@delvaux The oldest fine leather goods house in the world. Official purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium. #Since1829

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@rebeccalaurey has got us dreaming about spring with her Cool Box Mini in Céladon blue from the #DelvauxSS19 collection. See more on (link in bio).

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Introducing the Spring-Summer 2019 Collection. Free-spirited and full of fantasy, this season’s handbags are infused with colours of faraway lands and artisanal touches. See the full collection on (link in bio) #DelvauxSS19


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Delvaux Spring-Summer 2019, stay tuned. #DelvauxSS19

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Delvaux Spring-Summer 2019, stay tuned. #DelvauxSS19

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Delvaux Spring-Summer 2019, stay tuned. #DelvauxSS19

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2018, laidback and light, it ticks all the right boxes: Cool Box. #Since1829

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1967, together with the Tempête, you never know where you might wind up. #Since1829


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1958, a star was born, a brilliant one indeed: Le Brillant. #Since1829

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Bringing Belgitude to New York City, Delvaux’s new flagship store pays homage to the City that Never Sleeps while capturing the unique universe of la Maison. Discover more on (link in bio) #Since1829

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Discover la Maison’s newest boutique, located in one of the most beautiful buildings overlooking Central Park on the Upper East Side, it is a perfect blend of timeless tradition and daring innovation. #Since1829

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From the Kingdom of Belgium to 5th Avenue, la Maison Delvaux is proud to announce the opening of its first American flagship boutique in the heart of New York City. #Since1829

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The oldest luxury leather goods house in the world #Since1829