@delvaux The oldest fine leather goods house in the world. Warrant holder to the Royal Court of Belgium. #Since1829

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Elegantly petite and beautifully refined, the Double Je is the ideal accessory to take from one sizzling soirée to the next #DelvauxAW18

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The Brillant Pochette in Satin Electric makes for a sublime clutch. See more pochettes on (link in bio) #DelvauxAW18


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A stunning newcomer to the Delvaux family, the Double Je clutch is sleek, light, and gorgeously glamourous. Discover more pochettes on (link in bio) #DelvauxAW18

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Up close and personal with the Madame in Satin Electric #DelvauxAW18

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@Yumasui with the Brillant Light and Shadow, an eye-catching duo. #DelvauxAW18

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This season the Cool Box Mini takes the stage in a two-toned palette #DelvauxAW18

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Make a statement with the Tempête in Scarlet Red #DelvauxAW18


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The Tempête in Satin Electric ⚡️ #DelvauxAW18

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Classic beauty meets rock n roll 💥 #DelvauxAW18 #PFW

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We’re back at #PFW for the reveal of our Spring-Summer 2019 collection. See an exclusive preview now on our Stories. #DelvauxSS19

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Discover the strikingly subtle Skyway blue from the #DelvauxAW18 collection.

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@filxiaobai is stylish in Skyway. See more fashion week looks on our Stories #PFW #DelvauxAW18