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Just a photo of a girl holding a baby goat. 💕😂 I will let my caption end here because every time I try to think of something to accompany this photo, my heart begins to melt all over again...! 😍 . Let me just say that this photo was taken in a Hindu village community in Sindh. It was amazing to see this different side of Pakistan. I’ll tell you more in tomorrow’s post 🤫

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Fields as far as the eye can see. No sign of civilisation apart from a tractor stacked high with produce here and there. Dust rising, not settling. . It took us over two hours to reach this place on the sandy dirt tracks of Sindh. Two hours of bumps and thick dust under the sweltering sun. . But we found them. The shrines of Tilla Shah. The most majestic, resplendent ruins, but ruins that continue to live their own lives here, truly in the middle of nowhere. . Many of them are crumbling, left without a caretaker, falling apart brick by brick. It’s as if they’re waiting to collapse, sending vein-like cracks to line their walls. . But inside, colourful frescoes tell the legends of Sindh. The paintings are striking, and tell entire stories, with narrow brush strokes. . And that’s why we’re here with #PakistanIsLegendary. @dwdocumentary @dawn_dot_com


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Just channelling my inner Motorcycle Girl @zenithirfan ✨🙌 . Ever since seeing more and more women in Pakistan get on the motorbike, I’ve been dreaming of jumping on one myself. Zenith, @guliafshan_tariq and @lostwithpurpose - you girls are a huge inspiration 🙏 . When Zenith took me along on one of her motorbike adventures in Lahore, it felt like pure magic: driving through the streets of the city with abandon, the wind in our hair, the bike’s movement smooth and agile. I can see how this could become an addiction. . So - if I ever get a motorbike, where shall I go? 😉 . 📸 by @habibqasimii

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Quetta is bittersweet for me. I spent the last two days getting to know creatives and athletes from the Hazara community, a minority here in Pakistan. Listening to their stories and getting their view on what it means to be Hazara in Balochistan. . And this picture is an accidental symbol of that. When @habibqasimii took this photo and I posed, I’m pretty sure neither of us realised the hidden meanings that would emerge in the final shot. Here goes... . On the one hand, the breathtaking beauty of Balochistan’s landscape surrounds us from all sides. Barren, spectacular. But if you look down, you’ll see a cemetery belonging to the Hazara community, many of whom have been targeted in attacks fuelled by sectarian violence over the last few years. If you look further on, you’ll see Mariabad, their safe neighbourhood, cordoned off by the army for security. And where I’m standing? The ultimate expression of freedom: the abandoned building on a hill where the thrill-seeking parkour boys of Quetta practice their sport. . A picture of extremes. You can’t describe Quetta in a linear way, I don’t think. . So it is. Bittersweet. Overwhelming in its beauty, pierced by tragedies, standing resilient on the edge of the world. That’s Quetta for me. . Thank you @thehazaraparkour for showing me your art, and a huge thank you to the Hazara community of Quetta for welcoming me with open arms.

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Scroll for Balochistan’s INSANE beauty 😍 Flying over Balochistan, I saw landscapes out of this world. Mars-like canyons, jagged peaks jutting out of the flatlands, mountain ranges that extend into the reaches of the horizon. . I’ve never seen beauty like this before. I spent several hours glued to the aircraft window, letting my mind follow the peaks into the distance. . Here’s the sad truth: when I say “Balochistan”, most people I know - both here and abroad - will probably shudder. They’ll immediately think of unrest, trouble, danger. And fair enough - Balochistan certainly isn’t an oasis of peace. . But there’s another side too. And that side is wild, rugged and ethereal. The thought of Balochistan, its beauty, its reputation, its scale combined, makes my heart ache with pain and wonder.

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I miss the mountains. Their unwavering grandeur, their echo, their unpredictable ways. ✨ . Over the last few weeks, I’ve been travelling from city to city, staying in densely populated areas, dealing with traffic, inhaling impure air. Don’t get me wrong: it is a lot of fun. But nature is calling out to me now to come back to her loin 🙏 . And here’s another interesting thing: people’s stories are so different in cities and mountains. In the city, the stories are often tied to the urban infrastructure, its pace and busyness. In the mountains, the stories tend to slow down, and though they may boast similar achievements, they are more grounded in nature. More anchored in the eternal connection between man and mountain. . I can’t wait to rejoin the mountains and start telling their stories again. What about you - do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city, or the serenity of the mountain? . 📸 taken in Altit Fort, Hunza (Sep 2018) by @thesalmanalam

