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Emmy Rossum


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like a Bernini sculpture 🇮🇹


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Sundays should feel like this @shape

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The last twelve months have featured big changes. Leaving Shameless, directing, moving to New York, and total overhaul of my approach to food, exercise and body confidence. I spoke to @shape about authenticity, listening to your gut, the cycle of “compare and despair”, reconnecting to the joy of food through cooking, and why as women we should take up as much space as possible in the room. Not to mention embracing a natural hair texture and appreciating what nature has given us. Shout-outs to @gstbody @loroxburgh @bewellbykelly and the incredible work being done by @gorilladoctors. @shape on newsstands tomorrow & link in bio.


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Vacation is for not combing your eyebrows.