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Melissa Alcantara

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Bandz A Make Her Dance! But these will make you cry 😭 lol If you are doing any of my @fitplan_app programs #builtaesthetics or ESPECIALLY #10PackHamstrings then you should definitely consider using my bands (or any bands) but I invested lots of time and money to make sure these bands represent me and my brand, QUALITY, REAL AF, NO BULLSHIT AND STRONG! I wouldn’t put out anything that wasn’t all of the above. I’ve found through the years that it takes a combination of... 1️⃣Dynamic warm up. By the time you get to the training, you’re already pumped. 2️⃣Load progression + hypertrophy meaning you get to get actually get stronger and then make pretty muscles. 3️⃣Just when you’re ready to die, I kill you with BANDED, plyo, kettlebell and bodyweight work that creates the real PUMP and sets everything on 🔥🔥🔥 Whether you want to build a strong sexy body—yes, hybrid upper body along with the abs-ass-hams chain—or just be stronger and more athletic, I fucking got you! Bands found on my website 😈 🎥 @scrunji Produced by @vikstrong App @fitplan_app : : : #bodybuilding #goals #weightloss #muscle #gainz #bootybuilding #workout #trainhard #beastmode #dedication #inspiration #inspire #fit #fitness


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December 9th, 2015 vs May 27th, 2019 Would I have ever thought that would be me on the right? I never thought about it that way, I just thought about getting better and learning and progressing each and every day. But it happened, it’s happening STILL! : You know when you’re being half ass You know when you’re doing the least and wanting the most YOU KNOW THE TRUTH And if that isn’t you, don’t worry TIME WILL TELL : : : #tbt #throwbackthursday #weightlossjourney #strongwomen #muscle #bodybuilding #goals #gains #gainsville #bruh #gymtime #trainhard #dedication #inspire #fitness #fit #motivation #fitnessmotivation #transformation #beforeandafter

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💫SQUAT TUTORIAL💫 : Just a few tips to improve your squat, I’m still working on mine, it’s a forever learning process! 1️⃣ WHEN UNRACKING THE BAR make sure both feet are planted on the ground and you’re lifting by extending at the hips. 2️⃣ Pay attention to your wrists! Make sure they’re straight! 3️⃣ DONT LOOK UP OR DOWN or fucking SIDEWAYS! If you want to keep your neck look straight ahead but keep your chin tucked. Look about 3-6ft ahead of you and focus on one spot to keep your neck in line with your spine. 4️⃣ HAVE YOUR FEET IN A COMFY POSITION, however you want wether it’s narrower or wider or with your toes slightly pointed out! Everyone is different there is no ONE RIGHT comfortable stance. 5️⃣ KNEES IN LINE WITH TOES! This is super important, don’t let your knees cave in, make sure you’re pushing them outward especially on the way up! Does not matter if they’re going passed your toes even if your bodybuilding Olympic gold medalist grandma told you! Just keep them in line with your toes! 6️⃣ KEEP YOUR CHEST UP and come down in a straight line! I see so many of these Instagram chicks sticking their asses out and their chest almost hitting their knees 🤦🏽‍♀️. That’s a damn NO NO I’m my book. 7️⃣ DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES AT THE TOP! or the bottom or on side OR IN YOUR DREAMS! **There are so many more things to pay attention to but these are some tips that have helped me along the way** GET YOUR SQUAT RIGHT, get your life right! : : : #bodybuilding #goals #weightloss #strongwomen #muscle #bootybuilding #legday #squats #learning #tips #tutorial #workout #trainingtips #humpday #gains #chickswholift

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Oh, y’all gonna die lol BOOTY AND ABS is what this crazy ass high intensity workout is about! You’re gonna sweat, hurt, puke, possibly pass out, nah you won’t but maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️. So if you’re interested in any of that 🤣 or if puking doesn’t interest you then come by and give me a hug 🤗 at the @shape BODY SHOP event on June 15th! Go to to get your tickets!!!! Can’t wait to kick your asses 😈 : : : #fitness #fit #fitgirl #shapebodyshop #workout #cardio #sweat #train #event #goals #weightloss #strongwomen #muscle #inspire

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Be cute af but bossbitch af! I’m still sore from this leg day about 8 days ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ every rep is treated like the first one, with all of my focus. Have integrity in your work and see how quickly you progress. Legs with my girl @brittneycarbone program by @rolandkacenas we went hard 🤜🏽🤛🏼 : Train hard. Be intense. Have fun. : 💫 heavy squats 5x10 💫heavy leg press 5x10 wide stance 💫heavy hack squat 5x10 toes pointed out 💫heavy deadlifts 5x10 💫seated calve raises🤬 5x15 Song @imdestinyrogers Tomboy Top and Bottom @lululemon Belt @cardilloweightbelts Straps @roguefitness : : : #fbf #legday #fitgirls #strongwomen #fit #fitness #chickswholift #trainhard #bodybuilding #weightloss #muscle #squats #deadlifts #wod #workout #dedication #inspire #goals

