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@gstbody A whole body fascia conditioning system. We work smarter, not harder. Come join us for a class today!

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Working with weekly private clients to re-educate, restore and reintegrate fascia according to its systemic influence #gstbody #fascia

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Fascia Energetics and Vibration- Crazy as it may sound it’s your fascia that is the body system that registers vibrations! As your body’s energetic smart grid- one of its many roles as a sensory organ - it collects all your experiences through its plentiful sensors (3:1 to muscles) and synchronizes energetic input. . . . Electrochemical vibrations and mechanical loading. This is one way fascia becomes your organ of consciousness. So cool huh? Taking care of your fascia and connect tissue system enhances your own vibrations! . . . Check it out at @gstbody ! Here is to an actual physical way to build higher vibes and being in flow- Panta Rhe. #gstbody #vibrations #vibes #fascia #pantarhe #consciousness


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Fascia plays an essential role in metabolic process for restoring movement and therefore health. Because of what fascia is and how it functions, it is the building block from which all health is generated. #gstbody #fascia #buildingblocks #repostedphoto #unknown

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75 Percent of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated. A survey of 3,003 Americans found that 75 percent likely had a net fluid loss, resulting in chronic dehydration. #themoreyouknow #themoreyoudrink #stayhydrated #gstbody

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It was such a pleasure working with this powerhouse! @fittybritttty is such an inspiration and we are looking forward to working together! IGTV videos coming soon! #gstbody


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Thanks to @sophiabush and @devonlevesque! So amazing to share class with you today. Devon, it’s such a fierce body experiencing the art of being fascia-nized. Thanks for taking the time to come by and letting me share @gstbody with you. Sophia, so lovely to have your friendship, I count it as one of my dearest. Thank you! Let’s do this again sometime, shall we? #gstbody #consciousconditioning #saturdaymorning

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Our Basic Body Kits are back in stock for a limited time! Get your kit now and have the perfect at home #GSTBody setup. We don’t know when we will restock these, so grab yours today at! #athomegym #limitedtime #grabonetoday

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Have you seen our IGTV episode on “Connecting & Understanding Your Core”? Click the IGTV Highlight to checkout our entire IGTV library. #gstbody