@chosen_1_thero Real niggas in the lead check the score

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228    20    5 days ago

I’m only in town for the week just like I’m Melo!

313    16    1 month ago

I can be a regular Pedestrian, I got on my grind ain’t nomo stressing!


232    14    3 months ago

Can’t to many niggas say they still got homies from the sandbox, so u know we 🤞in Happy Birthday Bro @dreadhead__trav

193    6    3 months ago

They know I’m the truth coming straight from the basement, I’m straight as a street man I come from the pavement ✔️

239    5    4 months ago

They falling off, an I️ keep improving

167    23    4 months ago

Happy 2nd Birthday to my youngin Baby Chosen 🌊 Love u reem 💦

308    18    5 months ago

I️m just a nigga from the ghetto, now I️m in the game an I️m ballin like I️m Melo #BirthdayBash


207    6    6 months ago

I️ gotta stay in my zone ✔️

315    39    6 months ago

Tell yo mans I️ know I️m lit but don’t eye me nigga #Birthdayboy

203    27    7 months ago

Happy 9th Birthday to my guy I️ Love u Mari enjoy #FreshPrince #Youngking

163    3    7 months ago

Great win today the kids played they heart out an he coached even better my guy @terryjones2074 #mymentor #2018champions #10u 🏆

163    1    9 months ago

My bro My bro that nigga my homie ✔️