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Versace mens ss20 I love you forever and ever @donatella_versace The queen ! And the Kings @pg_dmcasting @kjeldgaard1 @samuel_ellis Beautiful show @versace Thank you to the best team, its such a joy


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This moment. From all of my DREAMS! @carineroitfeld you are such a legend ! Pulling out ALL of the most iconic archivals. We love you! And I love love these two women so much. Power !! @irinashayk @joansmalls 毋毋

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乃reaming in Mugler

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THE 1 & ONLY, THIERRY MUGLER ARCHIVE @manfredthierrymugler This was heaven !!!! Thank you @carineroitfeld @pg_dmcasting for this moment !!!!!!!!!

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This needs to be heard. By EVERYONE... The internet in Sudan has been blacked and blocked out in efforts to keep this vital and cruel information from the rest of the world. It makes my heart so heavy to think about the men and women in Sudan, being beaten, murdered, raped, and oppressed like this. Human beings. They are just like me and you. They want to live a good life, with their families and not be punished because of that. Nobody deserves this kind of torture and we need to show Sudan that we are here for the them and aware of the changes that need to happen. Women are being raped with their underwear publicly hung in the streets. Men being shot at with guns and not able to defend themselves...Children without their parents ..It really breaks my heart to think about that. This is happening in our world RIGHT now and we can not silence ourselves. This needs to get the attention that the people of Sudan deserve. I will be adding some websites to my story on how we can help. Donating or even just raising awareness helps, and if we all come together; we can make a difference. We love you and hear you Sudan. This is not to blame anyone , this is to only help those in need. I love everyone in this world , we need to work together.


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whenever i dont feel well on set, I always ask the photographer what the most adventurous thing is that I can do to get a little adrenaline rush. it always brings me joy . In this instance it was my queen @zoeygrossman and me climbing onto the biggest rock in the middle of the water that I could find不 we laughed a lot esp when I almost slid off

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Sending u all so much love today

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璀 millisecond with Renzito @renellaice 兩兩

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Thank you @michaelkors for dressing me for the @cfda awards. We had the best time 劾胼儭上e laughed a lot and I cried 99% of the time. 坪hat a inspiring night that just makes me love fashion even more

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First shes sour , then shes sweet by @livincool in @michaelkors for @cfda