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Every time God is doing something, the enemy is also ready to counter however, We are more than conquerors and nothing he does will overpower the work of God. Tomorrow on Break Of Dawn, we have a guest I cherish. @mbuvi has been my friend for as long as I can remember and his understanding of scripture is something to reckon with. Am humbled to host him kesho on #friendsfriday See you kesho on #breakofdawnwithgrace

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There is no other place I would rather be on Monday evening. Praying Woman Bible Study has witnessed tremendous growth the past months and we give all glory to God. Here we worship, we Praise, we Pray and we Love on each other. This past Monday was awesome and I can’t wait to see What God has in store next Monday. #pwbs


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Thea is power in remembrance When God moves He documents He says that I will overcome the enemy by the word of my testimony The Obstacle I have will not be conquered by the vision I have but by Remembrance. Remembering what God has done for me. God will never be shortchanged by forget full people and If you can REMEMBER you can RESTORE NOW REMEMBER THAT!!! When God takes away something, He is creating room for him to move in #mylovemylifemyall #jesusandme #igiveitall

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We are just a few hours to the best bible study ever. We are at Ambank house 9th floor. Come and please invite a friend. Purity is a State Of Mind for sure. You can’t miss this. #pwbs

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The greatest testimonies are born out of the fire. It’s only after you have been in the pit and God came for you that you appreciate the power of Grace. This song Nimesimama by my Lovely and anointed sister @rozinahmwakideu is a true declaration that if it was not God who was on my side, the enemy would have torn me into pieces. We are alive and well by the Grace. This Grace Sustains, empowers, Strengthens, Equips and above all Perfects us into the Love of God. Thank you hun @rozinahmwakideu for this powerful reminder that it is only by Grace. I love you and am praying for the anointing of God to rest afresh on you. #Godofgrace

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Shout out to my @ntvcrossover101 family. They came to visit me after the show and clearly I had missed the laughter and the fun they come with. I love you guys @ernestdiha @djbobthesoundboy @lulusessi @merabykimani @reubeh @mcpricekenya @djray_kenya #family


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This past week has not been easy. I have been at my lowest but because of Love, I still held on and hoped for a better day. Waking up to Love from #mine and then kids who cheer you up at every gesture is the greatest thing that has happened and I am blessed to have them around me. I thank God for every message and call that came in this week. Your prayers have gone a mighty long way. I love you all and God bless you for being family. I am stronger.

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This song has not left my spirit one week down the line. It’s a simple confession but it goes to pierce the deepest part of ones heart. I have cried in prayer singing this song, I have played it over and over as I meditated on the words and each time, I felt refreshed. @angelbenardofficial mama, thank you for giving us the gift of this song. May God pour Himself to you a new. Fresh oil for you in Jesus Name. I love you.

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Tomorrow’s plan guys. Break Of Dawn Family, friends Friday is blessed to have one of the most humble, gifted voices of our generation @mahehu . He is ready with a word for us and I know that we will have an encounter of a lifetime. Be sure to tune in. Even technology will bow. #breakofdawnwithgrace

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Break Of Dawn Family, here is what the Man Of God @pastor_samukat had prepared for us on thanksgiving. The enemy has and will never win because He that is in us is Greater. May this sermon shade light in your life as you continue living a life of thanksgiving. For those who have not yet started, cultivate it and let your heart be filled with gratitude everyday. We provoke God to act when we give thanks in Faith. Blessings to you all. #breakofdawnwithgrace

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Kirk Franklin who is one of my favorite singers, sang a song entitled “without you”that speaks of how we only perform to an audience of one. I don’t know who your audience is today. You see we live in a society that is so influenced by people’s opinion. We have people all around waiting for you to do something so that they find ground to either applaud or trash talk. Being in this state can cause you to do things that will only cause you to be in their good books but don’t be fooled. Mans applaud will always come with a price tag on. Mans applaud will be based on their standard of morals which most of the time is contrary to Gods own. Gods applaud on the other end, is never loud, is not full of likes but it will always make a statement. Gods applaud means preparing a table in the presence of your enemies. Gods applaud means Him commanding men and women to sing your name. Gods applaud means setting you as a city on a hill. This morning let your audience be one. Strive to walk in the counsel of the Almighty and even if you walk to that stage and the room is empty, be sure to watch out for the presence of He who is enough. #audienceofone