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On this trip to Hunza, I fell in love... ❤️ with the pure strength and spirit of the women in this region. They’re not the image of the meek, “oppressed” woman that Western media will try to sell you. Nope. They’re warrior queens. 🙌 . Here are the stories behind the pictures: 1️⃣ I was so warmly welcomed to a local wedding in Gulmit by all these wonderful, strong women. Despite all the barriers, linguistic and cultural, I felt like their sister. 2️⃣ Next to me is the lady I called my “Wakhi Mom” (Wakhi = the name of the local ethnic community). She gladly accepted the title and started calling me her daughter in return 💕 3️⃣ My Wakhi Grandma and the sweetest lady on earth. She’s a poetess, a fierce soul and is in better physical shape than me 😮😝 4️⃣ It may seem like a man’s world... But Sidra, the 17-year-old girl in the front row, has a dream of becoming a singer. She’s part of the Bulbulik Music School. I love not just her voice but her fighter spirit too 💕 5️⃣ This lady’s friend took off her Hunza cap and shawl, and put them on my head. Don’t we look like we could be family? 😊 6️⃣ Nazia, a female carpenter at the CIQAM carpentry workshop in Karimabad. She was humble, with a quiet strength and a firm handshake. 7️⃣ ...and so are the women of Hunza. Outspoken, brave, tough. But joyful, too, and brimming with pride.

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It’s hard to believe that THIS, the Khunjerab Pass leading into China 🇨🇳, is the closest I’ve been to another country in almost 3 months. . And... this just hit me: Pakistan is the country I’ve spent the LONGEST time in, continuously, in something like 6-7 years at least. . Previously, while living and working in London, I’d always travelled to at least one other country in any given week... Be it for work or personal reasons. . So, Pakistan, how did you manage to get me to stick around for so long? 😝😂 . . . 📸 by @thesalmanalam


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This is a photo I’ve been waiting to take for MONTHS. And finally, today, for the first time, I got into a real Pakistani truck. 💕 . Truck art is a common obsession among foreigners visiting Pakistan. We quickly fall in love with their unmatched visual joy. This is something you find only here, after all. . I just find it amazing that the tiles, shapes and patterns are all custom-made for that one truck. This makes every single truck different. Isn’t that incredible?! . And here’s my little confession: I’ve seen countless decorated trucks on the roads of Pakistan - but they never get old. I still stare with my mouth agape when one of these colourful wonders drives past me. . If you know of any cool truck art-related spots or events, do let me know in the comments! ❤️ I’d love to cover them properly sometime. . . . 📸 by @ammarluqmansiddique

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100k of you!!! Wow ❤️ You know, I’ve been trying to write this caption for about a week, and I still can’t put into words the way this makes me feel. Yes, an overwhelming sense of joy and pride, but also puzzlement and humility. . I still remember how happy I was when I hit 1000 followers in February, and 10k in June. My life has changed in ways unimaginable since then, but the thing that’s stayed constant is the bond I feel with the people who are on this journey with me. . Because now, there’s a whole 100k of you. 100k different lives, 100k different pairs of eyes, 100k different stories. YOU guys are the reason I get to do what I do. So... this one goes out to all of you. . Yes, you. Those who yell “yes” at the top of their lungs when everyone else says “no”. Those who look deep in the eyes of fear and rush right into it. Those who give their own meanings to “shoulds” and “musts”. . Those of you who, in spite of worries and anxiety, feel love in the world. Who dance and sing even in the silence. Who know that all journeys really happen within. . Thank you. Thank you, my Insta family, for joining me on this epic journey. ❤️✨ . . . 📸 by @ammarluqmansiddique

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Just posing at the world’s highest paved border crossing: Khunjerab Pass, linking Pakistan and China, at almost 4,800m in altitude. ✨🙌 . It’s freezing, it’s windy, and the air is so thin that I’m struggling to think straight. Arriving at this altitude without acclimatising, you feel dizzy and weak. Some of the other travellers taking photos around me are nearly stumbling. My fingers are numb and trembling as I write this. . Just for perspective, on this plateau, we are nearly at the same altitude as continental Europe’s tallest mountain. We are as high as the run-up to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. This is the kind of altitude that robs your body of oxygen, fast. . But we are not in Nepal, or Europe, or even China. No. We are in the Motherland of All Mountains: Pakistan. 🇵🇰 . 📸 by @ammarluqmansiddique

