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2.7K    543    2 years ago

Slide into the weekend with @calvinharris' 10-track album #FunkWaveBouncesVol1. This time around he's come with summer heat, bringing together eclectic collaborations featuring @groovyq, @future, @migos, @katyperry, @nickiminaj, @johnlegend and more. Link in bio.

1.3K    74    2 years ago

Party poolside with this diverse mix of tunes by @officialtlc, @mariahcarey, #fleetwoodmac and more. Link in bio.


907    44    2 years ago

Summer is in session. Turn up the heat with these easygoing indie songs by @thewarondrugs, @wildnothing, and more. Link in bio.

636    15    2 years ago

Four years ago,@larryfisherman released his sophomore album #WMWTSO. It was a departure from his debut, diving into existential themes that he started to explore in his mixtape #Macadelic.

808    13    2 years ago

@lordemusic ushers in adulthood on her sophomore LP #Melodrama. The singer evolves her sound with brand-new life experiences and instrumentation. She tapped @jackantonoff and more producers for a much broader sound than her previous album. Link in bio.

1.1K    39    2 years ago

As @icecube celebrates his birthday, we pay respect to a career that spans decades. Not one to be told he can't do something, he's seamlessly weaved back and forth between music and film.

497    11    2 years ago

Back from a brief hiatus, @ladyantebellum returns to the scene with #HeartBreak, a spiritual successor to their breakthrough album #NeedYouNow. To establish the sound they were longing for, the group immersed themselves fully into the creative process and took their time recording. They traveled between hideaways in Nashville, Los Angeles, and beaches in Florida. Link in bio.


551    21    2 years ago

It's been a long road for @sza. TDE's songstress has made her presence known through various collaborations with her labelmates, but it's time for her to shine solo. She's in #CTRL now and has a lot to say as she navigates themes of self-esteem, relationships, and fulfillment. Link in bio.

486    13    2 years ago

Sci-Fi, romance, comic books—when you’re a singer with interests like @iamhalsey, it’s only right that fans get a concept album. With her second album “hopeless fountain kingdom,” she brings her emotions to light with a futuristic theme. Link in bio.

508    13    2 years ago

20 years ago, Wu-Tang Clan released their sophomore album #WuTangForever. Despite its daring lead single "Triumph," a six-minute-long track that featured no chorus, the album shot to No. 1 with 612K copies sold in the first week.

557    7    2 years ago

Rising U.K. star @dualipa has steadily released new singles since 2015 as she's continued to explore life, love, and self-empowerment. For Lipa, music has always played a role in her upbringing, but sees hip-hop as a major influence in her career. Last year she released a documentary titled #SeeInBlue, which detailed her inspirations, early beginnings, and authenticity. Now she's working with the likes of Miguel and Chris Martin to deliver her first full-length album. We're already lost in her light. Link in bio.

532    12    2 years ago

On this day in 1999, @blink182 released their third studio album #EnemaoftheState. By expanding their sound to welcome a wider audience, they made three of their biggest hits - "What's My Age Again?," "Adam's Song," and "All the Small Things." With 15 million copies sold worldwide, its impact on the pop punk genre cannot be denied.