- val👼||fanpage

- val👼||fanpage

@dazzlingchickee So love me for who I am and for who i'm gonna be. -fan account •team jal {me and @Johnnyorlando} I stan amazing people thats the tea Sis☕♡

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That outfit looks perfect in her!😍I really want to put this as my pfp but I can't bc Insta will delete my boring account also I HAVE TO DO more twitter theme..pf I ran out of ideas so lemme think 🤠 edit:tf is this A SCHOOL OUTFIT?

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A.k.a she's just Nadia turner the best amazing girl I ever stan😊 ||she's Nadia turner thats why|| Comment who I should do next!🙃🙃🙃♡ #nadssquad #nadiaturner


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Wow this is why I love him!🙂💗I love how he cares about his fans so much and that right there makes me happy:)

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I'm just going to start off by saying that I'm so proud of these amazing people that I've been stanning💗and Also That I love them so much I will never stop loving them!I i use to have suicidal thoughts but I found these amazing people I can't Imagine my life without them!

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|ruladia pictures| {Follow @nadiaslaugh for more} Comment which one is you're favorite💫 #laurenorlando #nadiaturner #rubyroseturner #ruladia

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I am posting 2 posts for today! Thought it would be funny doing this !🙃 I love their friendship on the show But I want them to be friends in real life i'll be happy! I DONT know if this is funny..sorry for the ugly coloring! @johnnyorlando @dariusmarcell

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aw thats a adorable friendship right thereee!😍ruladia! Is life! i 100% like how they are starting to hang out more Ps my chicken is being annoying yes I have a chicken don't make fun of me lets talk about ruladia now not my chicken


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|the best johnny orlando edits that will make your eyes bless| He's so adorable! I'll give the editor cr in the tags they have the usernames on the edits but some dont well they do but I dont see it I also forgot the usernames.. Hastags: #Johnnyorlando #Johnnyorlandoedits I HAD the best why don't we dream ah in my dream they sing for me ah And I was friends with them they all smiled at me while they were singing Ajajsnsnsn I dont know what happend to the edits..

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Oh my world she's so pretty!😍ah best picture ever!!I put it as my pfp cause why not?Lauren even liked my other post which i was screaming so loudly i'm still not over it ok she 100%made my day a awesome day @nadiaturner

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||lauren orlando outlines pictures|| (Follow @nadiaslaugh *me* for more) @laurenorlando88 Hastags: #laurenorlando #laurenorlandooutline 💫comment which one is you're favorite ☺ You guys can also use them (Omg Lauren liked!!)

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||Nadia turner smiling pictures|| I feel like my account is slowly dying over here I need to work on my active skills,my trans skills!no one would like this account without edits but it's fine ☆Nadia's smile melts my heart☆ I feel like nadia should smile more! [Follow @nadiaslaugh *me* for more] Hastags: #nadiaturner #nadssquad - @nadiaturner Dt:for the people that love her yikes I'm going to do other people! Comment which one is you're favorite 💞

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|Nadia turner mirror selfies!| ||Follow @nadiaslaugh for more`|| Tags: #nadssquad #nadiaturner comment which one is you're favorite!🌻😌♡ i'm trying a new thing and this is the new thing!! I Forgot to add one thing..enjoy♡