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People don’t care about your product or your team or your experience or how long you’ve been on this app. . They care about their problems. They care about their needs. . They don’t follow you to add to your audience size or help your engagement. They aren’t worried about your analytics. Your audience doesn’t lose sleep over your Impressions or Stories views. . They need solutions and ideas to help and benefit THEIR lives. You may think it’s about YOU because your face (or product) is all over the account. Except it’s still about THEM—your audience. . Do you have a customer avatar defined? Have you figured out who that target audience is? What are their needs? How are you helping find solutions to their problems? Why should they care? . Know WHO your audience is, understand how to benefit them, and you will get more followers. . (And for members of The Big Social Table—our private group that is currently free to those who purchased the Best Instagram Guide—we are going to discuss how tomorrow on our LIVE web chat! 🙌)

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this video I posted who wants to stay motivated is to look up to me I want all of the people I know would like to see this motivating video that is why I have posted it for everyone to see that I am motivating my audience all over the world . . . . #motivation #success #mindset #gratitude #motivator #audiencefirst


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B2B & B2C content marketing: what's buzzing in one industry doesn't always translate in the other. Check out our list of dos and don'ts to keep your content audience-first. Link in bio! . . . #b2b #b2c #audiencefirst #socialmediastrategy #contentmarketingtips #customerexperience #sayyestosuccess #branding #businesssolutions #businessstrategy #SEO

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******************************************* He saw on insta, Found out what time i am in Shivamogga, Made sure he was in time, Got me this gift , Stayed till the end, Met me and left. I don't know how he felt but it made me humble 😃 Thank you @vishal_1205 ******************************************* #loveandaffection #audiencefirst #humbled #instapic #instamoment

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Check out the new lights in the house! We are so excited to be updating some of the lighting in our historic facility! #ourhouse #seeyouatthetheatre #community #lightsup #audiencefirst

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Act like a lady, work like a boss #bosslady @feeljeni Gucci bag @thepoloavenue


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When it comes to marketing funnel, it's really just 3 core factors you need to grasp... There are a lot of people focus on the tactical side of it, such as: "Create 10 different ads and point them to a landing page" "Remarket to your cold audience to warm them up" "Do personalised email at different stages to increase conversion" While these are solid advises, but they are highly situational and dependant on your knowledge - is it broad enough to apply across your own business. So instead of going tactical, I want to provide a simple overview that can serve as your compass when it comes to crafting marketing funnels. It's all about: How do you acquire your prospects How do you convert them into your customers How do you retain them over time In business objectives, it means: Acquiring lead Converting lead into buyers Getting them to buy more than once Now that you have an overview of how it works, you will be able to slice it down to specific marketing activities based on different objectives above. Focus on getting the system right and you will reap enormous result.

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Hi Everyone please check out my singing because I am enjoying it for other people around the world 🌍 must see #1 in the charts of my songs who I dreamed about being on X Factor but that did not work out and now my focus is on photography is the part of me I do not want to do anything else but photography #motivationmonday #audiencefirst #entertain #innovate #1actor

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Maybe you're uncertain what we mean by Audience Business? This post should clarify it for you. . . Tag a friend👇🏼🤓 Follow @portharcourtbusinesshub . . . . Credit @yourmarketingmentor

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I met many people this week and many times they asked this: "How do you create a marketing campaign?" "Where to start?" "How to do it on social media?" Just like every veteran would advise, the very first step is to #definetheproblem for your audience. Once you understood their problem clearly, start defining your #offer. What can you do to solve their problem? What is your solution that can make their lives better? Before you rush into creating a calendar, do a quick #checklist on the channels you currently own. This will help you to clear your mind on thinking "what channels I have ah" on later stage. Now that you have your checklist (think of it like a restaurant menu) ready, start #picking the marketing channels that you want to use. The key idea here is to really define the objective of each channel. For example, I would have a landing page which houses everything, then my email and social media should divert the traffic here. The mechanism is simple, the challenge here lies in your channel execution and is it engaging for your audience (i.e. social media) and does it fit the objective (i.e. diverting traffic) The very last step is to put things into #timeline. When you put a timeframe around the overall idea, you will get a clearer sense of idea on how each channel can work. For example, I can do a 3 days social media pre-teaser before the launch, and a small rectangular banner for my email a week before. Just 5 simple steps for campaign: 1. Define your audience's problem 2. Craft your offer (make sure it's relevant) 3. Do a checklist of your marketing channels 4. Pick the channels from your checklist 5. Put the channels into timeline Creating campaign isn't tough, the tough part is to have an ENGAGING & EFFECTIVE campaign, and most of the time, this depends on the channel execution if it is being done right. Hope this helps!

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📚 ARTICLE 📚⠀ ⠀ ⚛️ Health and Wellness Marketing Strategies: The 9 Essentials that Guarantee Growth ⚛️ https://buff.ly/2K8P7Z3⠀ ⠀ 1. Refine your Audience⠀ ⠀ We all want to help everyone but even Superman can’t do that. Hence, even if you feel you have these superhuman abilities to heal and handle marketing at the same time, you’ll probably end up spreading yourself thin.⠀ ⠀ And don’t spend thousands of dollars hiring a team to perfect your website or a wellness marketing strategist if you haven’t found the right type of client you want to work with otherwise you’ll just be wasting your money.⠀ ⠀ #audience #AudienceParticipation #AudienceOfOne #audienceplug #audiences #audiencesegmentation #audiencesegments #AudienceDevelopment #audiencebuilding #AudienceTargeting #AudienceProfiling #audiencereactions #audienceresponse #AudienceRewards #AUDIENCEsports #audienceselfie #audienceappeal #audienceamazed #audienceattraction #audiencebehaviour #audienceengagement #audienceengagementstrategy #audiencefirst #AudienceGrowth #audiencemember #audiencenetwork #audienceandactorstogether #audienceview

