Danielle  Adoni 🔸 FWWD 🔸NYC

Danielle Adoni 🔸 FWWD 🔸NYC

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There are just some people you come across in your life (even if it's through social media) that you can tell are genuine, kind, real, down to earth, & truly want to help people. For me, that was @jonny_juicer When I began my journey to self- discovery, my husband @bdonadon & I decided to go plant-based. Changing our lifestyle opened up my eyes to many new things & new people, enter @jonny_juicer I stumbled across his account & I was immediately drawn to his high vibrations, as if I could feel them through instagram (no joke). Jonny had a kind, chill, & welcoming vibe on his page. He opened my eyes to the world of juicing & how once could thrive in this lifestyle. .. Fast Forward a year & a half & I had the honor of being with him this weekend in Costa Rica, among with other legends in this field & I must say, he is just as real, down to earth, kind & warm as he is through his social media presence. Jonny, I must have said it a hundred times, but you changed my life. You showed me how to thrive in this lifestyle, you introduced me to @karyncalabrese to wanting to live in a higher vibration, how juicing can enhance the quality of your life, you were my inspiration for my V tattoo & I cannot believe @bdonadon & I got to spend so much time with you this weekend. You’re the real deal my friend. .. I am so blessed to have been able to spend quality time with you. We can't wait to see you in November, but hopefully sooner. Thank you for using this platform to spread awareness & help change lives. You have certainly changed mine.

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Uncertainty can be scary. It will test your limits, it will have you doubting yourself, questioning yourself and bring out your insecurities. But, if you let it, it will strengthen your belief in yourself. It will help you gain clarity on your goals, your purpose, your desires. Uncertainty has led me to the greatest moments in m life. It has led me to growth, confidence, belief in myself and has opened my eyes to what is possible for my life. So, i challenge you to embrace uncertainty. Don’t push it away, don’t let it stop you from doing what you love. Work along side it and let it be apart of your journey. You’ll always grow from it, I promise you.


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I am still stunned at what happened last night at this life-changing retreat in Costa Rica with @karyncalabrese , @jonny_juicer Viktoras Kulvinskas , and a dozen new friends. .. Over the past day and a half, Viktor has already treated us all to several lectures about everything from the American diet to meditation to reflexology. He is literally a human encyclopedia. He can cite to scientific studies supporting all of his claims and he has intensive knowledge about all things health and wellness. .. Viktor picked me to demonstrate the power of the human body through a brief introduction to kiniesology. It was so special to be given one-on-one time with a true legend. Thank you @karyncalabrese and @jonny_juicer for bringing us all together for this fantastic retreat in beautiful Montezuma. #PURAVEGA

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For the greater part of my life I struggled with nutrition. I lived by calorie in vs calorie out, would under eat & would binge on the weekends, with such guilt, which lead to punishment & over exercise. Over the last year & a half I have taken drastic action to change my lifestyle for the better. Now, as a certified holistic health & nutrition coach & fitness coach my mission in life is to help educate you & help you feel empowered by your decisions. .. I am launching a 30 day nutrition program, "Eat with a Purpose". This program is perfect if you're someone who: already has a fitness routine, but needs to get a better handle on your nutrition, if you're looking for both a workout program and nutrition program, or if you're really looking to focus solely on nutrition. .. Nutrition can be overwhelming, that is why we have taken the guesswork out for you! This is something I am super passionate about. We, as consumers, need to be educated on the foods we consume and how they effect us. This program is going to focus on 3 main principles. It's going to be super fun, easy to implement & you'll still be able to enjoy cookies and wine! .. It's time to take back control of your life & learn how to thrive, gain more energy & results from your food choices, enjoy life without feeling guilty & creating a sustainable LIFESTYLE. We start April 1st & I have 5 spots left! Link in bio for registration or DM me & let's get the party started!

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I used to play victim all the time. I used to let my circumstances define me and effect my daily life. Now, I let my decisions guide me on a greater path. Do I have moments where I victimize myself, of course. But, I am able to rewire my thinking in a few moments, see the lesson, the other point of view and listen to my intuition on how to react and move forward. Do you listen to your intuition or do you play victim? What it comes down to, is seeing the world as being rigged in your favor. Try it out and let me know what you think. It's helped me in more ways than I could count.

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I am so excited to share our brand new nutrition focused program! This program will teach you 3 main principles: 1) portion guidance 2) balance of macronutrients and the importance of it 3)significantly reducing or eliminating processed sugars and so much more!

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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have been a huge advocate of CBD. Full Spectrum hemp extract containing CBD is a natural remedy that has been shown to have positive impacts for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, pain relief, may be helpful in treating acne, neurological conditions like epilepsy, high blood pressure, and aid in treating diabetes, and substance abuse. .. I have been using @little_tree_labs products because I loved their transparency with their customers to help them understand CBD products and how they can improve their lives. They provide us with what is in their product, the raw materials sourced, their extraction methods, and why it all matters. .. Because I have been loving this product, I want my followers to have the chance to try it out for themselves! I have partnered up with @little_tree_labs to give one lucky winner their own tincture! How to enter: 1️⃣:Follow me @Feelingwellwithdanielle and @little_tree_labs 2️⃣: Like this post and tag two friends (the more people you tag, the more entries you get!) 3️⃣: for bonus entries, share this post on your instastory and tag @feelingwellwithdanielle and @little_tree_labs ▪️Giveaway ends Wednesday 3/20 at 2pm EST ▪️The winner will be announced on 3/21 ▪️ US Participants only! ▪️Good luck!