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Leg lifts TIPS for #abs I’ve learned that have helped me from swinging which means better engagement which means more muscle growth which means better mind muscle connection which means better engagement which means more muscle growth which means....I think you guys get where I’m going with this! A lot of these tips apply to ALL EXERCISES so LISTENNNNN closely! You can find this specific exercise amongst a ton of others I do on the daily on both my @fitplan_app programs BUILT AESTHTICS and 10 PACK HAMSTRINGS 💫 : : : #absworkout #fitness #fittips #tips #sixpack #muscle #bodybuilding #buildingmuscle #trainhard #dedication #tutorial #exercise #weightloss


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Love/Hate relationship doing Back especially when @rolandkacenas is involved 😜😫 I say that with love. ✨ Back Day TIPS✨ USE THEM!!! ☄️I’m not writing all this shit out for likes!!!☄️ 💫 4x10 Bent over row - sit into your hips, means your butt cheeks should be tight af, when pulling the bar towards the top of your belly button think of your elbows moving towards the ceiling and pushing your chest out as you pull so your shoulders don’t cave in. 💫4x15 Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns- Shoulders away from your ears will automatically push your chest forward, make sure to keep your chin tucked and think elbows moving towards your obliques. Pull bar down to hit your collar bone. 💫4x15 Narrow Vbar Pulldowns-Shoulders away from your ears, chest up, make sure to keep your chin tucked and think elbows moving towards your obliques and thumb touching the top of your chest at the bottom of the movement. 💫4x10 Deadlifts- feet a bit wider than hips width, hands right outside of knees, hinge at the hips, engage your lats and chest and make sure your arms are relaxed (you’re not pulling the bar with your hands!) 💫4x15 Back extensions- wide stance with toes pointed outward, bend your knees slightly, keep your chest forward and chin tucked, play around with this form until you feel yourself lifting from your lower back! F*CKING FOCUS! : : : #mondaymotivation #motivation #backday #inspire #bodybuilding #shredded #leanmuscle #chickswholift #trainhard #workout #wod #dedication #goldsgym #gains #musclebuilding #beautiful #gymtime

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Q&A 1. How many days a week do you train? 4-6 2. Do you do any cardio and how much? I do cardio once or twice a week, i usually either walk on the stair master for 20-40 min on level 7 or 10 min treadmill sprints 30 sec fast af, 30 sec rest. 3. How many times do you do abs in a week? Once, maybe none 4. What do you eat? Just about everything but I mostly eat real food not processed, I legit have desert every day or a desert like food. 5. Best snack idea? My yogurt bowl, which includes yogurt, some granola, berries, a tiny bit of peanut butter. 6. Did you have any surgery for your extra skin after the baby? No, never had surgery or any weird lasers or anything, I let nature take its course. 7. Are you tracking macros? No, i haven’t been for about 5 months now? 8. Do you take supplements? I take probiotics, vitamin c, fish oil and vitamin k 9. How much protein do you have per day? I have no idea but right now must be around 80-100g per day. 10. How much do you weigh? 136-138lbs 11. How tall are you? 5’,5.5” 12. How old are you? I’m 34, black don’t crack 😜 I’m Domincan but isn’t that kinda black anyway 13. How do you get your skin so smooth? It just naturally is but I get Laser hair removal at Sev laser too. 14. How many fucks do you usually give? None 💅 I want you guys to remember it wasn’t always like this, i did massive amounts of cardio once and sometimes i get in that mode again, I also tracked macros for years and trained consistently 5-6 days a week for years. When you get to a certain point in your fitness journey you can relax a bit for some time then go hard again at least that’s my experience. THERES NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Find your size! : : : #fit #fitgirl #fitness #goals #bodygoals #transformation #bodybuilding #inspire #dedication #consistency

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You’re only as strong as you think you are, in and outside of the gym. Align shorts @lululemon ❤️ #squats #strong #bodybuilding #lift

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I went from waiting tables to CEO of my own company in just 2 years! What changed? How did I get started? I'll be hosting a small biz Q&A on @quickbooks Stories tomorrow at 6PM EST. Starting your own business may seem impossible but it's not as hard as you think. It all starts with an idea and a little self belief ❤ Comment with your questions below 👇🏽

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Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is MELISSA ALCANTARA and it’s time to get fucking uncomfortable. 🤬 I’ve spent too long doubting myself, asking “why me?” Feeling like I’m not good enough, smart enough, equipped, like I’m not fucking worth it. NEW DAY! I’m a boss, yes I’m the CEO of my own company, and I’m fully stepping into this. There will be days that I will naturally want to fight against the very same greatness that I’ve been gifted. I’m human. When that happens, I’m going to stare in the mirror and remind myself that I AM ENOUGH! I AM DESERVING! I AM WORTHY! My greatest enemy is the fear that I allow myself to live in. NO MORE! Who’s with me? 👊🏽 #IMABOSS 👑