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@dzifoundation We work in partnership with Nepal's most remote communities to improve quality of life and reduce poverty.

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Let's meet Urgen and his family - located in the beautiful and secluded hillside of Sungdel. His nearest neighbor is at least half an hour's walk away where his son's school is located. Our staff have to walk for good 2-3 hours from either Rakha or Sungdel to reach his house. But being isolated and a single house tucked away within the forest has never deterred us from not including people in our program. Every time we sweat to reach Urgen's home, we are happy to see the progress that he has been making in his and his family's lives. The toilet which we supported in 2014 has helped the family specially children to be much healthier in these past 3 years. The vegetables growing in their yard has improved their diet which earlier used to contain of some staple grains with minimal greens. They feel much safer sending the eldest to the school which earlier was completely destroyed by the earthquake. After our potato seed selection training, Urgen has doubled his potato yield which has resulted in increasing his family income significantly. Investing time and resources into understanding what would work for each and every community member, we have been able to help Urgen cultivate high value crops that are suitable for his area. We have phased out of our construction project in Sungdel from this year, but we can see that most basic needs of Urgen's family is fulfilled. The Sungdel that we saw 8 years ago when we first stepped in here is vastly different from what it is now. Urgen's family being just an example. If you want to get behind our effort to support Nepali rural communities, please visit #nepaliloveyou #community #globalfamily #cooperation #nonprofit

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All of our Nepal team gathered in Kathmandu office for a week-long review, planning and fun session. As part of our mid-term staff summit, we reworked our strategy, reviewed our ongoing projects, brainstormed new ideas, followed by an educational visit to ICIMOD Knowledge Park, a picnic and then an enthusiastic session of futsal. It has been a long and busy but thoroughly productive week for us. #nepaliloveyou #mydzi #teamdzi #community #groupwork #strongertogether #teamspirit


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Here's to all the strong, inspiring women who we work with in Nepal and globally. Happy #IWD19!! Go behind the scenes to know why our female community members are superwomen and continue to inspire us in our web archive story. Link in bio! #womensday #nepaliloveyou #indigenous #community #strongwomen #superwoman #wonderwoman

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Cruising through the #midweek like...😎😎 Our youth team pose for a #zealoptics photo moment during their trek to Upper Mustang. #tbt #nepaliloveyou

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Measuring for a new bridge. In Naan River there is no permanent safe bridge built yet. This year, the community of Cherem wants to build a permanent truss bridge and they requested us for support. Our technical assistant and local NGO staff are doing a basic reconnaissance to find out the narrowest span to build the bridge. #nepaliloveyou #tuesdaymotivation #design #bridge #technology

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Welcome to an Open Plastic Free area! In Gudel, a local club organized a training about recycling plastic waste into beautiful handicraft products. Gudel was the first Open Plastic Free (OPF) village in the area. It is fantastic to see that local community members are continuing to maintain their commitment to recycling and waste minimization through this program. #nepaliloveyou #craft #upcycling #plasticfree #ecofriendly #gudel

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A mule grazes peacefully in Bung. Mule trains have been the principal form of transporting materials into our working area for over a decade. As roads make headway into even the most remote corner of Nepali hillside, mule trains are slowly becoming obsolete. Read more about a rapidly changing Nepal in our latest photostory. Link is in bio. πŸ“Έ : @rupak001 #nepaliloveyou #change #discovernepal #dktm


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Giving back whenever we can. We make it a point to print all the photos that we take of our community members and give those printed copy to them whenever we can. Sometimes it takes us upto a year to find our community members to give them their printed copy due to the spread and remoteness of our working area but we try our best. Printed photos still being relatively rare here, our community members are always happy to receive their photos. We found Ramridhani, Jordhani and Sukhamaya in the weekly market of Bung selling their produce and gave their photos to them. We had taken their photos in March last year. #nepaliloveyou #mydzi #portrait #joy #happiness #sharingiscaring

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Wrapping up our week with lots of smiley photos from our field. Chokpa was recently on a two week tour of our partner communities meeting a lot of farmers and our field staff. We are always refreshed by a visit to our fabulous farmers and team members. Their smile is the biggest energezier of all. #teamdzi #nepaliloveyou #friday #funfriday #smile #community

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Day starts early in Chachalung. #Throwback to a glorious and active morning in Chachalung village when we were up early visiting our farmer's group while people were out and about with their various chores. #tbt #nepaliloveyou #nepalnow #gudel #goldenhour #morning #sunrise #morningglory #dawn #farming

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Our beloved Nepali hills are changing forever. Nepal has been famous for its remote and rugged mountains, hills and strenuous trek through them. Road network in road was sparse mostly around the capital Kathmandu and the plains. As Nepal adopted a federal system of governance and formally underwent a massive restructuring in 2017, things are changing very quickly. With more authority and funds allocated to them, local communities everywhere are making roads their first priority. Learn more about how massive this change is, and what you should expect when you visit Nepali hillside in our new photostory. Link is in our bio. #toldwithexposure #change #nepalnow #nepaliloveyou #aspiration #dream #roadstory #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject

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The face of Nepali mountainside is changing forever. Take a tour through our latest photo story to witness the overwhelming changes taking place in our partner communities of Nepal and all over the country. Link in bio. #toldwithexposure #change #nepalnow #newroads