Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

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Happy Mother’s Day to my wife and backbone of our home! There are numerous ways in which you express your love daily but most importantly by your sacrifice. I’m truly blessed to have you as a wife and my kids’ mother. I know my son is for sure, mamas boy! Smh

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Definitely missed National Siblings but still wanted to shoutout mine! My beautiful, smart, talented, supportive sister and the best Te-Te. Also my brother from another who will always be with me and I still think about daily. Gone but never forgotten! Love y’all


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To God be the Glory for the many learning experiences, trials and the many blessings. Great things happen when you learn to enjoy the process, have a strong work ethic and learn from your failures. Many have been able to hop on an elevator to success but I thank God that while taking the stairs I’ve learned something new at each level as my faith continues to grow especially when you know who’s ordering your steps.

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What a ride that didn’t end the way we wanted but still so much to be proud of. These boys battled all season and we peaked at the right time just came up a little short. A great experience that I’ll never forget and we will forever be family! #blessed #faith #process #trust #journey #BDGiants

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Congrats to @jwalk_cs on being named to the All OVC First Team for his outstanding play this season. Well deserving of this honor especially with the work ethic he possesses. No secrets to it! Best days are ahead of him for sure.

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Sectional champs! So proud of the staff and kids for their effort throughout the season. Glad to be still rolling and a real shot at this thing. Ready to get back in there already! #BD #GIANTS

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Many things I can say about 2018 but first thing that comes to mind is bitter sweet. One of the toughest years having to unexpectedly bury my best friend/brother who played a vital role in my support system as we kept each other encouraged daily. Not a day goes by where I don’t wish I could make that call again and hear my guys voice but I know he’s always around. God displayed his grace and mercy as he continues to shower us with many blessings. He blessed us w the birth of a son and the opportunity for me to raise a man. I was also blessed w a new job and house. There were plenty times of uncertainty but I know better than to make a New Years resolution. I have faith that all things work on his timing so I will trust it until the day I die. I will remain diligent while I wait as always and enjoy this ride. 2019 is for you my boy, love you dearly! #NewBeginnings #Faith #444 #Timing #Patience #NeverForget


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Media Day at Ben Davis High School SZN 18-19!!! #GIANTS #AllForOne #RoadtoDowntown

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This world has taught me a lot over the years! Seen some great days and some not so great days but always found a way to make those better with the guidance of The Father above. Never get comfortable, be the best version of you everyday, give the same energy you receive and whatever happens, the focus remains the same! #betonyou #neverstop #focus #noise #persevere #timing #learn

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SZN #1❗️Been a long time coming and a lot of hours in the gym spent. Proud of the woman you’ve become and your work ethic. Let’s work! @crosssss #dreams #reality #strive #bartonwbb #bulldogs #shecango #burner

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Been great working with @briajeanell_13 and helping her prepare for the next step in her journey! #Process #purpose #preparation #strive #shecango #wnba #basketball #skills #development #bbn

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Pressure creates diamonds and fire refines gold so don’t avoid it, grow through it! @nikesibande. 📸 @jreelzz @miamioh_bball