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455    38    5 days ago

Feelin’ myself for sure. Everyone should be that way to themselves too tho 😎 #roatan

232    5    6 days ago

Sucka For Scenery: 📍Roatan Edition. #suckaforscenery #roatan


420    26    6 days ago

*insert plate of chicken wings* @chrissyteigen style lol. #roatan #suckaforscenery

642    51    7 days ago

I can see why sea lions and walrus love to sun bathe so much, I’ll just be right here. #roatan #suckaforscenery

437    31    7 days ago

Happiest person on this planet right now. However, also bittersweet. The gov’t seized half the animals on this island and there was also a fire, due to other businesses’ jealousy. So many baby Jaguars were taken. I hope they make it back home one day to momma. 🐅🐆🦁 #roatan