Danielle  Adoni 🔸 FWWD 🔸NYC

Danielle Adoni 🔸 FWWD 🔸NYC

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Last night I was given the opportunity to speak on our team call to share my story, struggles, obstacles, achievements, and vulnerabilities. I have always been comfortable in front of the camera, but speaking in front of so many people, being the center of attention, sharing things that were so personal to me, scared the shit out of me. .. But that's the beautiful thing about coaching. Coaching will push you outside of you comfort zone, forcing you to face your fears & in turn strengthen that confidence muscle, evolve, grow & take steps further to becoming the best version of yourself. .. You also begin to realize that your story inspires others. Your story MATTERS to people. Your story is relatable, & your story will be the reason that someone decides that they want to feel & experience exactly what you are feeling & experiencing. .. I am honored I got to share my story & I am so excited for the future when YOU get to share your story with us. Whenever you're ready, we are here to listen & be inspired by you.

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This is hands down the number one reason why I love my job. I get to make an impact in my clients and coaches lives daily. And not just their lives, but when they are becoming the best versions of themselves, taking care of themselves and showing up for themselves, they start to become the best mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, daughter, son, employee, whatever it may be. Taking care of yourself first and making you a priority affects every single area and person in your life. .. I know it's hard to believe that and we want to put everyone else before ourselves and take care of everyone else. And when we do this, we sacrifice our own happiness, our own personal time, our chance to become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. If you are finally ready to put yourself first and want to see the incredible impact it has on your life and those around you, I encourage you to join us. We are making waves every single day, together. Link in bio or send me a message my friends! There is still room for you to create impact in your life!


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If there's anything I've learned from coaching, it’s that confidence is a muscle that you build over time. Most times you’ll start with fear, but deep down you’ll also feel excitement. You must want whatever it is you are seeking over that fear. I see it happen all the time. Some coaches are afraid to reach out to people, and once they do, they feel so much better! My clients are afraid to start, and after day 1 they are so proud of themselves for getting it done! .. Building my confidence over the last year has felt so freaking good. I am still a work in progress, but I believe in myself, my leadership, and my mission so much and that is something I would have never have felt without coaching, personal development and leaning into my community. .. By doing something that scares you daily, you will build that confidence muscle and let me tell you my friends, there’s nothing that feels better!!

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#fangirling so hard right now! We were eating at the same vegan spot @spring_natural_restaurant - so even more love for this man!! @bensplatt

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I love this quote so much because I am guilty of this too and have to check myself and remind myself of this quite often!! Doubt is not real- it's only in our thoughts. Our thought perpetuate our feelings and then our actions. So, when you are having these thoughts, stop yourself in your tracks and rewire your thoughts, rewire the story you are playing in your head. - You deserve to believe in what you want for yourself, and you deserve to think about being the best version you can possibly be. And the best part, is you can TOTALLY make this happen, we all can, we just need to truly believe we deserve it. Tag a friend who needs this love and reminder today!

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When my world feels like it’s turning upside down, I lean in. I lean in to what lifts me up, what fuels me with positivity and support, and what ignites my energy instead of depleting it. I leaned in heavy to personal development this week. I leaned into my coaching community, my team of incredible men and women who inspire me daily to be the best version of me. .. In the past, when I would feel this way, I would choose things that didn't serve me. Not fueling my body right, watching countless hours of television, numbing my emotions. I would victimize and feel sorry for myself, instead of leaning and and taking action. .. If you can relate, I encourage you to lean in my friends, choose growth. Choose to feel uncomfortable in a moment, because on the other side of that are blessed opportunities.

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One of the most incredible things about coaching is that it connects you to people you would never have met otherwise in your life. People that share the same values, and beliefs. People that want to make a change in their lives for the better, while also wanting to inspire others to do the same. These women are just a small portion of the team of incredible men and women that are apart of my community, but it feels so special to be able to spend quality time with them, learn from them, deepen our friendship and bond to make meaningful, lasting friendships. .. I struggled with community my whole life. I spent the greater part of my life wishing I felt accepted, and wanted to belong to bad. I remember the feeling of never being asked for plans, I was always the person who had to reach out to be invited somewhere. I was bullied in middle school, and in college was so lost, so confused as to why no one ever truly wanted to be my best friend. .. As I got older I realized that I have people that loved me and cared for me, which I am forever grateful for, but coaching has opened up the new world of possibilities for me. I would have never met these people otherwise and they bring so much joy to my life. If you can relate at all- I want you to know, that we are here for you. We welcome you with open arms, and we all want to become the best version of ourselves and help change people's lives, together. Link in my bio to learn more my friends.


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It was one small step that led me to becoming a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach. From there, it was one small step that led me to Fitness Coaching. It was one small step that led me to leave my corporate job to pursue what I truly needed and was most passionate about. - One small step, will lead to many small steps, that turn into bigger steps, that turn into leaps. What I realized is that you don't need to start with a leap. Tip toe if you must, but taking that first step leads to incredible opportunities, joys, growth and evolution. Let's take that first step together. - What is one step you have taken recently that helped change your life, big or small?

