Rams oversaw the design of over 500 products for Braun, and furniture for Vitsoe. These are his ‘Ten Principles’ of good design. Good design is: ✖️innovative ✖️make a product useful ✖️aesthetic ✖️make a product understandable ✖️unobtrusive ✖️honest ✖️long lasting ✖️thorough to the last detail ✖️environmentally friendly ✖️as little design as possible ~ When I’m looking at rejigging or redesigning a website for clients, I really hold with keeping things simple. It can be hard knowing what to prioritise, but that’s why I always start with understanding your audience, because if you put their needs first, you’ll be on your way. I’m as guilty as the next business of thinking “I want to say this” or “I need to sell that”, so you’ve got to step back sometimes. Start with the minimum your user *needs* - be useful, be understandable, be honest - and yes, this is Instagram after all, you’re welcome to be aesthetically pleasing 😉 . . . #websitedesign #webdesigns #smallbusinesstips #smallbiztips #smallbizowners #digitalstrategy #digitalmarketing #userinterfacedesign #uidesign #userexperience #uxdesign #userfirst #audiencefirst #customerfirst #clientfirst #userneeds

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I got my official logo!! Not a paid promotion, @wix provided such an amazing program to create your personal logo! I am in love with the results and can’t wait to upload to the rest of my sites. It’s been a learning experience and it still is. I still have a long way to go; I’m really excited to see my progress. #selfinvestment #myonlinebusiness #wixwebsite #selfcarelove #discoveryourself #logodesignbeginner #mybusinessmyway #entrepreneurmind #takerisksandprosper #newbusinessventure #workinprocess #audiencefirst #createyourhappiness #tryeveryday

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Just started my website!!! I am so excited. I am working on a self-development website! I am using @wix to build my site! I have my introduction up, there will be more to come!! #selfinvestment #myownwebsite #onlinebusiness #audiencefirst #buildmylife #takerisksinlife #selfimprove #growth #businessgrowth


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Great advice from @kikislacksoprano Repost from @kikislacksoprano - When planning a recital/concert I always think about my audience! When I am in charge of planning repertoire I always chose based on who I am singing for, what I believe they may enjoy hearing, what I love ❤AND often times what they might not expect to love! When I enjoy it they enjoy it! #Opera is my #Firstlove I will always be madly in love with the artform that changed my life but art song my passion. The connection to the audience and connection to your pianist/collaborator is indescribable! AND YOU GET TO WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT.😘💜💜💜! 🤣 #laSlacksoprano #vessel #audiencefirst #Artist #Freedom #Artsong #concerthall #International #Happiness #operasingersofinstagram #blackclassicalcomposers #blackwomeninopera

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When planning a recital/concert I always think about my audience! When I am in charge of planning repertoire I always chose based on who I am singing for, what I believe they may enjoy hearing, what I love ❤AND often times what they might not expect to love! When I enjoy it they enjoy it! #Opera is my #Firstlove I will always be madly in love with the artform that changed my life but art song my passion. The connection to the audience and connection to your pianist/collaborator is indescribable! AND YOU GET TO WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT.😘💜💜💜! 🤣 #laSlacksoprano #vessel #audiencefirst #Artist #Freedom #Artsong #concerthall #International #Happiness #operasingersofinstagram

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Creating magic moments on stage! I want my audience to follow me into a world full of mystery and surprises 🖤🔥🖤 Stay calm & rock the stage! . 📸 Thank you Dirk Klos for always catching the right moment! . . . #sharadez #bellybizarr #fantasyfusion #bellydance #allgäu #bauchtanzallgäu #tribalfusion #dance #fusiondance #staycalm #berufung #rockthestage #happyme #schwarzlicht #uvlight @amf_korsets #dancingmom #allgäuerzeitung #kempten #verzaubert #magicmoments #audiencefirst #lichtzauber #bavariantribalstyle #bellydancer #artistoninstagram

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Don't only see the numbers. . But see your follower as true fans. . This is a notion I've learned from @danlok . Telling that you shouldn't see your followers as followers, . Yet as true fans. . And there is a big difference between the two terms. . When you consider your followers as true fans, . you give them more value, you take care of them, talk with them, . give content they like, etc... . The more you are dedicated to every person of your community, . the more people will follow you. Period.

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The key is to satisfy the end consumer. . Make it literally fall in love with what you are showing. . Is I say, Audience first! . Yet there is a principle that is important to understand. . But what is it? . Simple, yet a lot of people seems to forget it sometimes. . You have to like what you are putting out. Don't get me wrong on that. . However, don't forget that it should benefit the viewer. . If he does not like it, that may be one of the reasons you struggle t get engagement. . Yet I want to warn you about something there. . Yes, you should satisfy the end consumer, but you have to like it too. . Don't put out stuff you don't like or trust. . Because often times, when you do that, you lose interest in this. . To find the right balance between what you, and your audience like. . This is really key to your success!

