Derrick Rose 🌹

Derrick Rose 🌹

@drose_fanclub Point Guard, Minnesota Timberwolves Derrick Rose Fanpage 🌹🌹🌹 They said DRose’s career was over Record: 22-24 Next Game: 8: 00 TUE @ Pheonix

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You can see one huge difference. Current Rose is way more efficient, and he got here by improving his jumpshot. His moving shot midrange is the best in the NBA. You can see what he means when he said his shot was “raw”. He now releases the ball with his body moving to the side of the basket while facing frontally towards the basket. The shot is also a consistent form. The release is less of a flick motion and more of a follow through motion

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Totally agree with this!


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Superstar performances all year

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Deng x Rose with that Timberbulls connection. Deng needs to take a spot in the rotation. He’s one of the top defenders in the nba

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I can’t believe what we are seeing from rose this year. He got 31 points OFF THE BENCH Rose and towns combine for 61 points and carry the team in a game wiggins goes 3-14

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Rose ended with 23 points (6-16) with 11-11 free throws The refs won the game. Lamarcus Aldridge drew 17 fouls, an all time high for centers

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People just pick the more popular team every time smh


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Now I’m starting to agree that he’s a snake

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Would rose make the all star team if he went back to Chicago and started?

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Rose + Towns (when starting) 51.2 points per game 9.3 assists per game 15 rebounds per game 54% fg 43% 3p 1.8 blocks per game and .9 steals per game

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Love this guy!!! Amazing 27 points 27 rebounds 4 blocks game and nice win