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#10yearchallenge sure why not! 23 year old me learned a lesson or two (hundred) in these last 10 years. The most important lesson of all was to never say “I’m not the type of person who” what a crock lol. You know how many times I said that and turned out to be exactly “the type of person who” 🤣 Don’t label yourself Don’t limit yourself Don’t categorize yourself But DO believe in yourself You’re the type of person who can do whatever the fuck you want : : : #sexualchocolate #lookinlikemichaeljackson #transformationtuesday #gainz #motivation #bodybuilding #fit #fitness #fitfam #inspire #inspiration #dedication #weightlossjourney #weightloss #beautiful #love #chickswholift

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My @Fitplan_app is finally here! 😆 Swipe up in my stories!!! I’ve been working on this a very long time, I was a coffee shop whore for a while making this program perfect for you guys! I created this, I wrote it, they’re my combinations, ideas, and favorite exercises, everything you see me do in my stories because I wouldn’t put out anything less. WHAT IS BUILT AESTHETICS? ⚡️It’s a 3 month program ⚡️For anyone looking to build an aesthetic physique ⚡️Gym based program ⚡️Build lean muscle ⚡️Build strength ⚡️My personal cues and guidance on perfecting form, awareness and intensity ⚡️Combining weight training with cardio how the pros do it LETS FUCKING TRAIN TOGETHER! : : : #yougotthis #builtaesthetics #fitplan #musclebuilding #fit #fitness #fitlife #leangains #gainz #bodybuilding #muscle #dedication #inspire #mondaymotivation #motivation


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Squats on squats on squats on Hip Thrusts! Can’t get better than that. This leg day brutalized me, it’ll definitely tests your ability to go past your point of comfort, that 1-2 reps at the end where you feel like the weight may come crashing down on you but you just won’t let it, those are the reps that make change, that take you to the next level. So if it isn’t leg day today then maybe it should be 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s Leg Day Bruh ✨5x6 Done in a circuit, 10 sec rest between each exercise, 3 minute rest between each circuit✨ ⚡️Quad squat - elevated heels about 3-4 inches, 4 seconds down then power up 10 SECOND REST ⚡️High Bar Squat - 3 seconds down then power up 10 SECONDS REST ⚡️Low Bar Squat - 2 seconds down the power up NEXT ⚡️Hip Thrusts - 5x10, 1 minutes rest between sets. 2 seconds lowering down then power up, hold at the top position for 1 sec. make sure you’re looking forward and chin is tucked throughout the movement. NEXT ⚡️Abduction - 3x20 fluid motion, keep the tension. Point toes outward and lead with heels, lean forward on machine extend your arms but don’t hold on. Focus on using your booty! : : : #bootybuilding #goals #squats #legdayworkout #legday #gainz #bootyfordays #bootygainz #fit #fitness #inspire #dedication #bootyworkout #trainhard #liftweights #fitfam #wod #hipthrust #women #

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As @therock said “I give you my word, you DO NOT want to miss @nbctitangames this Thursday” Watch me @beastingthebeauty go head to head in the most epic battle of our lives. This shit was intense! When I said it was harder than giving birth lol I meant it! @therock you killed it with this challenge with this entire show. I can not thank you enough for giving me this opportunity, it has changed my life not for any other reason than pushing through a mental capacity I didn’t know existed. @beastingthebeauty you will forever be part of my life, my growth in the most amazing way, you are such a strong woman, physically and mentally, I’m honored to have shared this moment in time with you. : : : #nbctitangames #therock #fit #women #womenempowerment #inspire #tv #dedication #fight #competitor #challenge #fitnessmotivation #inspiration

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My focus this year is saying NO, no to things and feelings that just don’t serve me anymore. When you say no to people and things and even to yourself in the process of bettering yourself wether it’s emotionally, mentally or physically you will see their true intentions, you will see your own intentions by the way they react or how you respond. If they understand and stay and help you in your endeavors, you will grow and they will grow and be part of your ever evolving life and vice versa. If they (people, things, even your own feelings) can’t handle your no’s then they will slowly but surely disappear and it’s not a bad thing it just means at this point the path splits and that’s ok. This is true for anything, jobs, friends, relationships. The more you say NO to external things that may not be the best for you, the more YES’s will open up in your life. And the more empowered you will feel to do the things that make you a better you. Saying no doesn’t make you an asshole, it just means you’re putting YOU first and the people, things, jobs, feelings that care will stick around and watch you slay. : : : #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #beautiful #natural #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #dedication #love #chickswholift #loveyourself #inspire #empowerment #trainhard #gym #wbff #bodybuilding #gainz

