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The pep era was something that the football world cannot forget. The team excelled the game in each and every aspect. No matter it being goal scoring, possession defending, etc. But the sad part is... This era cannot be repeated. We can't feel the magic twice. #barca #pep #culesnation #fcbarcelona

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Factoid with culesnation #8 Here are some facts about our warrior. The one who never lost in his mind. The captain, the leader, the motivator, the Champions, the cule. Carles Puyol 🔥❤️ #culesfacts #puyol


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Every players goes through a bad phase. Great players Xavi, Iniesta and even Messi suffured. Messi got a red card in his firsts match with Argentina. But the thing is, we fans should play a part. Rather than doubting the player we should help him to overcome this phase. And when he returns... The world would be shocked. Coutinhooooooo!! #coutinho #igersfcb #forçabarça #culesnation

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Hat’s off to you Jasper, you got my respect! It's very difficult to have a backup goalkeeper who is having a potential to play for big clubs. He deserves every single minutes the club give him. 🔥❤️ #cillessen #ucl #barçatottenham

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We already know that he's is gonna fake shot and switch to his opposite foot, then too... It works.. The defenders just kiss the field its like someone is pulling them down.. Dembele is truly a sensation... Being late in trainings, indiscipline and scoring stunners vs the top Premier league team 🔥💯 #dembele #barca #ucl #barçatottenham #culesnation

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He speaks less, but when he speaks its something that everyone can agree. He doesn't compare himself or anyone player.. He never did that.. If you are truly a legend... You don't need to define yourself. You name is enough 🔥💯 #iniesta #forçabarça #culesnation

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The left foot that Messi has is something that will be remembered for decades. In future we can say we witnessed his greatness. Truly lucky to see him live. The future generations might see him in some old uploads on youtube.. But the magic we see on the field the feeling is unreal. Just can't stop writing about him ❤️ #messi #igersfcb #forçabarça #culesnation


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His skills arent limited. He keeps improving them day by day.. Week after week.. The best player job is not only to score goals. But also to master the game in all aspects. And Leo did just the same thing. 💯🦁❤️ #messi #igersfcb #forçabarça #culesnation

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Vidal is just killing himself in every game. Showing barca his hunger to be in the team. Fighting till the end. Thinking about the team rather thinking about himself. Giving a good help to the defense as well as the attack. The king, the Arturo 💯🔥 #vidal #arturovidal #barca #culesnation

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The magic flourished throughout the field whenever he stepped. The commentators were ready with their words. The fans were bowing to the king. You know you are the king. When 90,000 people chant your name in the stadium. The feeling is unreal. The king, the predator Leo Messi 👑 #messi #igersfcb #forçabarça #culesnation

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Lots of "big balls", lots of duels, very few football. No ideas, no sophisticated build-ups, no associative play. Argentina represent everything that Lionel Messi isn't. And yet he's adapted to them (when it should be the other way round) & has helped them reach 4 finals. Messi is an emotions. Whenever you feel sad just switch on your TV and see Messi playing. When he plays the problems in your life vanishes.. You feel the magic that he spread on the field ❤️ ✨ #messi #culesnation

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Action speaks louder than words. That's what Leo is doing. No matter it be Pele, Maradona, journalists or any other player who hate him or tell something bad about him. He just ignore them. He just keep doing his work. He does what he loves. He is enjoying football rather to trying to be the best. That's one quality I love about him❤️🔥 #messi #barca #igersfcb #culesnation