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So many rumours spreading all over the Internet... Will this transfer happen? Will MSN reunite? But only time can give us the answer... But if this transfer happens few barca players have to say goodbye.. 👉 @ivanrakitic 👉 @phil.coutinho 👉 @o.dembele7 Most probably.. #neymar #msn #culesnation #barca


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Arturo Vidal... The man has proved his haters wrong. Every game he plays he put everything into it.. The passion, dedication... We can call him a complete package of hardwork.. Hats off.. @kingarturo23oficial you have earned our respect 👏🙌 #vidal #barca

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🚨[SPORT] | Nasser Al-Khelaifi; The PSG President has opened the doors for Neymar Jr to leave! #neymar #psg

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Imagine Aguero and Di Maria with Messi behind them. Scary, right? So we've all witnessed how exceptionally Messi plays in the False-Nine role. We saw it happen first with Pedro and Villa. It then happened with Pedro and Neymar. It was last witnessed with Neymar and Suarez before Enrique pushed Messi to the wing.His best performances as a False-Nine came when he played with Pedro and Villa. The chemistry between those three was just out of this world. Pedro and Villa would stretch defenders wide leaving Messi with space in the middle. Messi's job was much easier, he could quickly come up with lots of solutions.Now with Argentina, this formation looks very attractive but I warn you. It might not work,Argentina players, fullbacks and midfielders are not always making runs. They are lazy and seem comfortable with Messi doing everything by himself. This makes it difficult for Di Maria and Aguero to penetrate because the opposition's defenders only have these two to deal with. At the end of the day, centre-backs are not streched as the fullbacks will receive less pressure from Argentina fullbacks and midfielders. Messi is locked down with no support in the middle and Argentina lose the game.Another problem is that Argentina's midfield lacks creativity. Yes, Messi playing False-Nine would bring a lot of creativity to the midfield. But then what happens when the supply to Messi gets cut, who steps up then? We saw this happen at the World Cup in Russia. In the match versus Croatia and Nigeria even France,Messi was caged and Argentina struggled.They were outclassed by both France and Croatia and seemed as if they weren't capable of defeating Nigeria. It should be an exciting trio to watch. #culesnation #Argentina #copa


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Today is the day when he needs to step up.. Today we are going to witness the magic of this little magician.. The saviour of Argentina.. No matter what his hater comments or thinks... Deep inside we all want him to win an international trophy and today is the first match... So buckle up ❤️⚡ 🌀 LINK FOR THE MATCH WILL BE POSTED🌀 #culesnation #messi #copa #Argentina

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⚡EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW⚡ "What does Barça need to win the Champions League again? Well, I don't know. I feel they need to handle away games better. But that is an internal matter." "I don't think Barça have lost their style. They continue to play the same way." "Advice to Semedo? I don't know what is going on, but I hope he will value everything and make an informed decision." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ⚽| FOLLOW US FOR MORE ( @catchyfootball ) ------------------------------------------------------------ 👥| Tag your friends😘 . . 🚫ignore tags🚫 . . #pique #griezmann #neymar #messi #ronaldo #pogba #hazard #debruyne #dybala #suarez #salah #kane #marcelo #barca #madrid #psg #mancity #manutd #juventus #liverpool #atletico #magic #hd #fun #amazing #likeforlike #love #instagood #ney #football

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I bet each and every barca fans will feel bad about @jaspercillessen. He didn't get much time to play throughout the season.. Injuries... And the losses in the finals.. But this man truly deserve all those praise.. He is one of the most underrated keeper 😕❤️👑 #jasper #culesnation

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🏆 On 6th June in 2015, Barcelona won their 5th UEFA Champions League title defeating Juventus 3-1 at the Olympiastadion Stadium in Berlin! 🔥 👑 It was our 2nd treble, making a historical record in Spanish football, where Andrés Iniesta became the Man of The Match! ❤ ⚽ Xavi played his last game in Barca jersey & it couldn't be a better way to end his legacy here! 💖 ⚽ What a dream team that was, with Messi, Suarez, Neymar on the front and Xavi, Iniesta on the midfield! 🔥 ⚽ Such a priceless memory of those golden days! 😍 #culesnation #barca