@fvmous.m 🎱🎱We Gone Keep This Shit Playa And Take It Every Way But Personal🤐💸💯 RestUp Ma I Love You😪Long Live MiMi❤️

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Just Something To Post🤷🏻‍♂️Anybody Wanna Text ?🤔

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Go Ask Me Some Questions On My InstaSnap 🤟🏻


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Only God Can Judge Me🙏🏻💯‼️

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Living Good Feeling Good Most Importantly Looking Good😍‼️

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Walk It Like I Talk It 📲 🚶🏻‍♂️

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If You Want It You Gotta See It With A Clear Eye View 💯🏀‼️ I Miss Hooping I Should’ve Went To College For This 😏

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Lightning Is Key 🤩😁


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Reading This Really Made Me Cry That’s Fucked Up They Did My Nigga Like This 😞I Was Just Thinking Bout You LastNight .. It’s Not A Day That Go By That I Don’t Think Bout You Praying You Okay 😏💯I Hope You Pull Thru & Get Back Right They Did You Wrong Man 💯..I Miss & Love You I Only Went To School Cause Of You I Didn’t No NoBody There U Was My First & Only Friend You Was The Realist On My Team I Love You Bruh .. I Wish I Can Come See You.. & Tel You .. But It’s Gone Hopefully Be All Be Good ..& You’ll Bounce Back .. I’m Praying Nothing But The Best For You ❤️

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Ugly Just Ain’t My Look It’s My LifeStyle🤮🤬

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No Debate I’m Better Than LeBron James‼️‼️🤷🏻‍♂️