D Rose 🌹

D Rose 🌹

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132    17    2 days ago

Which team do u guys want Rose in? Like the comment to vote πŸ‘‡πŸ½

542    15    2 days ago

Best player of all time


340    6    4 days ago

So lebron is having an above average year?

188    6    7 days ago

The story of Derrick Rose is emotional and feels almost scripted

253    1    7 days ago

Dirk Nowitzki 🐐 Dwyane Wade 🐐 Thank you


153    1    9 days ago

I can’t wait to watch their last games tomorrow

378    38    9 days ago

Do u guys like my team? Note: I have a 7 man rotation, and the only bench players who get minutes are Boozer and Robertson

242    3    11 days ago

I finally have an opinion everyone can agree with: D Wade should start in his last game or his last home game

2.1K    13    11 days ago

This is how I feel for the 314 days a year that Rose doesn’t play

2.7K    46    11 days ago

These are my Rose jerseys