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Are you wanting to make a change? Most people talk about this often. They want to make a change, they complain about wanting change, but they don't do anything about it. I was guilty of this too, but one day I decided it was time to take action. It's not going to be easy, it's definitely going to be uncomfortable, but its 100000% going to be worth it, always

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Today is incredibly special. Not only is it my 31st birthday (holy freaking moly), but it represents 1 year in my coaching business. It represents the day I decided I wanted more for my life. The day I decided to build my own dreams & not work my way up the corporate ladder to build someone else's. The day I decided I wanted to walk away from all that I knew, into uncertainty. But, that uncertainty was tugging at my heart strings, begging me to take the leap. . This year has been the most awakening year of my life. I learned how to truly love myself, accept & embrace myself. I became extremely self-aware & decided it was time to let go of certain behaviors & create new ones that better served me. It meant letting of of toxic relationships in order to level up. It meant surrounding myself with people who inspired me, that I aspired to be and I respect immensely. It meant taking accountability where I needed to, & work on areas that needed to be worked on. It meant making my relationship with my husband sacred & truly giving it the love, respect & nuturing it deserved. . This year tested me, broke me down, made me doubt myself, but ultimately it made me grow leaps & bounds. It set the groundwork for the journey to self- discovery & I have been able to tap into my true potential, believe in myself & my capabilities wholeheartedly. I am able to look in the mirror & see beauty, compassion, kindness, but also someone with tenacity, drive, & hustle (things I thought I never had). Today marks year 1 & I’m so excited for my life as Danielle Adoni. I am an incredible leader, the most loyal friend, the most loving wife/sister/daughter, the most animated, fun & silly girl. I am beauty, brains & heart. I am so excited for the next chapter of my life- I embrace & am so grateful for the journey!

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The most popular question/ topics I get asked about all the time revolves around nutrition. What to eat, how to shop at the supermarket without breaking the bank, trying to find enough time to cook your own meals. I totally understand how challenging and even overwhelming nutrition can be. But, with anything great, comes a learning curve & I have seen first hand how simple it can be. Working out & having healthy mindset is extremely important, but what people tend to look over is WHAT we put in our bodies. Our food is our fuel, our energy, our performance, our mood, our bodies seeing incredible results, our skin, how we sleep, it effects EVERYTHING. .. With that being said, I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that I will be opening up a nutrition focused group! Using my tools & knowledge as a holistic health coach, as well as becoming certified as a master coach in my company’s nutrition program, This is going to be a game changer for you. .. No more diets, no more restricting, no more helplessness when it comes to feeling empowered by your food choices & learning how to make this fun, simple & help get you there results you have always wanted & KEEP THEM. Learn more by applying through the link in my bio!

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I talk to so many people a day about their health, wellness & fitness goals I tend to hear the same things. Many people have "a great routine", which consists of spending an hour + at the gym or a class, on top of the travel time it takes them to get to & from. Many people think they are eating right or clean & when we dive a bit deeper, we discover many are not eating enough of the right foods & too much of the wrong foods in order to see results. Or, they won't go near a carb or fruit, or only think about how much protein they need to consume, basically restricting themselves. .. The most troubling thing to me is that most people are on this journey alone or, they're paying ridiculous amounts of money on trainers & boutique classes. I am here to tell you that there is a way for you to get the results you have been looking for, while also creating a healthy, sustainable LIFESTYLE. You do not need to restrict yourself nor do you have to go at it alone. .. I am opening up spots for personalized coaching with me. You will get: Access to over 900+ on demand workouts (think Netflix for workouts). A Personalized workout schedule & nutrition guide based on your lifestyle and goals. A container system to help you establish lifelong habits to properly fuel your body. 1:1 Coaching sessions to focus on weekly progress, & dive deeper into other areas of your life as this program is an overall wellness journey. A Free 30-day supply of my incredible superfoods shake that I couldn't live without ( $130 dollar value). Accountability. Myself, along with a team of other coaches, will be there to celebrate your wins & minimize the struggles. DM me if you are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. If you are frustrated with your results, or you're looking for community to feel support & keep you on track. Either way, I'd be honored to be apart of your journey.

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Celebrated #nationalwomensday all weekend with the brightest light in my life. I’ve never had such a deep connection and bond with anyone as I do with you @sarasheax you are my mini me, my baby girl, but also my role model. Your open mindedness to everything and everyone is such a beautiful gift. .. Thank you for showing me your world this weekend and sharing my love for #veganism and #healing with me. To know you is to love you and I am beyond proud of the woman you have become. .. Remember, you have so much to be grateful for and abundance is everywhere.