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Dhabas, or roadside food stalls, are practically a symbol of Pakistan’s public culture. They may be basic and shabby, but always come with a ton of charm. . Now, the one thing that interests me about dhabas is how welcoming they are to women? And I’m not just talking about foreigners like myself, who often enjoy the luxury of easy access to many activities. I’m talking about all women, including Pakistanis. . Because I know that as a woman, if I go to a dhaba anywhere in the country, chances are I will be the only one there. It’s undeniable that most of them are frequented only by men. . Why is that? Do you know of any female-friendly dhabas? Or do you, as a woman, eat at dhabas? . 📸 by @thesalmanalam

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Some of the lessons I’ve learnt as a newbie travel documentary host (the serious, TV kind): ✅ In any given situation, you have to have something to say in case the camera suddenly turns to you. That something has to be snappy AND interesting. A lot of the time, you have only one chance to deliver it... so always be ready 😅 ✅ Your face, hair and outfit should look the same every day for consistency’s sake. That means owning multiple copies of the same shirt, jeans and so on. ✅ The working days are extremely long and intense. The whole crew has been working an average of 12-14 hours per day, every day, with absolute focus at all times. ✅ ...which means that zen-looking photos like this one are usually taken in the 30-second breaks we have between scenes 😝 ✅ I’m just so grateful to be here. And I am loving every minute. . 📸 by @thesalmanalam


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I think I’ve just made a new friend 😂 Travelling with me can be difficult because I’m constantly chasing livestock 🙈 As soon as I see a herd of goats, a lone cow, or a horse somewhere in the distance, I’m off to socialise. Don’t blame me, they’re just too adorable 🤷‍♀️ . 📸 by @Shahid.ali0

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That thin line carved in the rock behind me? That’s not just any old path. That is the Old Silk Route. . Yes, that ancient road which built trade between East and West. That legendary road where cultures and religions clashed. That perilous path which many breathed their last on. . And sure, the Silk Route is heavily disputed. Historians argue that there wasn’t just one Route; and the exact locations vary depending on who you ask. . But the moment you see it, you feel like you’re in the true presence of history. And it’s hard to believe that the most important land route in human history is no wider than a single jeep track. . 📸 by @thesalmanalam

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I’m back in the place where my love affair with Pakistan began: Hunza Valley. ✨ Even though I’ve seen so much of Pakistan since this first trip in April, this spot still moves me to the core. . And while I long considered Swat to be my favourite place in the country, I am now having a momentary lapse of judgment and swaying back towards Hunza just a little... 😉✨ . 📸 by @thesalmanalam, taken on the balcony of Altit Fort

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I guess I’ve just become a TV travel documentary host 🤷‍♀️😊 . Growing up, whenever I watched a travel show on TV, I’d think to myself: wow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to do this for a living? This thought continued to enter my mind throughout my adulthood. . It seemed like an incredible way to show the beauty of our world to the people who inhabit it. Spread a message of awareness, tolerance and positivity. And gather some really cool experiences on the way. . Working as a travel show host then became a dream I actually wanted to pursue. Earlier this year, I quit my “normal” job, went travelling on my own funds, started vlogging, focused on growing my skills and social media channels, worked hard and had a few strokes of luck. It seems like everything happened very quickly. . Five and a half months after publishing my first YouTube video, here we are. Over the last few days, I’ve been travelling around Gilgit-Baltistan with an incredibly talented crew - a director, producer, cameramen and a drone operator - shooting a TV film about travel in Pakistan. And... yes, I was invited to do the presenting 🙌 . I still find it hard to believe that this is actually happening. And as we continue to make our way through Pakistan, I’ll update you on the whole experience, from the lessons I’m learning as a newbie travel show host, to the challenges along the way. . I don’t think I could have done it without you. Thank you for being here 🙏

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Wow. It’s not often that you can say you’re on top of the world - and mean it literally. ⛰ ✨ . Here in the Western Himalayas, it’s not unusual to find yourself on a road 4000 metres above sea level. For me, that’s pretty incredible, given that few summits - let alone roads - back home in Europe even climb that high. . With such epic heights come unreasonably stunning views, long drives and a whole lot of exclamations. I mean, I’m spending most of my time with my head hanging out of the car window, completely taken by everything I see outside. . And yet, these drives remain the privilege of domestic tourists, as very few foreigners venture here. In fact - not many foreigners even realise that these places exist in the first place. . I’m optimistic that this will change - slowly but surely. In the meantime, I just feel so lucky to be here. . 📸 by @thesalmanalam