Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum


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26.5K    114    12 days ago

Les Flamants Roses!

53.2K    195    12 days ago

Fly fishing on the sorgues. Didn’t catch anything but did manage to get completely soaked!

169.5K    798    13 days ago

Scroll. Was enjoying Arles when un pigeon decided to give me a bit of good luck... got my hair washed at the local coiffure and kept my hat on most of the day. 🤦‍♀️ 🐦 💩

28.6K    227    13 days ago

van gogh immersive art experience

72.1K    321    13 days ago

Yellow flowers (s’appelle “broom” en anglais) everywhere.


23.4K    105    14 days ago

Aix, je t'aime sous la pluie

30K    121    14 days ago

ce matin au marché! ❤️

42.1K    250    15 days ago

Tarte aux Pommes, pour ma mere. Apple tart for my mom.