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Pivot to an audience-first marketing strategy and put your customer first EVERY time. (📷: @mongequentin)⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #toastmediagroup #digitalmarketing #audiencefirst #socialmediatips #smallbiz #startuplife

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Here’s our two cents on stock images. 🤷🏻‍♀️ When it comes to stock images for your communication material, the last thing you want to use is that cliché posed office setting image with their inanely white teeth. That’s LAME, and believe me, your audience thinks so too. So, the next time you find yourself scrolling through hundreds of stock images, put yourself in your audiences shoes. It’s really important to choose the right one when you’re communicating because if your audience doesn’t relate to it, you can bet they won’t bother with the rest either. 📷 Our rule is that images should be used to evoke an emotion, to make people familiarise themselves with what you’re communicating. Think about how a nice mountain view or beach sunrise image makes you feel (we’re big on landscape images), the ambience creates a feeling of adventure and comfort. So, the next time you decide to use a stock image, think about what emotion you want to evoke in your audience. #communications #canberra #stockimages #marketing #audiencefirst

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A lot of businesses don't realize that they are not only building leads by having an audience, but they are creating a community of loyal customers 🌎🤝 . . There are always those first fans that have been there for you since the beginning and continue to come back. For WINGS, these are the ones that stop by every Wednesday or Sunday; the ones that make an effort to participate in online contests, come in for WINGS hosted events, and spend their birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions at their restaurant. They understand the importance of community and want to show their trusted customers how much they appreciate their loyalty. What better way to say, "Thank you for all your support over the years" than a VIP Card? 🥇💳 . . Take a second to think - how are you showing your gratitude towards your customers?

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👥 О целевой аудитории (english below)⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 😤 Так как меня с Евой отправили на соревнования на два часа раньше установленного графика выступлений, у меня появилось время для написание основной части этого поста⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 👥 На мой скромный взгляд адекватная русскоязычная аудитория в инстаграме по-прежнему на вес золота (легкий реверанс моим подписчикам 👑😁). Чего только стоит недавняя истерия с массовыми репостами геледвагена в подарок 😭 Или мамы в декрете зарабатывающие сидя на диване на уровне менеджеров среднего звена корпораций 📈 Ничего не меняется - жажда наживы и халявы в нашей стране живее всех живых. Только вместо телевизора и МММ теперь инстраграм эфиры и голые биткоин короли, психологи женского счастья, специалисты по типированию внешности, фигуры и дизайна человека итп. Шаблоны везде - это как универсальное лекарство от депрессии 💊 Я не против шаблонов и ориентиров, но я против перегибов, что у нас встречается сплошь и рядом. Люди готовы пересмотреть все свои 30-40 лет жизни основываясь на совете АБСОЛЮТНО ПОСТОРОННЕГО ЧЕЛОВЕКА, потому что она "мягкий гамин", а он как оказалось "манифестирующий генератор"😳 Все проще - всё от неуверенности. Люди просто всячески пытаются переложить ответственность за свой выбор на других 📢⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🚀Поэтому моя целевая аудитория - это самодостаточные люди. Люди, которые способны не только понять, что я пытаюсь до них донести, но и дополнить, поспорить, не согласиться и аргументировать. От сюда потребность в англоязычной аудитории - чисто количественно это потенциальная аудитория в разы больше. От сюда шанс выйти на самодостаточных подписчиков значительно выше.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌍 Greetings my friends! I'm really glad that I've added English part in my posts because now I am receiving many messages in direct with interesting questions from my English-speaking followers. In this post I mostly speak about weakness of Russian part of Instagram in content and deficit of self-sufficient people. But I don’t give up and hope to find critical thinking followers from around the world.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🥉 Ева заняла бронзу в личном первенстве 😊

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Happy April Fools' Day! When it comes to engaging your audience, this celebration is no joke. Instead, it's an opportunity to make your brand memorable and connect to the national conversation. How's your company showing its playful side today? Comment below! ⬇️ . . . #aprilfools #aprilfoolsday #aprilfoolsday2019 #contentmarketing #brandstrategy #businesssolutions #creativebusiness #buildengagement #audiencefirst #contentmarketingtips #leadership #agencylife #creativeminds

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I would like to share on instagram that I am making myself a to start monday morning right #coffeemonday #goodmorning #audiencechoice #audiencereactions #audiencefirst

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Celebrating 41st Anniversary TVM.. Nice to meet colleagues I worked then and now ... Missed some great people who served tvm in the past ... Thankyou President Solih for gracing the occasion #tvm #psm #anniversarycelebrations❤️ #colleagues #wasfun #publicservicemedia #audiencefirst

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Good thing I have long arms 🤳🏾 to get the entire crowd in one shot. Such a flattering angle shooting directly up my shnoz👃🏾 #Surprise #AudienceFirst @hhgarcia41 📸

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In this week's episode I talk to Steve McGarry who shares the importance of the "audience first" approach in crypto along with some tips on how to get your first 1000 followers for anything you are trying to market! #audiencefirst #crypto #AC3 #growyourbase http://bit.ly/2UIo8It