Cris Horta 🇲🇽

Cris Horta 🇲🇽

@c_horta7 Olivet Nazarene University ‘21 | Accounting/Finance Double Major | ONU Track & Field | Snapchat: c_horta7

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Three weeks into my internship, and I can say I for sure have chosen the major that I will enjoy doing for years to come📁 #Accounting #Summer #Internship #2019

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Junior Year of college is finally in the books!!! Here is how it went: Academic wise I say was pretty solid and the strongest it’s ever been. Schedule wise, both semesters were the hardest schedules I have yet, and managed to do well in all of my classes. I finished strong towards the end which ended up paying off huge. Along with that, I secured an Accounting Internship for this summer today which capped off to an extremely well Junior Year of school, and the six month internship search process paid off big time. Track this season was a rollercoaster of a ride this year. I had pretty solid times in the 60m dash, 200m dash, and our 4x1 as well. However, my groin injury from indoor was a set back, and carried over with outdoor which made it a bit difficult for me in the 100. Regardless though, I had a pretty solid season and am proud of finishing my 9th year of track, with my 10th and final year coming up in September. Overall, this was an extremely solid year, but a loaded one as well. My school load and track load were the strongest and hardest this year, but all of it was worth it at the end. With support from friends, family, professors, coaches, and teammates, you all kept me at heart, and I cannot thank you all enough for carrying me through what I say is currently the hardest year of college I have had yet. Overall, a very solid year and I am looking forward to what’s in store for Senior Year (Part 1)!!! #LifeAtOlivet


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You see a track team... I see a family 🐯 #TrackNation

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Someone came to visit 😂 but it was good seeing you Gerald 🙂

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Huge #TBT to four years ago at the 2015 USATF Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships. This was the last time I ever ran @ Benedictine and also for the Kankakee Track Club. It was always a pleasure running here as I always competed against the states and nations best, and always performed well. But this Saturday, our University will compete here for the Benedictine Invite, and I as well as all of us look to show out💪🏼 #TBT #TrackNation #KTC #USATF

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The past and present connection 💪🏼 #TrackNation

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“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. -Ecclesiastes 3:1 Looking back to this past week and this current weekend, I think I learned a lot about what things happen and why they happen. Last week started out rough and it ended on a very high note. Then me and @nick_roedl traveled 375 miles around the entire Chicagoland area for various reasons this entire weekend. I think throughout all of this, I really learned a lot about there being a time and place for everything, and it’s best to cherish and brace those moments with whoever is involved, and just live life. #FaithFocusFinish


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From left to right: Future Accountant/Financial Planner ➡️ Marketer ➡️ and HR/Healthcare/Sales Manager #JobFair #Business

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Proverbs 4:26 “Survey the path for your feet, and all your ways will be sure”. #TrackNation

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Meet Day next weekend 💪🏼 #TrackNation

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You only get what you put in #TrackNation

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Last #TBT for 2018 goes back to the State Meet from 2015, in the 4x100 handing off to @bruceduce27 #TBT #TrackNation #CardinalNation