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Thats me if anyone knows me in real life i have blue and hazel and green eyes and im alwsys hyper and all the things this post says are me so crazy


7    0    21 days ago

When your friend has candy but dosent share with you

7    3    23 days ago

When you sit down in class and your teacher pulls out a test you diddnt study for...

12    2    24 days ago

My friends this is dry ice


8    2    29 days ago

I would for everyone of my friends even if we havent seen eachother in a long time or seen each other 5 minutes ago i still would infinite times

11    1    1 month ago

These guys are amazing and we were at the nuclear museum

8    21    1 month ago

Every girl i know that amazing without make up sorry if i diddmt include you just dm me and I will