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Kawhi got the last laugh 😂

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This Pelicans fan took a different approach with the AD. 😅 (via @btejeda1)


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Drake is a BIG MOOD in Toronto 🍺 (via @seanteakle)

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LaVar Ball dropped by First Take Monday morning to talk with the crew about Lonzo's trade to the Pelicans.

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Drake and Kawhi are living their best lives 👏 (via @nba)

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Board Man enjoys parades.

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June 17, 2010: Kobe won his fifth championship and let everyone know he had one more ring than Shaq 😆🐍


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The iconic Craig Sager called his first NBA Finals game three years ago today. (via @nbaonespn)

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Three rings in three seasons ... Danny Green endorses Pat McCaw to any team looking for a championship 😂

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One of the great father-son moments in sports.

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On Father's Day we remember one of the singular father-son moments in sports. Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. going deep back-to-back 💪

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Fred VanVleet wants Kawhi back, but he's ready to show no mercy if he leaves 😅