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Can you notice how many stores is in the picture? Is it 7? Or it looks like 10? The fact is as a consumer you probably don't even care since they look pretty much the same. Yep, the "same". Many businesses, especially SMEs, focus relentless effort in selling and operation where they go by reducing cost, be more efficient in X and thus killing competitors. The problem with this model is only the BIGGEST will win. Unless you can maintain your healthy cashflow all the time, otherwise it's really a "moment in time" strategy. Don't believe? Look at Billion Hypermarket (in 80s), then observe what is happening to Giant, Carrefour (exited Malaysia) and Tesco. You can even compare between Parkson and Aeon. A big part of your strategy should focus on differentiation. Btw, you're not doing it because you want to be "different" from your competitors. Differentiation comes from doing things that add value to your customers. One good example of being different is to CARE about your customers. You CARE about them so much that: ✅ you give them suggestions ✅ you greet their names ✅ you ask them for feedback about you When all these things add up, it becomes an impeccable advantage, becase you made a difference in their lives. Maya Angelou said this "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Don't be the same, be different.

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Our new course "Audience Business Blueprint" comes out December 28th! Maybe you're uncertain what we mean by Audience Business? This post should clarify it for ya! . . Tag a friend👇🏼🤓🔥 . Follow👇🏼 @yourmarketingmentor @yourmarketingmentor @yourmarketingmentor Follow👆🏼 . . . . #audience #audiences #targetaudience #audiencefirst #blogging #bloggingtips #blogginglife #bloggingcommunity #fashionblogging #foodblogging #travelblogging #styleblogging #instablogging #blogging4style #platform #platformforartists #problog #problogging #podcasting #podcastinglife #podcastingtips

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Are you really engaging with people? This is a fire drill practice. On the ground itself we have slightly more than 400 people "listening" to him. You can see that the person in charge is holding a megaphone speaker trying to deliver his speech. I was standing way behind the crowd where I basically hear nothing. In Facebook, this means you have reached 400 people, but the more important question is, how many of them are engaged with you? When it comes to advertising, especially sales related, you need to care about conversion, and the very core of conversion is that your audience are engaged with you. 100,000 reach doesn't matter when only 10 converted. So when you craft your copy, image, videos and etc, make sure to consider if this is the most effective approach to grab their ATTENTION and offer VALUE upfront. Don't be the person that holds the megaphone, but be the person that talk 1:1 BUT holding a megaphone. #BeRelevant #AudienceFirst #AttentionIsTheCurrency

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Ready to get your customers excited?! Give them what they need first. That starts with listening more and paying attention to what they're talking about. My latest blog post talks all about figuring out what your audience needs and making sure you are in a position to give it to them! You can check it all out at the link in my bio! Let me know what you think. Did I miss any details? Let me know! How do you know what your audience and customers want from you? Share your thoughts in the comments. . . . . . #socialmediahelp #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatips #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #marketingonline #businesstips #onlinebusiness #successmindset #entrepreneurmindset #businessquotes #digitalmarketingtips #makemoneyonline #smm #biztip #entrepreneurslife #businesslife #growthhacking #youngentrepreneurs #businessminded #startups #businesspassion #networker #startuplife #smtips #marketing101 #webmarketing #audiencesegmentation #audiencefirst #Audienceparticipation

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I had fun today teaching @umworldwide, @initiativeww and @healixglobal @interpublicipg agencies how to create a sophisticated, audience first approach across all channels.

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Some terrific young audience members last night at Hermann’s! Keeping Jazz alive in #Victoria!

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Presentation tips: Audience first. Knowing and understanding the audience is the first rule for a speaker. We need to know the audience for many reasons: - to engage them in the talk - to connect with then - to move them from where they are now, to where we want them to be - we want them to do something #audiencefirst #presentations

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This is one of my favorite ways to think about content creation. If I were to just create videos for myself, that would be indulgent at best and bland at worst. But because I focus on teaching & training, there's a clear takeaway from each video. Adding value is probably the most underrated part of branding. Most people who want to be influencers seem to think it's about talking about yourself all the time. In fact it's giving value with your words and actions and literally thinking about your audience the whole time. Add value. Your brand will gain some roots. Do you think about your audience when you create content? Gimme a YES in the comments if your focus is to add massive value with everything you create 💜🙌 #BeTheMedia

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I done so well but I have got a cold at the moment so I am not a 100% until it goes away for good my target audience is USA for people to have a look at my instagram profile just to let you all know it getting nearer to christmas but in the USA it is all your holiday #targets #goals #audiencefirst #usa #motivation

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Social Media Management wird immer komplexer. Es gibt gefühlt jeden Tag einen neuen Kanal und die User nutzen diese abwechselnd und für alle potentiellen Themen von der Marketing-Aktion bis zum Serviceproblem. Schöne neue Welt.... vermeintlich...!?... Denn ohne neue und digitale Themen wie Künstliche Intelligenz & Automatisierung wird sich ein Marketer oder Social Media Manager nicht seiner Hauptaufgabe widmen können: authentischer, individueller Kommunikation. #SoMeMa18 #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #marketing #marketer #marketerslife #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer #digitalmarketingtips #künstlicheintelligenz #automatisierung #berlin #berlingirl #marketingdigital #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #contentmarketing #targetmarketing #audiencefirst #kommunikation #communication