Dylan Szymanskyj

Dylan Szymanskyj

@dylan.szymanskyj 21/Adl/Amber 😍❀

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30    1    6 days ago

My back is sore i feel 50 maybe i should stop falling over while snowboarding. "Crashing with style" #snowboarding #snow #fryingpaninn #fallscreek

34    2    7 days ago

Enjoyed a good fees at the pub before proceeding to wipe out over and over again. #fallscreek #snowboarding #snow #mate #vacation


23    3    2 months ago

Looking like something out of @c.syresmith wardrobe with @skye.szymanskyj on Mothers day #twinning #yellowbomber #BigBee

37    4    4 months ago

Just a couple of mates enjoying a friday sesh @lachlanhezza

18    0    4 months ago

Thought i should put up at least one good photo from my 21st

15    0    4 months ago

Finally managed a good photo after laughing for too long


19    0    6 months ago

Not much better than a fishing trip with your mates

24    0    6 months ago

Finally got her running with rego. Such a fun drive #memecar #Honda #City #hondalove

30    0    8 months ago

Just another big night