Gian Karle Cruz

Gian Karle Cruz

@giankarle Inkmaster Season 8 Finalist🥈 /New Hampshire/Massachusetts/Puerto Rico ⬇️BOOKINGS⬇️ 787-710-1720 or email us [email protected] *no dm*.

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Bookings are open now! If you want a Tattoo from me in any of this areas send a email or text 787-710-1720 we will be doing consultations this week. Anything in US is nearby and “Tattoo Road Trips” are fun, lets do some amazing tatt’s! Thanks for the amazing support like always, I don’t know what I will do without you guys! #tattoos #tattoosleeve #neotraditionaltattoo #colortattoos #inkmaster #tattooed

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Wish i had a some pictures or at least a better video of this awesome portrait of his wife as an Indian girl, but i forgot, thanks for looking! 🙅🏻‍♂️ @inkmaster @heliostattoo @dringenbergtattoocompany @recoveryaftercare @worldfamousink @247inkmag @inkedmag @upliftpomade @recovery @truetubes @mundoskink @h2oceanproteam @painfulpleasures


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Joshua and Me Won 2nd place tattoo of the day in Chicago with this awesome Buckbeak from #harrypotter , had lots of fun in Chi-town will be back for sure, thanks for looking, liking and comments are awesome! @inkmaster @heliostattoo @dringenbergtattoocompany @recoveryaftercare @worldfamousink @247inkmag @inkedmag @upliftpomade @recovery @truetubes @mundoskink @h2oceanproteam @painfulpleasures

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I am very sad to hear that our dear friend Lyle Tuttle has passed. I had the honor to know Lyle and i will always look back at the times we passed together and smile. You will be missed buddy RIP 😔 #lyletuttle

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***Please Read to the End*** This is Scott, he was my final canvas wile i was filming Inkmasters. When they first introduced me to scott we talked about the the idea and style that was chosen for me by my competitors, and he didn’t even flinch to say yes (even though it was one of the craziest tattoo idea i have heard in my entire career). Scott didn’t complain ever, he didn’t talk much and he took that 24hr chest piece like a “G”. Years later Scott came back for another tattoo and he gave me a real surprise when i saw that he was pretty much covered in tattoos and that he got so inspired during filming of the show that he decided to quit his job and get an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist. Im not going to lie when he told me that i inspired him to make that big move and that he is now tattooer with a good clientele making more money than ever, it really “choked me up”. Its moments like this one that make me extremely happy that i filmed inkmasters and that i got the chance to inspire hundreds of people like scott. Thanks Scott you really made my day and thanks Inkmaster you a bitch, but i love ya! @inkmaster @scottcrawfordtattoos

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Chicago here we come!!! Just like all the past years this one is going to be amazing, were bringing shirts, prints, stickers and ill be taking pictures with whoever wants them, so lets GO see you there. @villainarts @villainartslicensing @ivllainarts @villainartsscreenprinting @inkmaster @heliostattoo @dringenbergtattoocompany @recoveryaftercare @worldfamousink @247inkmag @inkedmag @upliftpomade @recovery @truetubes @mundoskink @h2oceanproteam @painfulpleasures


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Won 1st place in Philly on Saturday with this “Sea Horse Merman Thingy” I did on Chase. This dude has some bad ass tats and always lets me do my thing, a lot of my clients are like Chase, I thank you all! @inkmaster @heliostattoo @dringenbergtattoocompany @recoveryaftercare @worldfamousink @247inkmag @inkedmag @upliftpomade @recovery @truetubes @mundoskink @h2oceanproteam @painfulpleasures

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Did this one at @literaryink the other day. I had a blast in this convention, not to mention I won 4 first places and one 2nd place, tooo much fuun! 🥇🥇🥇🥈