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Here’s the thing about Instagram: it doesn’t show you the whole story. In the beauty shot, it might look like you’re pondering life and the universe, alone, on a stormy beach. But in reality, you could be recapping the day’s events with @arsalanmji or finding creative ways to pose with @ab.bas731 💁‍♀️ . We came to the beach to get a few drone shots after filming at the SIUT hospital all day. We were drained from the sterile and sometimes suffocating atmosphere of a huge medical institute. It felt good to walk through the sand, even if it wasn’t pristine and gold. . The beach, far from the centre of Karachi, was empty bar for a few groups of men wandering around. The sun was about to set, and the sky had turned a deep shade of crimson-orange-gray. The wind was starting to pick up, and as darkness rushed towards us, we just wanted to get the shots quickly and leave. . So, there: it was a rush; I hadn’t just woken up from a meditating reverie; and we were all waiting for that day to end. 😅 . The point of telling you all of this? We all know that Instagram shows us a curated version of the world, but it’s still all too easy to forget that this is the case. That’s why I want to remind you - don’t take everything you see on Instagram too seriously. Remember: creatives are also creators of their own reality 😉 . 📸 by @sarfaraz_jam, following a film shoot at the SIUT Karachi with @dawn_dot_com and @dwdocumentary


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Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you. ✨ . If you translate this proverb, I suppose it simply says that we should look on the bright side of things. And that’s something we all sometimes struggle to do. . Days can be long, pressure can be overwhelming, social media hate can be daunting. Days sometimes turn into night before sunset. . But if you pause, close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun, somehow the shadows do fall away like autumn leaves. . 📸 by @sarfaraz_jam

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Some stories have the power to change you as a person. And this very story shifted something very fundamental in me. . These are not ordinary pupils. These kids come from some of the poorest slums of Karachi, and most of them have begged on the streets of the city at some point in their lives. . Can you picture it? Parents so desperate - or heartless? - that they send their children to beg on the streets, rather than sending them to school? Despair and poverty, only breeding more despair and poverty. . But in that darkness, there is a glimpse of light. This school is trying to buck the trend. It was back-breaking work to convince their parents to let them come here, but the children who now attend the school, are learning to read, write and count. They receive an education, food, and a small stipend to discourage them from begging. . If I hadn’t known these kids’ backgrounds before coming here, I would have assumed they’re just ordinary children with ordinary families. Their faces express enthusiasm, zeal for learning and focus. Their notebooks are filled with Urdu and English words, addition tables, and drawings. . As we filmed in their school, one of the crew members pointed out that many schools like this exist in Pakistan. He then asked: “Have you come across anything like this in your country?”. I thought about it and responded: “No. In Europe, nobody needs to set up schools like these. Kids just go to normal schools.” And as soon as these words left my mouth, I felt something inside me break. . Education is the first step out of poverty. Please support any local initiatives you can find that help children get a basic education. . NB: I normally stay away from publishing photos of children, because I feel that social media isn’t a place for them. I also feel that some photographers have a tendency to use pictures of kids from poor backgrounds for “pity likes”. But I felt that this story had to be shared, and this is the only way I can think of to share it fully and fairly. . On assignment for @dawn_dot_com and @dwdocumentary, with the talented @arsalanmji and @ab.bas731

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I never knew that Karachi sunsets could turn this shade of purple... 💜 . I’ve got something special for you, coming to my feeds soon. The biggest project yet, launching in just a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for you to see it 🙌

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Drinking chai didn’t come naturally, I’ll admit. The milky texture didn’t go well with my usual preference for black coffee and green tea. . And there was one more thing: I had always known chai as a slightly spicy drink. In the West, it’s the Indian - not Pakistani - version of chai you normally find in restaurants. Aromatic, rich in spices and with a good kick. . That’s the chai I had in India too. So when I came to Pakistan, I was slightly disappointed to find out that chai here is different - a simpler mix of tea, milk and sugar. . Good news was just around the corner though: I soon discovered that every dhaba in the country has their own version of chai, and some of them even serve different versions of it, like the pink Kashmiri chai with almonds (my personal favourite). Besides, I quickly realised that chai is more than a drink - it’s actually a way to break barriers, show hospitality and gratitude. . And that’s what I love the most about chai 🙏 . 📸 by @thetraveluster

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Marrakech has riads, Paris has palaces, but Lahore... Lahore, ladies and gents, has havelis. . These stunningly decorated townhouses date back to the city’s Mughal era, and still carry an incredible cultural significance. However, only a few havelis remain in a liveable state today. . Most of these stunning buildings have fallen into dilapidation, and many simply crumbled. Abandoned or forgotten by their former owners, they took with them an irrecoverable part of Pakistan’s culture. . Haveli Barood Khana, where this photo was taken, is a rare example of a well-maintained haveli. While I had no idea that these buildings even existed before coming to Pakistan, I now see them as my favourite reminders of Lahore’s history. ✨ . Watch my Story to see a tour of Haveli Barood Khana and let me know what you think! . Thanks @ukhano for the 📸 and @osshah for the tour 🙏