Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo


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I'll be wearing my CR7 Fragrance this Valentine's Day...will you? @cristianoronaldo_fragrances

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I am using advanced EMS technology as the supplement to my daily workout. SIXPAD is developed on my training theory and great tool to train target muscle. Try my training! Find out more on my story! @sixpad_europe #SIXPAD #traininggear

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Winning team🥇simmmmmmm⚽🏆

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34 anos de vida, um amor do tamanho do Mundo...!

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Obrigado Madeira! #Repost @visitmadeira ・・・ Cristiano Ronaldo is the pride of Madeira. So, when it comes to the best player in the world's birthday, you don't just sing, you shout! Happy Birthday @cristiano ! 👏🏼 #siiiiii #happybirthday #cr7 #madeiraisland


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Another great moment on my trip to Dubai. I have something really exciting to share with you soon… stay tuned! #MJLiving @dubaiholding

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Questo è il calcio... guardiamo avanti e torniamo subito a vincere! Forza Juve! #finoallafine

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Recovery time. Good night everyone!🔋🌝

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Vittoria di carattere! Grande Juve #finoallafine

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Felicidades a la mujer más maravillosa que Dios pudo poner en mi camino ❤