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Watch me this Thursday 1/10 on NBC at 8/7c! Honestly I can’t even believe this happened! Growing up in The Bronx, coming from a broken home, no support, food stamps, section 8, domestic violence and everything in between I never in my wildest dreams imagined my life to be what it is today. I knew I would make something of myself because from a young age fear was ingrained in me, and I knew failure was just something that happened in the process of success. The more fear I have, the more failures I have the more success I have. I’ve achieved many things in my life but up there on The Lunar Impact that day on the @nbctitangames I surpassed a mental breaking point that would change my life forever! We fought hard, to the death. ✨DO I WIN is the question?!✨ #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #successstory : : : Big Thank you to @therock and @nbctitangames for giving me the opportunity to evolve and grow, I’m forever grateful 🙏🏽. I’d also like to thank my coaches and my family for always believing in me and cheering me on along the way ❤️ #nbctitangames #titangames #fit #fitness #mondaymotivation #motivation #inspire #dedication #beautiful #love #tv #nbc #inspiration


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Eating more and putting on some weight means adding weight to my workouts which means adding muscle to my body. All about the #gainzbruh with this Shoulder/Tricep session. NOTE: I go as heavy as I can for about 8-10 reps on each of these movements. My priority is not the weight but more the focus and keeping my form for each rep. You’ll notice that once you do this the weight you’re pushing may have to be decreased. This will be a game changer for many who feel they’ve plateau’d. Main cues for form on most exercises 1. Chest up. This should immediately bring your shoulders back and down away from your ears. 2. Core tight. 3. Knees slightly bent and feet pushing into the ground. Ground yourself! 4. Sit into your hips! You can visually see this in my lateral raise video. Think of bringing your Taint/Grundle/Gooch lol 😂 to your belly button or Kegeling. Seriously the best way to explain this. Now go get those gainz! : : : #bodybuilding #knowledge #fit #training #fitfam #gaintrain #gainz #trainhard #lifting #bodygoals #fittips #inspiration #dedication

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UPDATE 1600/1700 cals - 2000 cals and 1.5lbs heavier (mostly water weight) When I decided to compete my coach @coachmarkcarroll increased my calories to 2000 immediately. I wasn’t tracking my food but I knew I was under eating reaching about 1700 cals a day. These videos are 1 week apart, getting to 2000 cals was hard, some days I didn’t make it, some days I went over. I gained 1.5 lbs. The key is planning ahead and being consistent, it takes a little time to get back into the swing of things. The reason for my calorie increase is so I can go into a caloric deficit at the highest amount of calories possible. So for example if you’ve been eating 1600 calories for months your body has made that your maintenance and now in order for you to get lean your starting point is already low. But if your maintenance is high at about 2200 calories then you’ll be lean at your homegirls maintenance of 1600. Get it?! My calories are currently 2100 and counting 😭, I’m complaining now but In a few months ima be begging for those cals to come back lol. #wbff @paul_dillett @wbff_official : : : #bodybuilding #transformation #wcw #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #inspire #dedication #beauty #bodygoals #natty #natural #competitor #fitspiration #trainhard

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Yesterday was all about the A$$. My main focus these next few months while prepping for my WBFF show is strengthening my Glutes and Hamstrings. Does that mean I’m going to neglect the rest of my body and just do ass exercises 🙄 NO! Balance people! I get told so often “I want a bigger butt but I don’t want muscular this or muscular that” if you think you’re going to grow an ass and not build muscle in other places then you got another thing comin to ya. Get that out your mind right now. If all you work is your ass then prepare yourself for a painful retirement cuz your body is going to remind you of the stupidity you did just to have a fatty. You can thank me later 🙃 #WOD 5x8 Deadstop hip thrusts 5x10 (each leg) front foot elevated split squat 4x8 Romanian deadlifts 4x8 Box squats 3x20 Smith machine hip thrusts @cliffordlenox lifting belt @roguefitness wrist straps : : : #legday #fit #fitness #fitfam #bootyworkout #ass #bootybuilding #bodybuilding #wbff #competition #inspire #knowledge #trainhard #workout #goals #squats #deadlifts

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✨Beauty is in the eye of the beholder✨ I used to straighten my hair until I was in my late twenties I would wear the tightest jeans so my butt can show I couldn’t have one little roll of skin showing, it had to be tucked away My eyebrows were always done looking like the McDonalds sign 🤦🏽‍♀️ (Don’t judge me that was the style back in early 2000’s) I used to care about what everybody thought of me. What a waste of energy! No matter how hot you are, no matter how many enhancements you have no matter how well you dress or how much you work out, there will always be people who just don’t think you’re hot or you look good or you have a fly body or that you’re smart. Because everyone is different and that’s ok. Now I only care what I think! If I feel like I look good If I feel comfortable with myself If I want to wear this or that And I wear my hair naturally curly I could care less about my eyebrows The more you are YOU and not a wannabe the more you attract the things and people you want in your life. #wcw : : #beautifulgirls #love #fit #chickswholift #inspire #beyourself #loveyourself #fitfam #gainz #motivation #womenempowerment #natural #naturalbeauty #curlygirl #curls