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@dzifoundation We work in partnership with Nepal's most remote communities to improve quality of life and reduce poverty. #mydZi #NepaliLoveYou

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We sat with the community members of Wakham Popelu village to evalaute the drinking water project that was completed in the past year. Evaluation of our projects with local community members is one of our key learning moment which gives us many insight to improve our program design, implementation and to adopt new ideas and methods. Our annual evalautions generally consist of secret voting where community mmebers vote on topics like their satisfaction with our projects, financial transparency, how much help the projects or training have been and so on. The votes are counted and we then have open discussions regarding why such result was obtained and what can be done to improve the rating. Ensuring participant diversity, and making sure that everybody has a say in such meetings is always our utmost priority. Visit our website to learn more about our community-cenetered approach to development. #evaluation #community #grassroots #transparency #nepaliloveyou #diversity #thatroosterthough

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First photo : Nandijin Rai illustrating by hand how big some of the cauliflowers in her kitchen garden were growing to be. Second Photo : Nandijin among some of the bigger cauliflowers in her kitchen garden. Nandijin looks after her kitchen garden dilligently. She also regular makes bio-pesticides out of several herbs and plants which she stores in the black drum besides her. She has all kinds of vegetables growing in her yard - some like tomatoes and onions that she sells while some like cauliflowers and spinach for daily consumption at home. She is among more than 600 farmers in the village of Gudel who practice chemical free organic vegetable farming since 2015 as part of our farmer's group. We are always delighted to visit bustling vibrant kitchen gardens like these in our partner communities. #nepaliloveyou #growth #farming #smile #organic #agriculture #womenfarmer


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Ram Kumar Rai from Bung poses happily in front of his newly built Improved Cook Stove -ICS. Constant exposure to smoke in traditional open fireplaces causes lung and eye diseases, kitchens require constant cleaning, and also has low fuel efficiency. These ICSs are designed to emit no or very less smoke inside, increase heat efficiency thus lowering firewood consumption and also speed up cooking time. After the popularity of ICS in neighboring Chheskam and Gudel, the community of Bung also wanted to run an ICS program to lessen indoor smoke. This year, we are working with around 300 houses here to test the ICS. Next year, we hope to increase this number to cover majority of houses in Bung. #smile #nepaliloveyou #improvedcookstove #health #hearth #kitchen #bung

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"Not all those who wander are lost." ~ This is true for our team in the ground in Nepal who gets to keep wandering and keep discovering beauty such as this. πŸ“Έ by @rupak001 as we head out into our field areas from Kathmandu. #nepaliloveyou #landscape #nepalnow #paintinglight #travelgram #wanderlust

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Yay! We passed with flying colors and sweetness! We recently had kiwi fruits from various parts of our working area tested at the national laboratory of Nepal Government's Food Department. We took 10 samples - all from different areas with different altitude, micro-climate and soil types. They have all been certified good quality by the lab. All of them have a sucrose level between 14 to 19 - within the government set requirements of 13 to 25. Since kiwi is a relatively new crop in Nepal, it was important for us to test them. We were glad to see that all sample kiwis passed the standard sucrose test. This is exciting news for us, but more so for our farmers who are thrilled for their novel fruits! #success #inspiration #farming #kiwi #organic #fruit

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Unity is our strength. In the past few days, community members in Bung have been coming together everyday to dig pipeline for our ongoing Tribeni irrigation project. They will be digging 2500 meter long pipeline as local contribution. At the end of this project, more than 200 farmer household will be able to enjoy uninterrupted irrigation supply in their fields throughout the year. Learn more about the areas where we work in Nepal at #nepaliloveyou #irrigation #buildingthings #workinprogress #community #unity

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Meet the artist - Cheena Maya. Cheena and her friends are enjoying a leisure sketching classs in Janajagrit School, Rok. We finished rebuilding this school in June 2018 with generous support from friends all over the world and matching support from Mexicali Blues. The newer, safer and more spacious classrooms have helped the teachers to make a much more engaging teaching learning environment thus helping students enjoy school more. In this particular school, another dedicated institution called REED Nepal has helped the teachers by providing them training and learning materials to improve the educational system. We are glad to working with such complimentary institutions - together we believe that we can help Cheena and her friends build a brighter future. #artist #youngartist #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #smile #classroom #school #creative


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Celebrating Farmer Power! Farmers bringing their products in the annual agriculture fairs held by our local NGO partners in Solukhumbu and Khotang district in the last couple weeks. We are always blown away by the amazing produces that our farmers manage to showcase in these fairs. Things have only been getting better (and bigger) each year. #nepaliloveyou #farmer #organic #farmerpower #agriculture #amazingworld #inspiration

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"School is in session - but we don't have a classroom." Our team member Saroj Kulung chats with kindergarten students in Janamitra Basic School of Yangma village. This school has grades up to 8 but only has classrooms for 6. As a result, the 15 little kids often have to study in the open or share their classroom with students from other grades. Yangma lies in the district of Bhojpur where we expanded our work a few months ago. We look forward to collaborating with the communities here to address a wide range of needs, including providing better physical infrastructure for local schools in 2019. Visit our website at to learn more about our work. #nepaliloveyou #community #betterschool #dreambig #bhojpur

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Visiting Nathe Bahadur's home is always a delight! This time his tree tomatoes were flourishing beautifully. Nathe wanted a photo besides his lush tree tomato fruits- the shadow on his face not withstanding. Nathe is among more than 3000 farmers who are engaged in our agriculture program - which includes basics such as learning to grow a kitchen garden to more ambitious plans like creating agribusiness entrepreneurs in rural communities. To see Nathe's charming smile without shadow, swipe right - where he is surrounded by his vibrant turmeric plant. Wouldn't you love to visit Nathe's green home too? #nepaliloveyou #jungalow #farming #organic #gogreen #kitchengarden #smile #plantlover

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Happy New Year 2019 from all of us to all of you. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Thank you all for being with us in 2018 and we look forward to more amazing collaboration in this new year. Love, peace and prosperity to all! #nepaliloveyou #gratitude

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Waking up to this view never gets old! Our work in Nepal often starts early in the morning because of how far we have to travel on foot on any given day. This particular day, we were heading out to Guras Basic School in Jaleswori, which is in the bottom left corner of the photo - the collection of green houses. The next photo shows two local construction committee members standing in front if the construction site. In a few months, we will have finished building a safe school there. Next two photos show community members crushing stone to make gravel for the school while the last one shows a classroom - cramped and dark due to no other space available for classes for now. This is the 29th school that we are reconstructing. Although we initially planned to rebuild all of the schools in 3 years, because of logistical and funding challenges as well expanding into two new areas since 2015, we are rebuilding several more schools in 2019. Visit to learn all about our work in Nepal and to help us do even more in 2019. #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #recovery #reconstruction #buildbackbetter #khotang #jaleswori #mountains #himalayas #numburhimal #dktm #nepalquake