@delvaux The oldest fine leather goods house in the world. Warrant holder to the Royal Court of Belgium. #Since1829

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Classically cool, the Cool Box in Vison. #DelvauxSS18

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The Tempête Tribal Stitch boasts leather-embroidered seams and a whole new attitude. #DelvauxSS18 📷 @chuck.reyes


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Mini bags, big colours. See the full #DelvauxSS18 collection on (link in bio).

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Le Brillant, as seen from inside our atelier in Brussels. #Since1829

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A subtle twist on a House signature, discover the Brillant GM in Ébène with contrasting Ivory edges. #DelvauxSS18

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Shine bright like a Brillant. #DelvauxSS18


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The Brillant Magic is full of surprises. See the entire #DelvauxSS18 collection on (link in bio).

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A Madame and her Mini, soaking up the sun. #DelvauxSS18

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Versatile and practical, the D to D is made of leather and an exclusive water resistant woven canvas available in two different colours. Discover the D to D in all of its splendour on (link in bio). #Since1829

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The D to D can hold anything your imagination can. See the full video now on (link in bio). #Since1829 . . . @anna_vrc

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Available in two different sizes, the D to D is the king-sized queen of bags. Which size do you fancy, MM or XL? #Since1829