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Day 1 of my new program is here! Here is my commitment contract I wrote & signed to hold myself accountable for the next 6 weeks. This baby, along with my community is what's going to keep me accountable, excited, supported, helping to build discipline & healthy habits for the rest of my life! .. What I love so much about this program is that it truly provides you with the foundation, tools & support for a healthy & realistic/sustainable life style. We save money by not paying for monthly gym memberships, boutique classes & not spending on gas to & from. We save by cooking & not ordering in/eating out mostly. We learn to fuel our body right. We get time back in our lives with 30 minute or less workouts that we can do from the comfort of our home & we can spend more time on the other things that fuel our insides!! .. We have a safe space for community, accountability & support, a judgement-free zone. We get to tap into our true potential & show up for ourselves. WE are the PRIORITY. We do this so we can be the best version of ourselves. The best mother, best daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, husband, brother, colleague, WHOEVER. .. Taking care of yourself impacts every area of your life along with the people you love & spend the most time with. I cannot wait to show you my journey over the next 6 weeks and cannot wait for my community to CRUSH IT!

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As I dive deeper into my journey to self-discovery, I think about how much I have to be grateful for. How far I have come and how much I have grown, but there is still so much work to do and sharing my true self is something I want to do more of. So often, social media only shows the highlights reels of people's lives, and while I have so many incredible blessings and joys, it's important to share where I am today.. .. I am aware of my fear of abandonment. I am awarer that I am reactive and defensive- I am this way to protect myself due to being hurt in the past. I am aware of how empathetic I am to those I love, and sometimes it is emotionally exhausting because I take it on as my own experience. I have come a long way to accepting myself for who I am, but sometimes I resent myself for it. I am aware that I need to dig deeper to truly find more self-love and compassion for myself. I am aware that my delivery and execution are my weak points at times. I am aware that I still have insecurities I am trying to work on. I am aware that I still hold onto things or experiences that cause pain, resentment and a heavy heart. .. These are just a few things that I have learned about myself over the last few years and I know that in order to truly grow and evolve, I need to make changes in my life that will propel me forward into the life I truly want and deserve. I know I must heal and let go of what no longer serves me. .. Can you relate at all? What are some things you have become aware of and want to let go of to evolve and grow? I would love to connect with you about it and heal together on this journey to self-discovery.

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For the greater part of my life, I looked to my significant others, friends or family to be my reason for change. I wanted to be the best version of myself for THEM. And while that may be true, doing something for someone else, whether it be "changing" behaviors, acting differently, going to therapy, exercising, ANYTHING- can't be done for someone else. This is not sustainable. Because the desire to change anything, or do more of something, NEEDS TO COME FROM WITHIN YOU. YOU need to want it for YOURSELF. .. I have learned so much about myself over the years and definitely understand this sentiment, but I really believe that as of late, I have wanted to become the best version of myself FOR ME and it feels pretty damn good to be able to recognize that and now really implement action to work on the things I have been saying I want to work on for so long. .. Being less reactive, getting defensive, being harsh with my words. All of these actions stem from fear and feeling the need to protect myself. I used to want to change these things for other people, because I knew how it affected them, but I never felt the need to actually want to change them for myself. Over the last few weeks, I have sat down and got to the bottom of my WHY. When you can get to the real reason of WHY you want to do something and find that it comes from YOU, that is when change, or action, or anything, can start to really happen.

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Waking up this morning with a full heart. So proud of how far we’ve come, grateful in the present and so freaking excited for what the future holds. If you asked me 9 months ago where I thought this “coaching thing” would take me, I would have no idea how to respond. I was lost, I walked away from all I knew, I really hadn’t tapped into my true potential. Fast forward to today and we are the NUMBER 17 team in the entire network! That’s out of 300,000 teams!! I have finally found my voice, my calling, my passion, and the support I have been looking for all my life. .. All it took was a bit of curiosity and a chance. I decided to go all in with this and see what could come of it. In the last 9 months, I have changed my life in more ways than I could have hoped for and I am changing the lives of others too. Everyday, I push myself outside of my comfort zone, I acknowledge my limiting beliefs and push them to the side. I quiet the noise of the negativity, of the haters, of the self-doubt, and I just keep going, because I know on the other side is growth and the feeling I get from coaching really lights a fire inside me. .. All it takes is feeling that desire to want more from your life, taking a chance. I want to help you find your light, find your passion and purpose, like I did mine. The beauty of this business, is that anyone can do it. I am no different than you. I encourage you to reach out if you are the least bit curious. .. @jglass I love you and am so proud of you and grateful to have you by my side. You are an incredible leader and you have helped me see that I too am incredible leader. You have shown me that anything is possible. And to our team, WE did this. WE made this happen, together. I love you all and here’s to an incredible 2019. Let’s do this!